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Jabra PRO 9470 User Manual

Lennox hearth headphones user manual.
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9460, 9460-Duo and 9470
User manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Jabra ® ™ 9460, 9460-Duo and 9470 User manual
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    JaBRa PRo BaSe foR youR deSk Phone ...19 uSing a handSet lifteR oR electRonic hookSwitch ...21 connecting the BaSe to youR coMPuteR...22 connecting JaBRa PRo 9470 to a MoBile Phone ...23 uSing a ReMote online indicatoR ...23 Jabra PrO 9460, 9460-DuO anD 9470 user manual...
  • Page 3 Style...33 headSet contRolS and SignalS...35 BatteRy indicatoRS, RechaRge and RePlaceMent ...40 Staying within Range ...41 noiSe Blackout™ MicRoPhone (JaBRa PRo 9470) ...41 noiSe-cancelling MicRoPhone (JaBRa PRo 9460 and 9460-duo) ...41 Jabra PrO 9460, 9460-DuO anD 9470 user manual...
  • Page 4 8.13 headSet docking-oPeRation ...50 8.14 theft PRotection ...50 8.15 dealing with denSity iSSueS ...51 usIng Jabra PrO 9470 wIth a mObIle PhOne ... 52 JaBRa PRo Bluetooth SuPPoRt ...52 PaiRing and connecting with otheR Bluetooth deviceS ...53 foRcing Reconnection/diSconnection via the touchScReen ...54 10.
  • Page 5 13.5 headSet heaRing PRotection ...62 13.6 headSet BatteRy ...62 13.7 MateRialS and alleRgieS ...63 13.8 touchScReen BaSe ...63 13.9 JaBRa PRo 9470 BaSe Bluetooth SuPPoRt ...64 13.10 PRoduct diSPoSal ...64 13.11 ceRtificationS and Safety aPPRovalS ...64 14. glOssary ... 65...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Jabra PrO 9470 base also features bluetooth, so it can connect to your mobile phone too.
  • Page 7: Important Safety Information

    iMPoRtant Safety infoRMation Read the Safety Booklet WARNING!: your headset includes a Warning & Declaration guide. Do not attempt to assemble or use your headset before you have thoroughly read and understood the warning & Declaration booklet. If you did not receive the booklet, please contact your Jabra representative before continuing. PRotecting youR heaRing with Safetone™...
  • Page 8: Care And Maintenance

    caRe and Maintenance Protect your base and headset just as you would any other type of sensitive electronic equipment. If your Jabra devices require cleaning, then consider the following advice: If necessary, clean the touchscreen with a standard computer-screen cleaning solution, such as dry wipes, anti-static screen cleaner and/or prepackaged towelettes.
  • Page 9: Product Overview

    9 Installation CD with Jabra PC Suite Software, user’s guide and other tools 10 Warning & Declaration guide and quick-start guide 11 Neckband (included as standard for Jabra PRO 9470 only) 12 Startup poster Figure 1: Components included with Jabra PRO models that feature a touchscreen base...
  • Page 10: Optional Accessories

    3 14121-24 neckband 4 14121-25 replacement headband 5 14121-26 replacement ear hook 6 14101-19 replacement ear cushions Jabra PRO 9470 01-0369 remote handset lifter gn1000 rhl electronic-hookswitch adapter* 3 14121-24 neckband 4 14121-25 replacement headband 5 14121-26 replacement ear hook...
  • Page 11: Headset Diagrams

    9 Speaker Figure 3: Jabra PRO Midi headset (included with Jabra PRO 9470) as seen from the outer and inner sides, respectively Figure 4: Jabra PRO Flex headset (included with Jabra PRO 9460) as seen from the outer and inner sides, respectively...
  • Page 12 Figure 5: Jabra PRO 9460-Duo headset Note: most of the other illustrations in this manual show the Jabra PrO midi headset; all other headset models feature similar controls at similar locations, as illustrated in the figures above. Jabra PrO 9460, 9460-DuO anD 9470 user manual...
  • Page 13: Base Diagram

    3 Touchscreen 4 Desk-phone clear dial-tone switch Note: Not included on the Jabra PRO 9470 base, where this is software controlled (set up automatically) 5 Cover for desk-phone control Note: There is no clear dial-tone switch underneath on the Jabra PRO 9470 base...
  • Page 14: System Setup And Connections

    — you will adjust the clear dial-tone switch on the Jabra PrO base until you find the right one. note that there is no clear dial-tone switch on the Jabra PrO 9470 base — here the right combination is found automatically.
  • Page 15: The Quick-start Setup Wizard

    the Quick-StaRt SetuP wizaRd to get started, just power the base and then follow the set-up-wizard instructions on the touchscreen. to run the setup wizard: 1. review the information outlined in Section 4.1: Setup Overview and Background. It will help you understand the types of tasks that the setup wizard will ask you to do.
  • Page 16 Jabra PrO 9470 but must be ordered separately for Jabra PrO 9460. Jabra PrO 9460-Duo is always worn as a headband and does not require any assembly.
  • Page 17: Connecting The Base To Your Desk Phone

    Placing the Headset in its Cradle whenever you are not using your headset, you should keep it in its recharge cradle as shown in the figure below. It is held firmly in place by a magnet. note that placing it in its cradle is sometimes called docking the headset. when the headset is docked correctly in the cradle, an extra icon is displayed in the touchscreen’s status bar.
  • Page 18 Connecting to a Desk Phone without a Headset Port If your desk phone does not include any built-in support for adding a headset, then connect the Jabra PrO base between the handset and the desk-phone body as described below. Figure 12: Connecting to a desk phone without a headset port 1.
  • Page 19: Configuring The Jabra Pro Base For Your Desk Phone

    1. Connect the telephone cord included with your headset (marked with a blue band) from the port marked on the Jabra PrO base to the headset port on your desk-phone body. see your desk-phone documentation if you are not sure where this port is. If the supplied cord does not fit the port of your desk phone, then see “Connecting to a Proprietary headset Port, ”...
  • Page 20 Jabra test server and follow the on-screen instructions. If the Jabra PRO 9470 base cannot contact the Jabra test server: In this case, you can choose to set the switch manually. follow the same procedure as given above for Jabra PrO 9460 except that you must step through the switch positions using the touchscreen (no switch is accessible to the user on the base).
  • Page 21: Using A Handset Lifter Or Electronic Hookswitch

    4. as you speak with your friend, adjust the mic.-level control on the Jabra PrO touchscreen (Desk phone setup wizard, manual setup) until your friend tells you that your voice sounds clear (loud enough) but not distorted (too loud). the desk phone part of the setup wizard guides you through. remind your friend not to adjust his or her own volume during the test.
  • Page 22: Connecting The Base To Your Computer

    Using an Electronic-Hookswitch Connection If your desk phone includes an electronic hookswitch, then you can take advantage of this feature by purchasing and installing the appropriate type of electronic hookswitch adapter for your phone. adapter requirements can be very different between desk phone models. Please see our web site and/or refer to your telephone’s user manual for details about electronic hookswitch compatibility.
  • Page 23: Connecting Jabra Pro 9470 To A Mobile Phone

    JaBRa PRo 9470 to a MoBile Phone the Jabra PrO 9470 touchscreen base features bluetooth and can therefore be used with any mobile phone that also supports bluetooth. you must set up the wireless communication between the two devices by pairing them.
  • Page 24: Installing And Running The Jabra Pc Suite

    inStalling and Running the JaBRa Pc Suite JaBRa Pc Suite featuReS the Jabra PC suite is a collection of programs that support and expand your headset’s features. It enables you to: Control several types of softphone programs from your headset Configure the base and headset from your PC update the firmware for your base and headset save and recall headset configuration to/from your PC...
  • Page 25: Daily Use - Calling, Answering And Hanging Up

    daily uSe — calling, anSweRing and hanging uP headSet contRolS and indicatoRS The Multifunction Button this button is located near the back of the headset. through a combination of taps, double-taps and presses, you will be able to execute all of the most-needed functions, including answering a call, hanging up, switching between held calls, and more.
  • Page 26: How To Make A Call

    Note: if the target phone is shown greyed out on the touchscreen, it means that the phone has become disconnected. this can only occur with mobile- or softphones. you need to either re-connect the phone or touch another phone on-screen to select a different target. see the figure below. Figure 19: A disconnected target phone is shown greyed out on the touchscreen how to Make a call...
  • Page 27 Standard Mobile Phone Dialing (Jabra PRO 9470 Only) to place a call through your mobile phone, dial the number as usual and then press the call button on the mobile.
  • Page 28: How To Answer A Call

