Huawei NetCol5000-A050 Quick Manual

Huawei NetCol5000-A050 Quick Manual

In-row air cooled smart cooling product
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NetCol5000-A050 In-row Air Cooled Smart
Cooling Product
Quick Guide (1350 mm Depth)
Issue: 02
Part Number: 31500FXT
Date: 2021-09-01
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


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  • Page 1 NetCol5000-A050 In-row Air Cooled Smart Cooling Product Quick Guide (1350 mm Depth) Issue: 02 Part Number: 31500FXT Date: 2021-09-01 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Page 2: Indoor Unit

    Before installing the device, read the user manual carefully to get familiar with product  information and safety precautions. Huawei shall not be liable for any consequence caused by violation of the storage, installation, and operation regulations specified in this document and the user manual.
  • Page 3: Installation Requirements

    Installation Requirements Dimensions Angle Model BOM Code H1 (H2) x W x D1 (D2) (mm) NetCol500- 52273539 1107 (677) x 1094 x 1356 (1219) A060 52273539-005 1107 (655) x 1094 x 1356 (1219) 52273539-006 1156 (703) x 1094 x 1356 (1219) NetCol500- 52273755-002 1107 (655) x 2189 x 1356 (1219)
  • Page 4 Layout Rules (1) Inverted U-shaped trap Top pipe routing (2) Oil trap (3) Tilted gas pipe (4) Tilted liquid pipe Note: The gradient of the gas pipe and liquid pipe must be at least 1:200. Bottom pipe routing The inverted U-shaped trap ...
  • Page 5: Installation Preparations

    Installation Preparations Type Description Example Standard material This type of materials is provided by Huawei, Materials in the packing list and you can find them in the fittings delivered with the equipment. Additional material Customers can purchase this type of materials Refrigerant, pipe component, from Huawei or other vendors.
  • Page 6 Otherwise, device communication is affected. Refrigerant Requirements Do not use refrigerant of poor quality. Huawei will not be liable for any device damage caused by using refrigerant of poor quality. Verify that the refrigerant is authentic in the following ways: 1.
  • Page 7: Installing Devices

    If the pressure gauge reading is less than 0.2  MPa, pipes have leakage points. Contact Huawei technical support. If any bonnet is missing, contact Huawei technical support. 3. Install the indoor unit. a) Remove the pallet. b) Remove the sheet metal for securing the...
  • Page 8 c) Level the cabinet. d) Install connecting kits. (1) Level e) Secure the cabinet.
  • Page 9: Horizontal Installation

    4. Install the outdoor unit. a) Remove the pallet. b) Secure the outdoor unit. Horizontal Installation Vertical Installation NetCol500-A060: NetCol500-A120: Model W x D (mm) In vertical Installation, use a support base to secure the unit. NetCol500-A060 924 x 1047 For details, see the user manual.
  • Page 10 5. (Optional) Install a low temperature component. a) Remove the pallet. b) Secure the low temperature component. Installing Pipes 1. Exhaust nitrogen from all needle valves in sequence. Before connecting pipes, exhaust nitrogen from the pipes. Otherwise, a large amount of airflow will be generated during welding, which may cause personal injury or device damage.
  • Page 11 Bottom Pipe Routing Name Description Gas pipe Connection relationship of gas pipe ports: Without a low temperature component: Indoor unit > Outdoor unit  With a low temperature component: Indoor unit > Low temperature  component > Outdoor unit Liquid pipe Connection relationship of liquid pipe ports: Without a low temperature component: Indoor unit >...
  • Page 12: Rigid Pipe Connection

    b) Install the drainpipe. The external drainpipe must have a certain gradient (> 1:100), and no accumulated water is  allowed. The following describes how to route pipes from the bottom of the indoor unit. If pipes are  routed from the top, there is no need to remove the bottom plate of the cabinet or handle holes.
  • Page 13 1. Determine the cabling route. Indoor Unit Top Cabling Indoor Unit Bottom Cabling Outdoor Unit Cabling (1) Equipotential ground cable (2) Active power cable (3) Standby power cable (4) Power cable for the outdoor (5) Power cable for the low (6) T/H sensor cable unit temperature component...
  • Page 14 4. Open the electric control box, install cables for the outdoor unit, seal waterproof connectors, and close the electric control box. • Do not open the electric control box in rainy or snowy days. If you have to, take protective measures to prevent rain or snow from entering the electric control box.
  • Page 15 The following table describes the signal cable terminal blocks. For details about how to connect signal cables, refer to the method of connecting the RS485 communications cable for the outdoor unit. Pin X301 X302 Outdoor unit on/off control (OUTD-DO+) Outdoor unit RS485 communication (RS485-SW+) Outdoor unit on/off control (OUTD-DO–) Outdoor unit RS485 communication (RS485-SW–) Smoke sensor (12 V DC-SR) Outdoor unit RS485 communication (GND-ISO)
  • Page 16 6. (Optional) Install teamwork and monitoring communications cables. Ports on the Main Control Module Name Description Running indicator Alarm indicator FE_1 port FE teamwork control CAN_IN port CAN teamwork and RS485 monitoring cascading RS485/12V port Connecting to a T/H sensor USB port Connecting to a WiFi module or USB flash drive SW button...
  • Page 17 RS485 port on the host. CAN Teamwork + FE Monitoring Networking Teamwork Monitoring Protocol Modbus-TCP/SNMP Customers can purchase Huawei's switch and NetEco for the monitoring system.
  • Page 18: Verifying The Installation

    Verifying the Installation Item Check Content Check Result Ports are connected correctly. The pipes have oil traps, inverted U- shaped traps, gradients (of refrigerant pipes), and pipe supports. □ Passed Refrigerant The pipes are secured. The pipes are wrapped with thermal pipe insulation foam, and the foam is intact.
  • Page 19 Refrigerant Precharging 1. Take off the vacuum pump from the vacuumizing device, and replace the vacuum pump with a refrigerant cylinder. 2. Slightly open the refrigerant cylinder valve and slightly loosen the connection nut on the rubber hose. Tighten the nut when cold air escapes out of the nut. 3.
  • Page 20: Powering On The System

    With a Low Temperature Component 1. Leakage test with nitrogen 2. Vacuumization 3. Refrigerant precharging The pressure gauge on the left is a low-pressure gauge,  Vacuum and the one on the right is a high-pressure gauge. pump The needle valve specifications are 7/16-20UNF. ...
  • Page 21 Setting Temperature and Humidity Parameters 1. Set Temperature and humidity control type, Control point temperature setpoint, and Control point humidity setpoint as required onsite. Path: Settings > System Settings > Common Settings or Settings > System Settings > T/H Sensor 2.
  • Page 22 Wizard Startup Download the Service Expert app from HUAWEI AppGallery. The app can only run on  Android currently. You must apply for the permission to use the app after downloading it. Indoor fan commissioning is a mandatory item for power-on commissioning. Other ...
  • Page 23 2. Wizard Startup Flowchart 1. Initial Startup Flowchart Start Start Tap Start on the home screen. Confirm precautions and check items. Tap Confirm, and the barcode and verification code are displayed. Select commissioning items. Open the Service Expert app. Commissioning Failed Commission the indoor is interrupted.
  • Page 24 The foreign matter on the water pan and bottom plate is cleaned up. □ Failed □ Passed The air filters are correctly installed according to the airflow direction marked □ Failed on the frame. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen 518129 People's Republic of China

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