Echo SRM-225 Operator's Manual

Echo grass trimmer/brush cutter operator's manual.
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Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter
Operator's Manual
Read rules for safe operation and instructions carefully. ECHO provides an
Operator's Manual and a Safety Manual. Both must be read and understood for
proper and safe operation. Failure to do so could result in serious injury.

   Summary of Contents for Echo SRM-225

  • Page 1

    Operator's Manual MODEL WARNING Read rules for safe operation and instructions carefully. ECHO provides an Operator's Manual and a Safety Manual. Both must be read and understood for proper and safe operation. Failure to do so could result in serious injury.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Welcome to the ECHO family. This ECHO product was designed and manufactured to provide long life and on-the-job dependability. Read and understand this manual and the SAFETY MANUAL you found in the same package. You will find both easy to use and full of helpful operating tips and SAFETY messages.

  • Page 3: Safety, Manual Safety Symbols And Important Information, International Symbols, Personal Condition And Safety Equipment

    afety manual safety symbols and Important InformatIon Throughout this manual and on the product itself, you will find safety alerts and helpful, informational messages pre- ceded by symbols or key words. The following is an explanation of those symbols and key words and what they mean to you.

  • Page 4

    Wear no-slip, heavy-duty work gloves to improve your grip on the handle. Gloves also reduce the transmission of ma- chine vibration to your hands. Hearing Protection ECHO recommends wearing hearing protection whenever unit is used. Proper Clothing Wear snug fitting, durable clothing;...

  • Page 5

    Repetitive Stress Injuries It is believed that overusing the muscles and tendons of the fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders may cause soreness, swelling, numbness, weakness, and extreme pain in those areas. Certain repetitive hand activities may put you at a high risk for developing a Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).

  • Page 6: Equipment, Emission Control

    Use only ECHO approved attachments. Serious injury may result from the use of a non-approved attachment com- bination. ECHO, INC. will not be responsible for the failure of cutting devices, attachments or accessories which have not been tested and approved by ECHO. Read and comply with all safety instructions listed in this manual and safety manual.

  • Page 7: Description

    Locate these safety decals on your unit. Make sure the decals are legible and that you understand and follow the instruc- tions on them. If a decal cannot be read, a new one can be ordered from your ECHO dealer. See PARTS ORDERING instructions for specific information.

  • Page 8

    8. CUT-OFF KNIFE - Automatically trims line to the correct length: 5" after head is tapped on the ground. If trimmer is operated without a cut-off knife, the line will become too long, the engine will overheat, and engine damage may occur.

  • Page 9: Contents, Assembly, Plastic Shield Installation

    After opening the carton, check for damage. Immediately notify your retailer or ECHO Dealer of damaged or missing parts. Use the contents list to check for missing parts.

  • Page 10: To Advance Trimmer Line, Nylon Line Replacement

    IMPORTANT Semi-automatic nylon line heads must be used only with plastic debris shield with cut-off knife. Using nylon line heads with metal debris shield can result in trimmer damage, caused by operation with excessive line length. to advance trImmer lIne...

  • Page 11: Front Handle Installation, Operation

    front handle InstallatIon Tools Required: Torx T27 L-Wrench NOTE Label shows minimum spacing for front handle location. Position front handle for comfortable operation and secure screws. peratIon WARNING Moving parts can amputate fingers or cause severe injuries. Keep hands, clothing and loose objects away from all openings.

  • Page 12: Operation With Blades

    Preparing the Trimmer/Brush Cutter for Blade Use WARNING Blade use DEMANDS specific Brush Cutter configuration. Operation without specified shield, barrier bar or U- handle, and harness can result in serious personal injury. Follow installation instructions included in optional kits.

  • Page 13

    Harness is recommended for ALL Trimmer/Brush Cutter use, not just Blade operation. The Shoulder/Waist Harness when used in a trimming operation with nylon line head suspends the trimmer from the operator's shoulder and reduces operator fatigue. During blade operation, the same fatigue reduction is achieved. Safety...

  • Page 14: Fuel

    WARNING Alternative fuels, such as E-15 (15% ethanol), E-85 (85% ethanol) or any fuels not meeting ECHO requirements are NOT approved for use in ECHO 2-stroke gasoline engines. Use of alternative fuels may cause performance problems, loss of power, overheating, fuel vapor lock, and unintended machine operation, including, but not limited to, improper clutch engagement.

  • Page 15: Handling Fuel

    Handling Fuel DANGER Fuel is VERY flammable. Use extreme care when mixing, storing or handling or serious personal injury may result. • Use an approved fuel container. • DO NOT smoke near fuel. • DO NOT allow flames or sparks near fuel. •...

