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Introduction - Mitsubishi Electric ecodan EHSC Series Installation Manual



Table of Contents
Safety Notices
Use clean water that meets local quality standards on the primary circuit.
The outdoor unit should be installed in an area with sufficient airflow according to the diagrams in the outdoor unit installation manual.
The hydrobox should be located inside to minimise heat loss.
Water pipe-runs on the primary circuit between outdoor and indoor unit should be kept to a minimum to reduce heat loss.
Ensure condensate from outdoor unit is piped away from the base to avoid puddles of water.
Remove as much air as possible from water circuit.
Refrigerant leakage may cause suffocation. Provide ventilation in accordance with EN378-1.
Be sure to wrap insulation around the piping. Direct contact with the bare piping may result in burns or frostbite.
Never put batteries in your mouth for any reason to avoid accidental ingestion.
Battery ingestion may cause choking and/or poisoning.
If power to the hydrobox is to be turned off (or system switched off) for a long time, the water should be drained.
Preventative measures should be taken against water hammer, such as installing a Water Hammer Arrestor on the primary water circuit, as directed by the manufacturer.
In order to prevent condensation on emitters, adjust flow temperature appropriately and also set the lower limit of the flow temperature on site.
As for the handling of refrigerant, refer to the outdoor unit installation manual.


The purpose of this installation manual is to instruct competent persons how to
safely and efficiently install and commission the hydrobox system. The target
readers of this manual are competent plumbers and/or refrigeration engineers
who have attended and passed the requisite Mitsubishi Electric product training
and have appropriate qualifications for installation of an unvented hot water hy-
drobox specific to their country.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents