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Rca owner's manual microwave oven rmw729
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·Thermometers — Use only those labeled "Microwave Safe" and follow all directions. Check
the food in several places. Conventional thermometers may be used on microwave food
once the food has been removed from the oven.

Limited Use

· Aluminum foil — Use narrow strips of foil to prevent overcooking of exposed areas.
Using too much foil can damage your oven, so be careful.
·Ceramic, porcelain, and stoneware — Use these if they are labeled "Microwave Safe".
If they are not labeled, test them to make sure they can be used safely.
·Plastic — Use only if labeled "Microwave Safe". Other plastics can melt.
·Straw, wicker, and wood — Use only for short-term heating, such as warming dinner rolls for
a few seconds. Baskets and bowls may be flammable.

Not Recommended

·Glass jars and bottles — Regular glass is too thin to be used in a microwave. It can shatter
and cause damage and injury.
·Paper bags — These are a fire hazard, except for popcorn bags that are designed for
microwave use.
·Styrofoam plates and cups — These can melt and leave an unhealthy residue on food.
·Plastic storage and food containers — Containers such as margarine tubs can melt in the
·Metal utensils — These can damage your oven. Remove all metal before cooking.
Note: Should you wish to check if a dish is safe for microwaving, place the empty dish in the
oven and microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds. A dish which becomes very hot should
not be used.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents