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PART No. 9378945630-02


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Airstage AJ 072GALBH Series

  • Page 1 INSTALLATION MANUAL OUTDOOR UNIT For authorized service personnel only. INSTALLATIONSANLEITUNG AUßENGERÄT Nur für autorisiertes Fachpersonal. MANUEL D’INSTALLATION UNITÉ EXTÉRIEURE Pour le personnel agréé uniquement. AJ*072GALBH MANUAL DE INSTALACIÓN AJ*090GALBH AJ*108GALBH UNIDAD EXTERIOR AJ*126GALBH Únicamente para personal de servicio autorizado. AJ*144GALBH MANUALE DI INSTALLAZIONE UNITÀ...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INSTALLATION MANUAL 1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS PART No. 9378945630-02 VRF system outdoor unit • Be sure to read this Installation manual thoroughly before installation. • The warnings and precautions indicated in this Installation manual contain important information pertaining to your safety. Be sure to observe them. Contents •...
  • Page 3: About This Product

    This mark indicates procedures which, if improperly per- 2.2. Special tools for R410A CAUTION formed, might possibly result in personal harm to the user, or damage to property. Tool name Contents of change for R22 tool This unit must be installed by qualified personnel with a capacity certificate for handling Pressure is huge and cannot be measured with a conventional gauge.
  • Page 4: Optional Parts

    Space saving combination 3. INSTALLATION WORK Combination (HP) 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 Outdoor Unit 1 (HP) 10 12 14 16 10 10 12 12 16 16 Please obtain the approval of the customer when selecting the location of installation and Outdoor Unit 2 (HP) 10 10 12 10 12 installing the main unit.
  • Page 5: Installation Dimensions

    Fig. 6 <Top view> 3.3. Installation dimensions CAUTION When installing the outdoor unit, pay attention to the following items. 800 mm or more Provide sufficient installation space, such as transportation route, maintenance space, ventilation space, refrigerant piping space, and passageways. Pay attention to the specifications of the installation space as shown in the figure.
  • Page 6: Transporting The Unit

    When installing with the FRONT of the outdoor unit facing the wall side 3.4. Transporting the unit Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Hoisting method <Top view> Wall <Top view> Wall • When hanging the outdoor unit and conveying it to installation location, hang the unit 500 mm or more with rope by passing through the 4 opening holes on bottom of front and rear side as 500 mm or more...
  • Page 7: System Configuration

    Allowable pip length (actual pipe length) 4. SYSTEM CONFIGURATION a + e + f Between master outdoor unit and the farthest indoor 165 m or less For detailed information, refer to the Design and Technical Manual. a + e + p unit Between the first separation tube and the farthest 4.1.
  • Page 8: Pipe Selection

    Table. C (Between separation tubes or separation tube and RB unit) 4.2. Pipe selection Separation Total cooling Outside diameter mm (in) tube capacity of indoor CAUTION Discharge Gas Suction Gas unit (kW) Liquid pipe for 3 pipes pipe pipe This unit is designed specifically for use with the R410A refrigerant. Pipes for R407C or 4.4 to 11.1 9.52 (3/8") 12.70 (1/2")
  • Page 9: Protection Of Pipes

    Table. G (Separation tube / Header) Header Horizontal line Separation tube Horizontal line Gas pipe β = 0 to 10 mm Separation tube ( Total cooling capacity of (α : 0° to 1°) indoor unit (kW) for 2 pipes for 3 pipes Outdoor α...
  • Page 10: Pipe Connection

    Fig. A 5.4. Pipe connection Joint pipe D (Accessory) CAUTION Do not use mineral oil on a flared part. Prevent mineral oil from getting into the system Joint pipe B as this would reduce the lifetime of the units. (Accessory) Joint pipe While brazing the pipes, be sure to blow dry nitrogen gas through them.
  • Page 11 Branch kit restriction when install (5) Examples of multiple unit installation are shown below. Be sure following restriction. CAUTION (1) Installation angle To prevent the oil from settling in the stopped unit, install the pipes between the outdoor Install the outdoor unit branch kit horizontally level, within 0° to -10°, so that the refrigerant units so that they are level or are tilted upward to the outdoor units.
  • Page 12: Electrical Wiring

