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    MC9190-G AppliCAtion Guide *Actual size...

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    MC9190-G More ruGGed... More powerful... with More options to Meet your business needs.

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    What will your workforce do with the Motorola MC9190-G? Browse through the applications available for this robust and rugged mobile computer to see the world of possibilities — and put the MC9190-G to work in your operations today. This guide contains applications that are available as of 02/02/11.

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    The applications in this guide have been subjected to a battery of tests in real-life customer scenarios, bringing you the peace of mind that the application you choose will work — and work well — with your Motorola MC9190-G. Choose from one of two certification levels:...

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    tAble of Contents by industry This table of contents is grouped by industry and business need to help you easily locate the applications that are most appropriate for your workforce. education ... i utilities ... i Government... i healthcare ... i Manufacturing...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    eduCAtion Mobileframe MobileFrame ... 8 nomadvance SofToGo ... 9 oCr Canada ltd. OCR Event Attendance Tracker ... 10 qdata Q-Suite ... 11 tohoku systems support Co., ltd MONISTOR ... 15 utilities Mobileframe MobileFrame ... 8 nomadvance SofToGo ... 9 qdata Q-Suite ...

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    systems logic Wireless Warehouse in a Box ... 14 tohoku systems support Co., ltd MONISTOR ... 15 Xceliware Equipment Manager... 16 retAil Activant solutions, inc. Eagle Mobile ... 1 Aldata solution s.A.s Voice-Directed Warehousing ... 2 Allegro Mobile solutions Allegro Inventory Manager (AIM) ... 3 decisionpoint Order Entry ...

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    wholesAle distribution Aldata solution s.A.s Voice-Directed Warehousing ... 2 Allegro Mobile solutions Allegro Inventory Manager (AIM) ... 3 decisionpoint Order Entry ... 4 Gicom Gicom Business Solution ... 5 idelec Automatic Inventory Control ... 6 linea datascan QUICK Warehouse Management System (WMS) ...

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    fleet MAnAGeMent idelec Automatic Inventory Control ... 6 Mobileframe MobileFrame ... 8 nomadvance SofToGo ... 9 qdata Q-Suite ... 11 tohoku systems support Co., ltd MONISTOR ... 15 Xceliware Equipment Manager... 16 wArehouse MAnAGeMent Activant solutions, inc. Eagle Mobile ... 1 Aldata solution s.A.s Voice-Directed Warehousing ...

  • Page 11: Eagle Mobile

    Activant solutions, inc. eagle Mobile Eagle Mobile™ is the Next Generation Mobile Platform for Activant Eagle, a comprehensive and affordable software solution that helps small to medium size businesses streamline operations and improve customer service. An easy-to-use graphical user interface provides the core inventory management, receiving and physical inventory features you rely on in Eagle for Windows, while enabling workers to run multiple applications simultaneously, without losing your data.

  • Page 12: Voice-directed Warehousing

    Aldata Voice Directed Warehousing allows you to add a new means of collecting data with your Motorola mobile computers — voice. Now your workers can simply speak in addition to entering information on the keyboard, via the touchscreen or with the scan of a bar code — all on a single mobile device.

  • Page 13: Allegro Inventory Manager (aim)

    Allegro Mobile solutions Allegro inventory Manager (AiM) Allegro Inventory Manager is a feature-rich solution that manages the flow of merchandise to and from the retail facility. Built on the Allegro Mobility Platform, the solution offers the real-time device connectivity required for real-time visibility into inventory movement. With up-to-the-second information, inventory management improves through better and more timely decision-making.

  • Page 14: Order Entry

    decisionpoint order entry With DecisionPoint Order Entry, re-ordering inventory on the retail floor has never been easier. Specially designed to help retailers streamline and improve the accuracy of the re-order process, this application allows managers and more to simply scan the bar code on an item on the sales floor to access previous order history and item information.

  • Page 15: Gicom Business Solution

    The comprehensive Gicom Business Solution allows you to better manage inventory in the retail environment. Since the rugged MC9190-G is at home out on the shipping dock in the worst weather, workers can simply scan a bar code on an incoming shipment to instantly reconcile that shipment with the original order.

  • Page 16: Automatic Inventory Control

    idelec Automatic inventory Control If you need to take inventory, this solution will improve the efficiency of the inventory process as well as the accuracy of your inventory data. From the retail store to the warehouse, AIC allows workers to capture inventory data with a quick scan of a bar code, eliminating time consuming error prone paper-based processes.

  • Page 17: Quick Warehouse Management System (wms)

    linea datascan quiCk warehouse Management system (wMs) Better control the movement and storage of raw materials and products in your company with QUICK WMS. Designed for manufacturing, distribution, retailers and third-party logistics providers of all sizes, WMS helps maximize product placement strategies, prioritize tasks, implement fair productivity standards and increase logistics efficiency.

  • Page 18: Mobileframe

    Mobileframe Mobileframe MobileFrame’s 100 percent code-free enterprise mobility platform enables businesses to easily create, deploy and administer sophisticated custom mobile applications. Our intuitive point and click system eliminates time-consuming and expensive custom coding, and includes the management tools necessary for a successful mobility project. This complete mobility solution offers built-in mobile integration features.

  • Page 19: Softogo

    Wireless Telnet Client: SOFTOGO Software Emulation 5250 and VT client Our Wireless Telnet Client allows you to connect your Motorola mobile computer to your server-based applications — no gateway required. In addition, your users enjoy an excellent emulation experience.

  • Page 20: Ocr Event Attendance Tracker

    oCr Canada ltd. oCr event Attendance tracker OCR Event Attendance Tracker is easy to use, yet powerful enough to track thousands of attendees and manage unlimited events and sessions. This solution is ideal for conferences, seminars, trade shows, corporate events and meetings, training sessions and certifications, classes, lectures, tests and any other event or session that requires the analysis of exactly who has or hasn’t attended your events.

  • Page 21: Q-suite

    qdata q-suite Q-Suite allows easy data capture of bar coded information in the warehouse, office and out in the field. The flexible solution gives you the ability to customize up to 20 fields on each screen, as well as the ability to print labels and receipts. Q-Suite is also designed to meet your budget needs —...

  • Page 22: Redline Cooler

    RedLine Cooler combines our practical software with Motorola’s reliable mobile computers to allow workers to view information and record their actions, when and where the work is performed.

  • Page 23: Softgrocer

    redprairie softGrocer SoftGrocer is a modular item and inventory management system that helps you manage item and system-wide inventory data. The modular system is designed to meet the specific needs of any grocery retailer, regardless of size. key benefits: Verify Item Information from the Aisle Associates can verify and adjust item information right from the shelf edge, with immediate updates feeding to the POS.

  • Page 24: Wireless Warehouse In A Box

    North America. As the pioneer of Visual Logistics, our Wireless Warehouse in a Box WMS utilizes the strength of Windows with the power of industry leading Motorola Enterprise Mobile Computing technologies. Our clients service varying industries from Tier One automotive, construction, food and beverage, industrial supply and consumer goods.

  • Page 25: Monistor

    tohoku systems support Co., ltd Monistor With this asset management solution, you not only know where your assets are, but who is using them and when the asset is available for use. When employees can scan the bar code on the asset as well as the bar code on their own employee badge and your location tags, you can easily and accurately collect a wealth of data that can help you better manage your assets —...

  • Page 26: Equipment Manager

    Xceliware equipment Manager Do you need to track assets and equipment that move from your location, including to and from your customer sites? Now, Equipment Manager from xceliware allows you to easily locate, track and maintain your assets and equipment, easier and faster than ever before. The features in this complete solution include: •...

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    Part number: GD-MC9190G. Printed in USA 03/11. MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2011 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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