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Care And Safety Information; Setup; Cleaning Discs - Philips DVP5980K/75 User Manual

Philips dvd player with hdmi and usb dvp5980k hdmi 1080p.
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Care and Safety Information

High voltage! Do not open the
device. You run the risk of getting
an electric shock.
The machine does not contain any
user-serviceable parts. Please leave
all maintenance work to qualifi ed


Finding a suitable location
– Place the set on a fl at, hard and stable
surface. Do not place the set on a
– Do not put any equipment or heavy
objects on top of the set.
– Do not position the set on top of
other equipment that might heat it up
(such as receiver or amplifi er).
– Do not put anything under the set
(such as CDs, magazines).
– Install this unit near the AC outlet and
where the AC power plug can be
reached easily.
Space for ventilation
– Place the apparatus in a location with
adequate ventilation to prevent
internal heat build up. Allow at least
10 cm (4.0") clearance from the rear
and the top of the set and 5cm (2.0")
from the left and right to prevent
10cm (4.0")
5cm (2.0")
Avoid high temperatures, moisture,
water and dust
– Apparatus shall not be exposed to
dripping or splashing.
– Do not place any sources of danger
on the apparatus (such as liquid fi lled
objects, lighted candles).
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5cm (2.0")
10cm (4.0")

Cleaning discs

Some problems occur because the disc
inside the player is dirty (frozen picture,
sound disruptions, picture distortions).
To avoid these problems, discs should be
cleaned on a regular basis.
To clean a disc, use a micro fi bre cleaning
cloth and wipe the disc from the center
to the edge in a straight line.
Do not use solvents such as benzene,
thinner, commercially available cleaners,
or anti-static sprays intended for analog
discs. Since the optical unit (laser) of the
DVD player operates at a higher power
than regular DVD or CD players,
cleaning CDs intended for DVD or CD
players may damage the optical unit
(laser). Therefore, refrain from using a
cleaning CD.
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