    6. ELECTRICAL WIRING 6.2. Wiring method 6.2.1 Connection diagrams 6.1. The precautions of electrical wiring The wiring example for RB units, outdoor units and indoor units are shown in the figure. To other refrigerant circuit WARNING outdoor unit Wiring connections must be performed by a qualified person in accordance with speci- fications.
  • Page 13: Knockout Hole

    (2) Selecting main breaker and main power supply cable when connecting multiple 6.3. Knockout hole outdoor units In case of connected 3 outdoor unit PROHIBITED CAUTION GOOD Breaker PROHIBITED: install a breaker for Seal the wiring route hole with putty (Locally purchased) such that there are no gaps. each outdoor unit Small insects or animals that are trapped in the outdoor unit may cause a short circuit in the breaker...
  • Page 14: Wiring Procedure

    (2) In the following cases, Signal Amplifier is required. Example: Transmission line Enable Auto- When the total length of the transmission line exceeded 500 m matic Address (A + C + D + E + F + G + H + J + K + N ≥ 500 m) setting When the total number of units is over 64.
  • Page 15: External Input And External Output

    How to connect wiring to the terminal 6.7. External input and external output Caution when wiring cable 6.7.1 Terminal position (1) Use ring terminals with insulating sleeves as shown in the figure to connect to the terminal block. Input 5 Input 4 Input 3 Input 1...
  • Page 16: Field Setting

    Operation behavior 7. FIELD SETTING Each input terminal works as follows. Outdoor unit Input CAUTION Connector Status signal Master Slave Discharge the static electricity from your body before setting up the DIP switches. Normal operation Never touch the terminals or the patterns on the parts that are mounted on the PC Input 1 ...
  • Page 17: Rotary Switch Setting

    7.2.3 Terminal resistor setting Normal mode Save energy mode CAUTION Cooling capacity High power mode 1 shift (*1) High power mode 2 Be sure to set the terminal resistor according to specifications. Prohibited Set the terminal resistor for every network segment (NS). Set this item when necessary.
  • Page 18 (2) Setting method Enable Use the “MODE/EXIT”, “SELECT”, Disable : Press the “MODE/EXIT” button and “ENTER” buttons to configure Intelligent refrig- Enable only evaporation settings according to the proce- erant control temperature control : Press the “SELECT” button dures below. Enable only condensation : Press the “ENTER”...
  • Page 19: Address Setting For Signal Amplifi Ers

    7.6.2 Procedures to enable automatic address setting on indoor 7.5. Address setting for signal amplifi ers units 7.5.1 Address setting for signal amplifi ers Check that the rotary switch IU AD on the indoor unit PC board is set to “00”.If it is not set to “00”, it means the address of that device is not set.
  • Page 20: Resistance Measurement Of Transmission Cable (Measure With Breaker Off)

    In case of con- Outdoor unit Outdoor unit Pressure regulating valve 1: Function setting nected many First 2 digits Last 2 digits outdoor units Pressure gauge (The display when the main power is turned on) Set to Function mode [F3]. Nitrogen (When [F4] to [F9] are displayed, continue to press the “SELECT”...
  • Page 21: Additional Charging

    8.2.1 Evacuation procedure Diameter of liquid pipe (mm) Additional amount for pipe length (kg/m) (1) Remove the caps of the gas pipe and liquid pipe and check that the valves are Ø6.35 0.021 closed. (2) Remove the charging cap. Ø9.52 0.058 (3) Connect a vacuum pump and a pressure gauge to a charging hose and connect it to Ø12.70...
  • Page 22: Installing Insulation

    Test operation setting method 8.4. Installing insulation Use the “MODE/EXIT”, “SELECT”, and “ENTER” buttons on the indoor unit PC board to configure settings according to the procedures below. • Install insulation material after conducting the “8.1 Sealing test”. Function settings •...
  • Page 23: Led Status

    Origin country error Outdoor unit rush current limiting resister temp. rise Manufacturer E 6 8. 2 error (protective operation) FUJITSU GENERAL LIMITED (19) Manufacturer Outdoor unit transmission PCB parallel communi- Address: 3-3-17, Suenaga, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki E 6 9. 1 cation error 213-8502, Japan E 7 1.

Table of Contents