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Ioline FlexJet E & StudioJet Printers

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    Us er G u i de Ioline FlexJet E & StudioJet Printers...

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    User Notice Trademarks Ioline, StudioJet and FlexJet E printers are trademarks of Ioline Corporation. HP is a trademark of the Hewlett-Packard Company. Other product names, logos, designs, titles, words or phrases mentioned within this publication may be trademarks, service marks, or trade names of Ioline Corporation or other entities and may be registered in certain jurisdictions including internationally.

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    Ioline FlexJet E Printers Us er G u i de...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Safety & Cautions Visual Reference Guide Chapter 1 Overview Getting Started ... 15 How The Ioline FlexJet E and StudioJet printers Work ... 16 Chapter 2 Installation Printer Assembly ... 17 Unpacking the Printer ... 17 Assembling the Stand ... 17 Attaching the Printer to the Stand ...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Installing the Take-up Shaft (FlexJet E Models only) ... 32 Feeding Paper (FlexJet E Models only) ... 33 Tape Paper to the Take-up Shaft (FlexJet E Models only) ... 34 Positioning the Pinchwheels ... 34 Insert Front Dancer Bar (FlexJet E Models only) ... 35 Insert Read Dancer Bar (FlexJet E 2H+ Models only) ...

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    Line Quality ... 52 Serial Communication ... 52 Keypad Error Codes ... 53 Legend ... 53 Common Issues ... 54 Common Issues (FlexJet E Models only) ... 57 Chapter 6 End Notes Service & Support ... 59 Getting Help ... 59 Customer Service ...

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    Be careful when moving or lifting the printer. Moving the FlexJet E printer requires at least 2 people. To avoid injury to your fingers, do not lift either model by the end plates. Hold the bottom surfaces of the end covers to lift or move them. See Figure 1.

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    A. Left End Cover B. Right End Cover C. Take-up Motor D. Stand Leveling Foot E. Feed Roll Take-up Shaft The Ioline FlexJet E Printer Front View. G. Feed Shaft H. Dancer Bar Stand AA. Power Switch BB. Serial Port CC.

  • Page 11

    Drive Shaft Marker K. Pinchwheel L. Traverse or Carriage Rail M. Carriage Assembly N. Platen Ink Cartridge Latch The Ioline FlexJet E Printer Front View Close-up Q. Ink Cartridge Stall R. Pinchwheel Lever S. Keypad T. Service Station . Take Up Sensors...

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    Visual Reference Guide A. Left End Cover B. Drive Shaft Marker C. Pinchwheel Lever D. Pinchwheel E. Drive Shaft Figure 5. The Ioline StudioJet Front View. Right End Cover G. Keypad H. Stand Leg Inkjet Cartridge Carriage K. Stand Leveling Foot L.

  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Ioline FlexJet E printer models also apply to the Ioline StudioJet in this manual. Getting Started Thank you for purchasing the Ioline FlexJet E or StudioJet printer. This manual contains instructions and guidelines for setting up, operating and maintaining your Ioline printer. The following compo-...

  • Page 14: How The Ioline Flexjet E And Studiojet Printers Work

    X-axis (paper motion) and Y-axis (carriage mo- tion) instructions and uses digital feedback to ensure plot accuracy. The FlexJet E and StudioJet printers break the plot file into frame segments in order to plot long markers. The FlexJet E printer then rolls the frame segments onto a take-up shaft.

  • Page 15: Printer Assembly, Unpacking The Printer, Assembling The Stand, Attaching The Printer To The Stand

    Assembling the Stand Assemble and level the stand using the hardware included in the Ac- cessory Kit and directions outlined in the See the FlexJet E printer or StudioJet Quick Start Guide. Attaching the Printer to the Stand Attach the printer to the stand with the top bars resting in the notches in the stand legs.

  • Page 16: Cable Connections, Serial Configuration, Com Port

    Cable Connections When connecting the printer to the computer by serial cable: Make sure that power to the printer is off. Power is off when the switch is in the “0” position, and is turned on when placed in the “1” position.

  • Page 17: Baud Rate, Other Serial Port Settings, Software Setup Options

    Plot directly from the marker or design software to the printer. (See Figure 11.) Unlike other marker printers, the FlexJet E and StudioJet print- ers are capable of operating as stand-alone devices with no extra software running on the computer. This method works if your CAD software includes a driver for any Ioline product, such as the Ioline 600Ae or the Summit 2200.

  • Page 18

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Software HPGL DM/PL Figure 11. Workflow: output direct from CAD software (without FlexPlot). Use FlexPlot software to convert files before sending them to the printer for output. The printer includes the FlexPlot software which will convert many different files into a format that is compatible with the printer.

  • Page 19: Power On, Installing Flexplot And The Control Center

    The keypad buttons do not work unless paper is properly loaded—or a small piece of masking tape is placed over the Paper Out sensor on the back of the printer. Once paper is loaded or the sensor is taped over, press the Start/Stop button to clear the orange circle and regain use of the keypad.

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    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide This page intentionally left blank...

  • Page 21: Keypad Controls, Start/stop

    Figure 13. The Printer Keypad. Start/Stop The Start/Stop key toggles the printer online and offline. If the Start/ Stop key is pressed during printing, the OK light turns red and the machine will stop after it finishes printing the current scan. The Arrow, Unroll and Paper Advance keys are active when in STOP mode.

  • Page 22: Clean, Quality, Set Origin

    Clean Runs the print heads through a cleaning cycle in the Service Station. Put the printer in STOP mode and wait until the OK light turns red. Then press the Clean button. If the carriage is not already parked, it will return to the Service Station. After auto cleaning, the printer...

  • Page 23: Arrow Keys, Page Advance, Unroll (flexjet E Only), Special Key Combinations

    Page Advance Pressing this button advances the paper in small increments. This is useful if a plot was removed from the printer and you need a paper leader to tape to the take-up shaft. The Page Advance key is only ac- tive in STOP mode (when the OK light is red).

  • Page 24: The Control Center, Overview, Changing System Settings

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Note To avoid communication port conflicts, do not simultaneously run more than one application that communicates with the printer. The Control Center Overview The Control Center is a utility program that does two things: Allows you to adjust settings to tailor output (e.g. scale, line width) from the computer.

  • Page 25: Control Center Menu Bar Features, File, Communications, Tools, Help

    File Send Plot File Print a PLT or PLX file. Download Firmware Allows the user to download the lat- est firmware version for the printer. See the section Downloading Firm- ware in the Routine Maintenance chapter for more information. Exit Exit the Control Center.

  • Page 26: Control Center Menu Options, Get Plotter Data, Plotter Data (check Box), Line Width, Scale

    The Frame Size setting establishes clipping limits for each data frame. If the printed size of a plot frame exceeds the frame size set in the printer, the excess is clipped or thrown away. (If the plot is clipped, try increasing the Frame Size manually.) The factory-set...

  • Page 27: Quality Setting, Measurement Units, Consumables, Paper, Guidelines For Installing A Cartridge

    Ioline recommends 27 to 35 pound recycled or bond paper, 36- to 74-in (91- to 188-cm) wide. The feed system supports rolls up to 600 yds long. The Ioline FlexJet E and StudioJet printers require Hewlett-Packard 51645A or ‘45’ cartridges.

  • Page 28: Printing A Marker, Overview, General Guidelines

    Send marker/plot files. These steps are outlined in the next several sections. In most cases the design files are sent to the printer from FlexPlot or the design ap- plication. If necessary, use the Ioline Control Center to send design files or adjust settings.

  • Page 29: Loading Paper On The Studiojet

    Feed Shaft Paper Roll (Unrolls from behind) Paper Hub (2) Figure 18. Installing the feed shaft. (As shown on the FlexJet E model.) Keep hands and loose clothing away from all moving parts. The FlexJet Set-up, Operating and Maintenance Video, provided on CD-ROM in the Accessory Kit, provides a helpful visual overview.

  • Page 30

    If the take-up shaft has plotted markers on it, remove them. See Removing Markers from the Take-up Shaft later in this chapter. Turn the printer on (the switch is on the back of the left cover.) Use the keypad Unroll key to rotate the take-up key until it is oriented perpendicular to the support block opening as shown in Figure 19.

  • Page 31: Feeding Paper

    Feed Roll Proper Paper Path 1H FlexJet E Figure 20. The correct paper feeding path on the Ioline FlexJet E printers. (See the StudioJet Quick Start Guide for paper path instructions for the StudioJet.) Proper Paper Path 2H+ FlexJet E...

  • Page 32: Positioning The Pinchwheels

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Note When installing or retaping paper, remove the front dancer bar and set it aside. Tape Paper to the Take-up Shaft Stand in front of the machine. Place 3 short pieces of masking tape within easy reach on the top cover.

  • Page 33

    Lower the pinchwheels. Insert Front Dancer Bar (FlexJet E only) With the pinchwheels lowered, hold the paper in place over the rear top bar. Insert the front dancer bar into the dancer bar channel.

  • Page 34: Set An Origin, Sending Plot Files, Pausing A Marker Plot

    Pausing a Marker Plot Pause a plot by pressing the Start/Stop key. The OK light will change from green to red. The printer will finish printing the current scan, then pause. Once printing stops, use the keypad keys to move the carriage, paper, and take-up shaft.