  • Page 16: Starting Cold Engine

    startIng cold engIne WARNING The attachment will operate immediately when the engine starts and could result in loss of control and possible serious injury. Keep movable parts of the attachment off the ground and away from objects that could become entangled or thrown. 1.

  • Page 17: Starting Warm Engine, Stopping Engine

    The attachment should not move at idle, otherwise serious per- sonal injury may result. NOTE If attachment moves, readjust carburetor according to “Carburetor Adjustment” instructions in this manual or see your ECHO Dealer. Stop Switch Move stop switch button (A) forward away from the STOP posi- tion.

  • Page 18: Maintenance, Skill Levels, Maintenance Intervals

    ECHO Service Dealer for maintenance. To help you decide whether you want to DO-IT-YOURSELF or have the ECHO Dealer do it, each maintenance task has been graded. If the task is not listed, see your ECHO Dealer for repairs.

  • Page 19: Air Filter, Fuel Filter

    aIr fIlter Level 1. Tools required: 25 - 50 mm (1 - 2 in.) Cleaning Brush Parts required: REPOWER AIR & FUEL FILTER KIT. Close choke (Cold Start Position [ entering the carburetor throat when the air filter is removed. Brush accumulated dirt from air cleaner area.

  • Page 20: Spark Plug

    spark plug Level 2. Tools required: T-Wrench, feeler gauge, soft metal brush Parts Required: REPOWER Tune-Up Kit IMPORTANT Use only NGK BPM-8Y spark plug (BPMR-8Y in Canada) other- wise severe engine damage may occur. 1. Remove spark plug and check for fouling, worn and rounded center electrode.

  • Page 21: Exhaust System

    Remove spark plug lead. Remove air cleaner cover (A). Remove 2 engine cover screws and engine cover (B). (1 machine screw - handle side) (1 tapping screw - starter side) IMPORTANT DO NOT use a metal scraper to remove dirt from the cylinder fins. Use brush to remove dirt from the cylinder fins.

  • Page 22

    1. Remove engine cover screws (2) and engine cover (B). 2. Place piston at Top Dead Center (TDC) to prevent carbon/dirt from entering cylinder. 3. Remove spark arrestor screen cover (C), gaskets (D), (E), and screen (F), from muffler body. 4.

  • Page 23: Carburetor Adjustment, High Altitude Operation

    Every unit is run at the factory and the carburetor is set in compli- ance with emission regulations. Carburetor adjustments, other than idle speed, must be performed by an authorized ECHO dealer. Check idle speed and reset if necessary. If a tachometer is avail- able, idle speed screw (A) should be set to the specifications found on page 30 "Specifications"...

  • Page 24: Lubrication

    lubrIcatIon Level 1. Tools Required: 13mm Open End Wrench, T27 Torx L-Wrench, Clean Rag, Grease Gun Parts Required: POWER BLENDX Lithium Base Grease. Gear Housing 1. Clean all loose debris from gear box. 2. Remove plug (A) and check level of grease. 3.

  • Page 25: Nylon Line Replacement

    Do not push down on spool. Turn spool counter clockwise until locking peg clicks into hole in spool (C). Align arrows on spool with marks on drum. Insert two ends of one 24-foot piece of .095 nylon trimmer line into holes on sides of drum. rass...

  • Page 26

    6. Hold drum securely, and turn spool clockwise to wind line onto spool. 7. Cut remaining line loop to separate into two pieces.

  • Page 27: Sharpening Metal Blades

    Three styles of metal blades are approved for use on the ECHO Brush Cutter. The 8-tooth blade can be sharpened during normal mainte- nance. The clearing blade and 80 tooth blade require professional service. Before sharpening, CLOSELY inspect blade for cracks (look at the bottom of each tooth and the center mounting hole closely), missing teeth and bending.

  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    roubleshootIng r o t i l y s t r / d r t ' n t r a e r i l i f r e t l i f r e t r o t y l r i l o r o t DANGER...

  • Page 29: Storage

    torage Long Term Storage (over 30 days) WARNING During operation the muffler or catalytic muffler and surrounding cover become hot. Always keep exhaust area clear of flammable debris during transportation or when storing, otherwise serious property damage or personal injury may result.

  • Page 30: Specifications

    MODEL ---------------------------------------------------- SRM-225 Length w/o cutter head ------------------------------------ 1793mm (70.6 in.) Width -------------------------------------------------------- 251 mm (9.88 in.) