Philips SRP2004WM/17 User Manual
Philips SRP2004WM/17 User Manual

Philips SRP2004WM/17 User Manual

Philips universal remote control user manual
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Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Philips SRP2004WM/17

  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at EN User Manual ES Instrucciones de manejo SRP2004WM/17 25-09-0...
  • Page 2 25-09-0...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    3 .2 R esetting a key to its original function ..11 4 Service and support ... 12-14 4.1 Frequently asked questions ..12-14 4.2 Need help? ...12-13 FCC Compliancy ..14 Helpline ...29 Brand list ..30-41 Your SRP2004WM Congratulations on your purchase of the Philips SRP2004WM universal remote control. After setting up the remote control you can operate up to 4 different devices with it. Simple Setup Improved with Philips patented (pending) Simple Setup technology, the SRP2004WM can be set up easily for TV, DVD player / recorder, VCR and all common Cable, Satellite and other set top boxes, such as DirecTV, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon,...
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    G etting started 2.1 Inserting the batteries • I nsert 2 AAA type batteries, noting the + and - configuration in the battery compartment. Note When replacing the batteries, all user settings will be retained in the remote control memory for 5 minutes. 2.2 T esting the universal remote control It is advised to test whether your device(s) already respond(s) to the SRP2004WM before setting it up (see chapter 2.3). The example below instructs you how to do this for your TV. You can repeat the same steps for other devices (DVD player/recorder, Cable/Satellite box and VCR) which you want to operate using the SRP2004WM. Example: testing the universal remote control on your TV: S witch ON your TV manually or use the original remote control for this.
  • Page 5: Setting Up The Universal Remote

    C heck whether the keys that you need for operating your TV are working. For an overview of the keys and their functions see chapter 3.1. • I f the TV responds as it should to all of the key commands, the SRP2004WM is ready for use. •  I fthedevicedoesnotrespondatallor nottoallofthekeycommands,  followthe instructionsinchapter2.3. 2.3 S etting up the universal remote control This is only necessary if your device does not respond to the SRP2004WM. If that is the case, the SRP2004WM does not recognize the brand and / or model of your device and you need to set up the remote control to do so. The example below instructs you how to do this for your TV. You can repeat the same steps for other devices (DVD player/recorder, Cable/ Satellite box and VCR) which you want to operate, using the SRP2004WM.
  • Page 6 L ook up the 4-digit code for your brand in the brand list at the back of this user manual. A 4-digit code is shown for each brand. U se the digit keys to enter the code for your brand (e.g. Philips, • I f the red Setup light turns off, an invalid code was entered. In this case, try again. A im the remote control at the TV. Pressandhold the key. Release it immediately as soon the TV switches off. • T his step normally takes between 5 and 60 seconds.
  • Page 7 S witch ON the TV. Try out the keys that you need for operating it. Try, for example, if the - CH + and digit keys function properly. • I f a key does not work as expected, press andhold that key. Release it immediatelyas soon as it works. For more information, see chapter 2.3.2. P ress the device selection key twice to finish setup. • W hen no key is pressed for 5 minutes or more, the remote control will exit setup mode, automatically saving all your settings.
  • Page 8 2.3.2 Improving keys When correctly set up, the remote control should be able to operate all your devices. However, when using the remote control for the first time it might occur that some keys do not yet function as expected. In this case you can have the remote control search for alternatives. Note Improving keys is not possible when the code was found during full database search (with code ‘9, 9, 9, 9’). Duringinitialsetup 1 M ake sure the receiving device is able to respond. E.g. when you try to repair the Play key for your DVD player, make sure to insert a DVD into the DVD player otherwise the Play key is not able to function. P ress the key that does not function, keep it pressed and immediately release it when the device responds.
  • Page 9: Using The Universal Remote Control

    4 P ressandhold the key that does not function and immediately release it when the device responds. • I f the key still does not function as expected, try pressing it again for a longer period of time. P ress the device selection key twice to save your settings and exit setup mode. • W hen no key is pressed for 5 minutes or more, the remote control will exit setup mode, automatically saving all your settings. 3 U sing the universal remote control 3.1 Keys and functions The illustration on page 2 gives an overview of all keys on the remote control. Try out the keys you need for operating your devices. Notes • K eys having the same functions as the keys on your original remote control may have different namings on the...
  • Page 10 G UIDE .. e lectronic program guide. M ENU .. m enu on / off. I NFO... o n-screen channel E XIT .. e xits / clears on-screen 3 4 1 2 ... c ursor up, down, left, O K ... c onfirms your selection. A , B, C, D .
  • Page 11: R Esetting A Key To Its Original Function

    .. d igit keys for direct .. s witches the selected Note For some TV brands / types, this key will only turn off the TV. You will have to press a digit button (direct channel selection) to turn on the TV again. 3.2 R esetting a key to its original function If an improved key (see chapter 2.3.2) still does not function as expected, you can always reset the key to its original function. I n the current device mode, keep digit keys and pressed simultaneouslyfor5 seconds, until the red Setup light lights up.
  • Page 12: Service And Support

    4 Service and support 4.1 Frequently asked questions In this chapter you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about your universal remote control. Setup I cannot enter setup mode. Battery level too low or battery lifetime came to an end. • R eplace the batteries. For this see chapter 2.1. The brand code for my device is missing in the ‘Shortlist of brands’ in the Quick Start Guide. The ‘Shortlist of brands’ only mentions the most common TV, DVD, CBL/SAT and VCR brands. • Y ou will find a complete brand list on page 30-41 of this user manual. • U se ‘9999’ as 4-digit code in case you cannot find your brand in the complete brand list. Note that using ‘9999’ may result in a long setup (up to 15 minutes).
  • Page 13 How do I set the remote control for combo devices (TV / VCR, TV / DVD, DVD / VCR, etc)? Some combo devices require you to set up two different source selection keys to control both parts of the combo device. For example, if you have a TV / DVD combo, you might need to set up the remote control for both TV and DVD to operate your TV / DVD combo. Operation The remote control does not wake up anymore. Battery level too low or battery lifetime came to an end. • R eplace the batteries. See chapter 2.1. The device I want to operate does not respond at all / does not respond to all of the key commands. • C heck if the keys you press are available on the original remote control of the device. • T ry improving keys. See chapter 2.3.2. Wrong code selected during setup. • S et up the remote control again for the device.
  • Page 14: Need Help

    When calling our helpline, make sure to have the SRP2004WM at hand when you call, so that our operators can help you determine whether the SRP2004WM is working properly. You will find our contact details at the end of this user manual. The model number of your Philips universal remote control is SRP2004WM/17. Date of purchase: .../ .../ ... (day/month/year) For online support go to: welcome. • C lick ‘Support’ and follow the on-screen instructions. FCC Compliancy This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: • This device may not cause harmful interference. • T his device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 15: Helpline