  • Page 35: Canceling A Marker Plot

    Use the keypad Arrow keys to position the carriage for the start of a new plot file as described earlier. Press the Set Origin key to ready the printer for the next plot file. Removing Markers from the Take-up Shaft (FlexJet E Only) Press Start/Stop until the OK light changes to red (STOP mode).

  • Page 36

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Manually Freeing the Take-up Shaft (FlexJet E Only) Use this method to remove the take-up shaft from the completed roll without having to unroll the markers. Tape the loose end of the roll down so that it cannot flap freely.

  • Page 37

    The larger the roll, the more rotations are required to free the shaft. When the shaft freely rotates in the roll, stop turning the take-up shaft. If the printer jams and the motor does not turn then do not unwind the roll with the motor. (See Manually Freeing the Take-Up Shaft above.)

  • Page 38: Printing To The Floor

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Caution If the paper bubbles or wrinkles while it flows over the platen surface, the carriage might catch the edge of the paper and tear it, causing a paper jam. Make sure that the paper is smoothly collecting on the floor to avoid paper jams.

  • Page 39: Cleaning The Drive Shaft, Cleaning The Platen And Traverse

    Cleaning the Platen and Traverse Dust and paper residue accumulate on the platen and traverse. Un- der regular use, clean every two weeks: Turn off power to the printer. Dampen a lint-free cloth with isopropyl (pharmacy) alcohol and gently wipe...

  • Page 40: Size Calibration, Prepare The Printer (see The Operation Chapter)

    Using the Arrow keys, move the carriage so that the carriage notch is positioned about 1 inch from the right edge of the paper. Press the Set Origin key to put the printer in START (green light) mode. Figure 29. Calibration screen in Control Center.

  • Page 41: Use The Control Center To Gather The Calibration Data, Enter The Calibration Data

    Figure 30 will appear: Press the Send Size Plot button to print the factory stored calibration box. The printer will print a box that is 40” (102-cm) long on the X-axis and 30-in (76-cm) wide on the Y-axis.

  • Page 42: Cartridge Calibration, Prepare The Printer

    There are three types of adjustments associated with the ink cartridges. Most line quality issues are resolved by adjusting these values. Cartridge Alignment is not necessary on the FlexJet E and Stu- dioJet printers. Motion Adjustment aligns scans in the direction of carriage travel.

  • Page 43: Motion Adjust (carriage Scan Alignment), Frame Gap (paper Scan Alignment)

    The Frame Gap box has one number for adjustment. The default value is 0. Changing the values affects the next scan, created when moving paper forward through the printer. Press the Set Gap button after mak- ing adjustments to the values. Example: Lines from the next scan have a small space gap between the previous scan.

  • Page 44: Cartridge Maintenance And Handling, Check Cartridges, Automatic Cleaning Procedure

    When the cleaning process finishes, test the print quality again in Best Mode (activated with the Quality key.) Press the Start/ Stop key. The OK light will turn green. If the printer was active when you initiated Step 1, it will resume printing. If it was idle, send a marker to the print queue.

  • Page 45: Manual Cleaning Procedure

    When the cleaning process finishes, test the print quality again in Best Mode (activated with the Quality key.) Press the Start/ Stop key. The OK light will turn green. If the printer was active when you initiated Step 1, it will resume printing. If it was idle, send another marker to the print queue.

  • Page 46: Print Cartridge Storage, Short-term Storage (7 Days Or Less), Long-term Storage (greater Than 7 Days)

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Note If the firmware file is a ZIP archive, make sure it is decom- pressed before sending it to the printer. You can download a ZIP decompression utility at if necessary. Print Cartridge Storage...

  • Page 47: Update The Firmware

    Press the Select Firmware button. Follow the on-screen directions for restarting the printer so that it will accept new firmware. Press OK when the printer is ready (three yellow lights on the keypad.) Use the file window to browse to the location where you stored the firmware file (e.g.

  • Page 48: Reset Calibration Values

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Reset Calibration Values Perform the steps below if calibration values have been altered: With the printer in STOP mode, use the arrow keys to move the carriage to the center of the traverse. Turn power off on the printer.

  • Page 49: General Troubleshooting, Media Tracking

    (e.g. under the white markers affixed to the traverse.) Check to make sure that the printer is level. See the FlexJet E Printer or StudioJet Quick Start Guide for more information. The paper may slip when debris accumulates on the drive shaft.

  • Page 50: Printing Quality, Line Quality, Serial Communication

    Plot on undamaged or higher quality paper that is free of wrinkles and bubbles. Use genuine HP 45 cartridges as recommended by Ioline. Contact an Ioline distributor or Ioline Customer Service if you need further help.

  • Page 51: Keypad Error Codes, Legend

    Cycle power again (do not touch any keys this time) to ensure communications are reset. If using a terminal program like TeraTerm printer, make sure to use 8 Data Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit, and Xon/ Xoff Flow Control. Keypad Error Codes...

