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Frigidaire 134609000A Use And Care Manual page 4

Tumble action washer


• Detergent is flushed from the dispenser at
the beginning of the cycle. Either powdered
or liquid detergent can be used. Note:
Liquid detergent will drain into the washer
drum as it is added.
• Add a low-sudsing, high-efficiency
detergent made for front-loading washers
to the dispenser chamber. Look
for this symbol on the detergent
label. Use the cap or scoop
Note: From time to time you may see water inthe bleach and fabric softener compartments.
Do not store or place laundry products
7. Remove items when the cycle is completed.
Place washed items in automatic dryer, line dry, or dry flat as directed by fabric care label. Excess
wrinkling, color transfer or odors may develop in items left in the washer after the
cycle has ended.
• Do not slam the washer door closed or try to force the door open when DOOR LOCK
light is on. This could result in damage to the washer.
• DO NOT leave the washer door open. An open door could entice children to hang on the
door or crawl inside the washer. Note: If there are no small children present, leave the door
ajar to prevent odor build up and to improve venting of the unit.
• To avoid damaging the washer and personal injury, DO NOT hang on or lean against the
washer door.
• Do not place detergent, bleach or fabric softener containers on top of the washer. They can
damage the finish or controls.