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How to Use Dough Blade

IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions under "How to Chop" to install
and remove the Dough Blade.
1. The Dough Blade can be used to make yeast breads, pizza dough,
or yeast rolls. Use the 2 dough recipes in this manual as a guide
when making bread or pizza dough. Be sure to add liquid ingredi-
ents slowly as the dough will not form properly if liquid is added too
2. You may have to stop the unit at times to scrape down the side of the
processing Bowl.
3. Do NOT use the Dough Blade to make piecrust. Use the Chopping
Blade for pie dough (see recipes).

Bread Making Tips for the Dough Blade

1. For best results, use ingredients at room temperature and be sure the
butter is soft.
2. Check the date on the yeast package to be sure it hasn't expired.
Measure flour accurately by spooning it into a measuring cup
designed for dry ingredients. Level it off with the straight side of a
knife of metal spatula. Do not pack flour by tapping the cup when
3. Use the amount of liquid and flour in the bread recipe provided as a
guide. You can experiment with other favorite yeast bread recipes.
4. You may use bread flour, if you'd prefer. Breads will be taller.

Food Processing Tips: Liquids

• Hot liquids (not boiling) and hot foods can be processed in the Bowl.
• Be sure to process small amounts of liquids-2 cups or less at a time.
Larger amounts may leak from the Bowl.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents