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Important information

Important information
Before using the device, please read these
instructions carefully and familiarise yourself
with the device. Keep these instructions in the
vehicle for later reference.
Any changes or modifications not expressly
approved by the party responsible for ensuring
compliance with the applicable conformity
requirements could void the user's authority to
operate the equipment.
Robert Bosch GmbH hereby declares that the
product DVB-T2 Tuner Gen2 complies with
Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU
declaration of conformity is available at the
Internet address below.
Hereby, Robert Bosch GmbH declares that the
radio equipment type DVB-T2 Tuner Gen2 is in
compliance with the relevant statutory
requirements. The full text of the Declaration of
Conformity is available at this Internet address:

Intended use

The device has been designed for operation in
a commercial vehicle with a 12 V or 24 V
electrical system.
The device and its HDMI output are not
intended to be used with recording devices.
Road safety
Road safety has absolute
priority. Only use the device
when the vehicle is stationary. If
it is necessary to use the device
during the journey, find a safe
Robert Bosch GmbH
parking spot and park the
You must always be able to hear
police, fire service and ambu-
lance sirens in good time from
inside the vehicle.
For this reason, ensure that the
playback volume is appropriate.
Make sure that your ability to
drive the vehicle is not impaired
and your view is not blocked by
the device, the antennas
connected to it, or the wiring.

Scope of delivery

DVB-T2 Tuner Gen2
Quick guide
Remote control, including batteries (2 x
External IR sensor (for the remote control)

Installation notes

The device has been preconfigured
for use with the coach infotainment
system. Before the device can be
used with another Bosch system (e.g.
Classic Line) or as a stand-alone unit,
it must be reconfigured (please see
the "Configuration" section below).
The tuner must only be installed by experi-
enced personnel.
Before installation, disconnect the power
supply by disconnecting the cable from
the negative terminal of the battery.
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