    Voice-Activated Mobile Phone Dialing (Jabra PRO 9470 Only) this feature requires that your mobile phone supports the hands-free Bluetooth profile. see your mobile phone’s documentation for details about how to set up voice-activated dialing and whether this feature is supported over bluetooth.
  • Page 29: Hanging Up

    - For desk phones without automatic ringtone detection: In this situation, you will hear your desk phone ring but will not hear a ringtone in your headset or see a ring indicator on the touchscreen. set the desk phone as the current target by touching the desk phone icon on the touchscreen or pressing the headset’s multifunction button until you hear the desk phone audio indicator (see also Section 6.2: The Target Phone Concept).
  • Page 30: Controlling The Speaker Volume And Microphone

    contRolling the SPeakeR voluMe and MicRoPhone the headset features a touch panel that is similar to the touch pad included with many laptop computers. use it to adjust the volume you hear in your headset and to mute/enable the microphone. slide your finger up the touch panel (away from your mouth) to increase the volume.
  • Page 31: Last Number Redial

    PC, you may be able to switch to them by changing the audio preferences for windows and/or your softphone program. Mobile Phones for mobile phones (Jabra PrO 9470 only), the procedure varies by phone model. Please see your mobile phone documentation for details. laSt nuMBeR Redial Jabra PrO is able to send a redial command to the current target phone.
  • Page 32: The Jabra Pro Headset

    the JaBRa PRo headSet this chapter provides in-depth details about the Jabra PrO headset. see also Chapter 3: Product Overview for detailed diagrams. how to weaR the headSet Jabra PrO headsets are available in a variety of styles, which affect both the headset functionality and the wearing options available to you.
  • Page 33: Attaching Or Detaching A Wearing Style

    attaching oR detaching a weaRing Style Note: Jabra PrO 9460-Duo headset is always worn as a headband. Attaching the headband 1. align the mounting surface of the headset with matching socket on the headband attachment. 2. Press the headset assembly firmly onto the outer side of the headband attachment until it clicks into place (snap-to-click).
  • Page 34 3. try to wear the ear hook and adjust it to fit snugly around your ear. remember that: - the hook itself rotates on the attachment. - the hook itself is flexible and can be easily bent to wrap snugly around your ear. - the height of the hook relative to its attachment can be adjusted to suit your ear.
  • Page 35: Headset Controls And Signals

    2. align the mounting surface of the headset with the matching socket on the ear-cushion attachment. Press the headset assembly firmly onto the outer side of the attachment until it clicks into place (snap-to-click). refer to the figure in the section 4.3: “Assemble the Headset” earlier in this manual. If you have trouble pressing them together, try to rotate the boom arm about 300 and try again.
  • Page 36 the precise effect of each type of gesture depends on what you are currently doing (e.g., if you are already on a call, which phone is the current target, etc.). the table below summarizes all of the control possibilities presented by the multifunction button.
  • Page 37 Headset Signal Tones The headset uses a variety of soft tones to alert you to events such as an incoming call, multifunction button presses, volume changes, and more. These enable you to keep track of what is going on while you are wearing the headset.
  • Page 38 Choosing Voice or Tones for Target indicators the headset is capable of playing either a tone or a human voice when you change the target phone, thus telling you what the new target is. the human voice is always in english, regardless of your other language settings. by default, the human voice will be played.
  • Page 39 Headset state Power turned on Power turned off Pairing Pairing succeeded Charging fully charged in cradle Table 6: Headset visual signals and their meanings Jabra PrO 9460, 9460-DuO anD 9470 user manual LED when battery level is good green 100ms Off 100ms repeats to a total of 4 times red 100ms...
  • Page 40: Battery Indicators, Recharge And Replacement

    BatteRy indicatoRS, RechaRge and RePlaceMent Battery indicators the headset and touchscreen base indicate the current headset battery level as follows: whenever the battery is low, the headset multicolor leD will display red for all of its usual signals. while the battery is low, you will hear an audio signal (two quick, low tones) every minute or so in the headset.
  • Page 41: Staying Within Range

    If you remain out of range for a long time, you may need to re-establish the DeCt connection manually when you return (e.g., by docking the headset to the base). noiSe Blackout™ MicRoPhone (JaBRa PRo 9470) the Jabra PrO midi headset features an advanced, two-microphone noise blackout™ system that will help ensure that your voice will be clear and easy to understand —...
  • Page 42: The Jabra Pro Touchscreen Base

    the JaBRa PRo touchScReen BaSe this chapter describes how to work with the features of the Jabra PrO touchscreen base. see also Chapter 3: Product Overview for detailed diagrams. BaSe connectionS and SetuP for details about how to set up the base and connect it to your various phones, please see Chapter 4: System Setup and Connections.
  • Page 43: Standard Operation

    3. touch the icon of your choice and you are done. Note: a similar pairing mechanism is also used by bluetooth devices. Jabra PrO 9470 supports bluetooth for the purpose of adding a mobile phone to your headset solution. however, the bluetooth pairing is completely independent of the DeCt pairing mechanism described above.
  • Page 44: Setting Active Call And Audio Preferences

    Managing the DECT Connection Once you have paired the base and headset, the base manages the connection automatically even as you take the headset out of range and/or turn off the devices from time to time. the connection will usually activate itself again automatically the next time the Jabra PrO base and headset are turned on and in range.
  • Page 45: Managing Call Collision

    Managing call colliSion when you have more than one phone connected to your base, it becomes possible that more than one call will become active simultaneously. this might occur under the following circumstances: you are talking on one phone (e.g., your desk phone) when a call comes in on one of your other phones (e.g., your mobile phone).
  • Page 46: Managing Call Waiting

    Managing call waiting Call waiting refers to the ability to place a current call temporarily on hold to answer another call coming in on the same phone. It is a feature that is provided by your phone company or softphone program, which means that it is largely external to the base or headset.
  • Page 47 If you have an active call, with no calls waiting, and you then put the active call on hold, the red (end call) button is removed from display. this means that you must re-activate the held call before you can end it (press the green arrow).
  • Page 48: Setting General User Preferences

    Setting geneRal uSeR PRefeRenceS when you are not using the headset, you are able to access the general user preferences on the base. use this function to adjust your hearing-protection settings, switch to wideband or narrowband audio, control call recording, set the screen language, disconnect the headset or re-start some or all of the setup wizard. Figure 39: Finding the general user preferences 1.
  • Page 49: Re-running The Setup Wizards

    Re-Running the SetuP wizaRdS the very first time you turn on the base, a setup wizard launches automatically, helping you to configure the connection to your desk phone, mobile phone and/or computer. thereafter, the base starts normally each time your turn it on. however, if you would like to revisit your desk-phone, computer and/or mobile-phone setup, you can do so at any time.
  • Page 50: Conference Calling

    8.12 confeRence calling the Jabra PrO touchscreen base enables you to connect a secondary Jabra PrO headset to the base, thereby adding another person to the conversation. to begin a conference call, dock the secondary headset with the base that will host the call. you can do this either just before the call or at any time during the call.
  • Page 51: Dealing With Density Issues

    8.15 dealing with denSity iSSueS DeCt technology uses low-power radio technology for wireless transmission. because DeCt uses a dedicated radio-frequency band, it is relatively immune to interference from other products using radio technologies commonly used in offices such as wireless routers or wireless networks. likewise, DeCt will not interfere with wifi networks.
  • Page 52: Using Jabra Pro 9470 With A Mobile Phone

    Class 2, which supports a range of up to 10m. the Jabra PrO 9470 base also supports bluetooth Class 2.
  • Page 53: Pairing And Connecting With Other Bluetooth Devices

    3. your phone now looks to see if any nearby bluetooth devices are advertising themselves for pairing. use your phone’s controls to identify and select the “Jabra PrO 9470” device. your phone might also ask for the headset’s pass code. the pass code for all Jabra devices is 0000 (four zeros).
  • Page 54: Forcing Reconnection/disconnection Via The Touchscreen

    foRcing Reconnection/diSconnection via the touchScReen If the base — and therefore also the headset — loses the connection to the mobile phone (e.g. if you take it out of range) it periodically attempts to reconnect — every 15 secs for the first 3 hours and then every 40 secs indefinitely.
  • Page 55 3. when the mobile and base are reconnected — which means that the connection to the headset is also restored via the base — the mobile phone target icon is no longer greyed out, as shown in the figure below: Figure 46: Mobile phone and base are reconnected Conversely, if you want to force the headset to disconnect the mobile phone, do the following:...
  • Page 56: Recording Your Calls