    Helpline Country Phone number United States of America 1 800 233 8413 Tariff free 25-09-0...
  • Page 16 A.R. Systems ..0012 ABC ..0013 Abex ...0014 ABS ..0016 Accele Vision ... 4194 AccessHD ..3554 Accurian ..0022 Acer ..0028 Acura ...0036 Addison ..0043 Adelphia ..4195 Admiral ..0046 Advent ...0054 Adventura ...0055 Adyson ..0058 Agashi ..0063 AGB .
  • Page 17 Beon ..0361 Best ...0364 Bestar ..0368 Bestar-Daewoo ... 0369 Binatone ..0378 Black Star ..0386 Blacktron ..3526 Blackway ..0388 Blaupunkt ..0390 Blue Parade ...0394 Blue Sky ..0395 Blue Star ..0396 Bondstec ..0403 Boots ..0405 BOSS ..4197 BPL .
  • Page 18 Craig ..0650 Crosley ..0655 Crossdigital ...0656 Crown ..0658 CS Electronics ..0663 CTC ..0664 CTX ..0665 Curtis Mathes ... 0667 CXC ..0670 CyberHome ..0672 Cybernex...0673 CyberPower ..0674 Cybertron ..0675 Cytron ..0680 Daeryung .
  • Page 19 Everquest ..0971 Expressvu ...0977 Exquisit ..0978 Fagor Life ..4102 Feilang ..0990 Feilu ...0991 Feiyue ...0993 Fenmenti ..4103 Fenner ...0994 Ferguson ...0996 Fidelity ...0998 Filsai ...1000 Finlandia ..1003 Finlux ..1004 Firstar ..1007 Firstline ..1008 Fisher ..1009 Flint ...1014 FNR ...1016 Focus ..1017 Formenti ...1023 Formenti-Phoenix 1 024 Fraba ...1030...
  • Page 20 Hisawa ..1247 Hisense ...1249 Hitachi ..1251 Hitachi Fujian ..1252 Hiteker ..1255 Hitsu ..1257 Hoeher ...1262 Hongmei ..1272 Hornyphone ... 1277 Hoshai ...1278 Howard Computers ...1281 HP ..1283 HTS ..1285 Huafa...1287 Huanghaimei ..1288 Huanghe ..1289 Huanglong .
  • Page 21 KLH ..1529 Kloss Novabeam . 4210 Kneissel ...1535 Kodak ..1540 Kolin ..1541 Kolster ..1543 Konig ...1547 Konka ..1548 Korpel ..1552 Korting ...1554 Kosmos ..1557 Koss ...1558 KTV ..1572 Kyoshu ..1583 Kyoto ..1585 L&S Electronic ... 1588 Landel ..1593 Lasonic ...1600 Layco .
  • Page 22 Mivar ...1857 Monivision ..1872 Montgomery Ward ...4212 Morgans ...3970 Motorola ..1878 Movie Time ..1880 MTC ..1889 MTlogic ..1892 Multistandard ..1904 Multitec ..1906 Multitech ..1907 Multivision ...1909 Murphy ...1911 Musikland ..1915 NAD ...1926 Naiko ...1930 Nakamichi ...1932 Nakimura ..1933 NEC .
  • Page 23 PCT ..4213 Penney ..2182 Pentax ..2183 Perdio ...2185 Perfekt ...2186 Philco ...2192 Philharmonic ..2194 Philips ..2195 Philips Magnavox ...3715 Phoenix ..2199 Phonola...2201 Phonotrend ..2202 Pilot ..2207 Pioneer ...2212 Pionier ..2213 Plantron ..2219 Plasmsync ...4230 Playsonic ..2224 Polaroid...2230...
  • Page 24 Saba ...2429 Saisho ..2437 Saivod ...2439 Salora ..2443 Sambers ...2445 Sampo ...2446 Samsung ...2448 Sandra ...2454 Sanky ..2456 Sansui ..2458 Sanyo ...2462 Sanyuan ...2464 SBR ..2492 Sceptre ..2498 Schaub Lorenz ..2500 Schneider ..2501 Scientific Atlanta .. 2503 Scimitsu ..2505 Scotch ..2506 Scott .
  • Page 25 Studio Experience ...2750 Stylandia ...2752 Sungale ..2761 Sunkai ...2762 Sunstar ...2768 Sunwood ...2772 Supercable ...2778 Superla ..2782 Supermax ..2783 SuperScan ...2786 SuperTech ...2789 Supervision ..2791 Supra ..2792 Supre-Macy ...2794 Supreme ..2795 Sutron ..2798 SVA ..2800 Sydney ..2808 Sylvania ...2809 Symphonic ...2810 Synco ...2811 Syntax .
  • Page 26 Triumph ..3058 Trutech ...3467 TS ..3063 Tuntex ...3069 Tusa ..3073 TV86 ...3076 Tview ..3079 TVS ...3081 U. S. Electronics ..3123 Uher ...3089 UltimateTV ..3091 Ultravox...3095 Unic Line ..3100 Uniden ...3101 Unika ..3102 Unitech ...3105 United ...3106 United Artists ..3107 United Cable .
  • Page 27 Zanussi ..3349 Zenith ..3356 Zentech ..4031 Zentek ..3361 Zhuhai ...3364 ZT Group ...3370 WM_17__Manual_80_210.indd 41 25-09-0...
  • Page 28 Notes WM_17__Manual_80_210.indd 42 25-09-0...
  • Page 29 WM_17__Manual_80_210.indd 43 25-09-0...
  • Page 30 © 2009 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the prior written consent of the copyright owner. The information presented in this document does not form part of any quotation or contract, is believed to be accurate and reliable and may be changed without notice. No liability will be accepted by the publisher for any consequence of its use. Publication there of does not convey nor imply any license under patent- or other industrial or intellectual property rights. Document order number: 3139 235 5269 1 RTP/RR/3909 WM_17__Manual_80_210.indd 44 25-09-0...

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