  • Page 52: Common Issues

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Common Issues A marker plot doesn’t start at the correct point on the paper Cause: Solution: The origin is not set. Position the pen where the plot should start. Press the Set Origin key. The printer does not complete the marker.

  • Page 53

    Use the Control Center to ad- just motion alignment as shown in the Routine Maintenance chapter. Follow the directions in the FlexJet E Printer or StudioJet Quick Start Guide to level the stand and platen. Contact Ioline customer service. Reload and align paper.

  • Page 54

    Adjust the platen levelers as described in the FlexJet E Printer or StudioJet Quick Start Guide. Use the Control Center to check the firmware version and ensure it is 324 or greater.

  • Page 55: Common Issues (flexjet E Models Only)

    Common Issues (FlexJet E Models only) Take-up roll never rotates, paper loop is too long in front of machine. Cause: Solution: Take-up motor is unplugged. Dancer bar is below the lower sensor. Lower sensor does not work. Take-up roll does not stop; paper is pulled tight in front of machine.

  • Page 56

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide This page intentionally left blank...

  • Page 57: Service & Support, Getting Help

    Getting Help Ioline is committed to providing the highest quality service and sup- port to its customers. If you need assistance with an Ioline FlexJet E or StudioJet printer, a number of resources are available: First, refer to this User Guide for answers to your specific ques- tions.

  • Page 58: Customer Service, Your Comments Are Requested

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide prevent damage. Seal the container and note the RMA number near the address block. Ship the container using FED-EX or another approved carrier. COD shipments ARE NOT ACCEPTED. An Ioline representa- tive will contact you prior to the start of work with an estimate of repair cost.

  • Page 59: Before You Contact Support

    Before you contact Support… Please gather the following information about your printer before contacting Ioline or your dealer for technical support: Name: Company Name: Phone Number: Fax: E-mail: Model: Serial Number*: Date of purchase: Dealer: Type of media & ink used:...

  • Page 60: The Fcc Wants You To Know

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Note This equipment was tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

  • Page 61

    Control Panel – See Keypad. Coordinate – A point that is referenced by its position on the X- or Y-axes of a printer. Vector or arc seg- ments connect coordinates to create printing paths. Carriage – The component that holds the ink cartridge(s).

  • Page 62

    The printer may or may not print during a scan. Sensor – The electronic eye that reads paper position by monitoring the dancer bar. The FlexJet E printer has top and bottom sensors. There are no sensors on the StudioJet printer.

  • Page 63

    65 65 Glossary Throughput – The speed at which a printer com- pletes a job. Represents the ability to process infor- mation and produce an image. Traverse – Structure that supports and guides the carriage and holds the pinchwheel assemblies.

  • Page 64

    Ioline FlexJet E User Guide This page intentionally left blank...

  • Page 65

    18, 21, 41, 54 Power cord 17, 18, 48— Serial See also Serial port Socket and port locations on FlexJet E 18 — See Design software 27, 42–46, 49, 50 Cartridge calibration window in Control Center 44 Control Center calibration screen 42...

  • Page 66: Software Version, Cartridge Count

    68 68 Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Using the brush 41 Clipping Communication Serial Communications Automatic Buffer Closing Baud rate 18, 19, 25, 27, 28, 44, 52, 57 Data bits 19, 53 19, 53 Flow control 19, 53 Parity Stop bits Conflicts 26—...

  • Page 67

    — Plot file adjustments See Control Center Send plot file Firmware Software version Updating 27, 48–50 FlexJet E Control Center — See Control Center FlexJet E printer Assembly 17–22 Connections 15, 17, 18, 19, 25, 52, 64 Front View x...

  • Page 68

    70 70 Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Cartridges in stalls xii 46, 47, 52, 56 Ink level indicator Empty cartridge 52 Maintenance and handling 46–48 Requirements xii, 29, 30 Stalls Storage Air-tight container 48 Upgrading number of stalls Installation 17–22...

  • Page 69

    Overview Page advance Pause print job Printing to floor Quality Queue management Recommended software Resolution Roll feed method Send plot files to printer Speed Workflow Problems Quality LED Lights on keypad 24 Queue management Radio frequency Red light mode Removing markers...

  • Page 70

    72 72 Ioline FlexJet E User Guide Reset serial port baud rate Resolution 64— See also Printing resolution Restore Factory Default Settings Button combination 25 Restore factory default settings Right Arrow key Right end cover Roll feed Roll Up Button combination 25...

  • Page 71

    19, 53 Throughput Top bar Tracking 51, 55 xii, 41, 65 Traverse Cleaning 51–58— Troubleshooting See also FlexJet E Service Manual Alignment issues 54–56 Common issues Communications General troubleshooting Keypad error codes Loss of registration between frames Media tracking 51, 55...

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