    RecoRding youR callS the Jabra PrO touchscreen base enables you to record your conversations using third-party software on your PC. Controls for working with this feature are included in the touchscreen menus. IMPORTANT: never record conversations with people without first informing them that you are doing so and getting their permission.
  • Page 57: Faqs And Troubleshooting

    Q HOW CAN I USE MY HEADSET WITH MY MOBILE PHONE? (JABRA PRO 9470 ONLY). a to be able to do this, you need to pair the Jabra PrO 9470 base with your mobile phone (your headset is based on DeCt and cannot be paired directly with your mobile phone). Do the following: - refer to the section “re-running the setup wizards”...
  • Page 58 Q I CANNOT HEAR ANYTHING IN MY HEADSET WHEN USING MY MOBILE PHONE. (JABRA PRO 9470 ONLY) a try the following: - make sure the two devices are paired and connected. see the section “using Jabra PrO 9470 with a mobile phone” in the user manual for more information.
  • Page 59 Q WHAT IS THE RANGE ON THE JABRA PRO 9400 SOLUTION? a Jabra PrO 9400 supports a maximum range of up to 150m* (base to headset). In practice, you may find the range to be somewhat shorter due to physical obstructions and electromagnetic interference. the sound in your headset will slowly deteriorate as you move farther from the base.
  • Page 60: Getting Assistance

    getting aSSiStance If you are having problems with your headset solution that are not addressed by the information in this manual, then please feel free to contact Jabra technical support at any the locations listed below. 12.1 euRoPe Web (for the latest support info and online user manuals): Phone: belgique/belgium + 49 (0)8031 2651 72...
  • Page 61: Technical Specifications

    13.2 JaBRa PRo Midi headSet the Jabra PrO midi headset is included with Jabra PrO 9470. In addition to the specifications listed above, this headset provides the following: Wearing styles: ear hook, headband, neckband (either included or available as accessories, depending on model)
  • Page 62: Jabra Pro Flex Headset

    13.3 JaBRa PRo flex headSet Wearing styles: ear hook, headband, neckband (either included or available as accessories, depending on model) Speakers: Boom style: flex Microphone: single noise-cancelling microphone 13.4 JaBRa PRo 9460-duo headSet Wearing style: headband Speakers: 2 (dual mono) Boom style: flex Microphone:...
  • Page 63: Materials And Allergies

    13.7 MateRialS and alleRgieS the headband attachment is made of stainless steel and does not have a nickel-coated surface. nickel release from the headband is 0.02 μg/cm /week, which is well below the 0.50 μg/cm Directive 94/27/ef. the stainless steel alloy was tested for nickel release in accordance with the european standard en 1811:1998.
  • Page 64: Jabra Pro 9470 Base Bluetooth Support

    13.9 JaBRa PRo 9470 BaSe Bluetooth SuPPoRt In addition to the common specifications listed above, the Jabra PrO 9470 base also includes bluetooth support with the following specifications: Bluetooth version: bt 2.0 Class 2 Bluetooth range: up to 10m (Class 2) Bluetooth profiles: headset profile (hsP 1.1), hands-free profile (hfP 1.5), device-identification profile (DIP 1.3), phone-book access...
  • Page 65: Glossary

    gloSSaRy Bluetooth an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices, such as mobile phones and headsets. It is primarily designed for low power consumption, with a short range (power- class-dependent: 1 meter, 10 meters, 100 meters) based on low-cost transceiver microchips in each device. bluetooth makes it possible for these devices to communicate with each other when they are in range.
  • Page 66 Softphone driver establishes a control link between a softphone and your Jabra headset, so you can answer and end, mute and un-mute, and hold and resume calls using the buttons on your headset. the actual call control functions available from your headset depend on the capabilities of the softphone and the Jabra headset model. USB Bluetooth adapter sometimes also called a dongle (see above).
  • Page 67 © 2009 GN Netcom A/S. All rights reserved. Jabra is a registered ® trademark of GN Netcom A/S. All other trademarks included herein are the property of their respective owners. The Bluetooth word ® mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by GN Netcom A/S is under license.

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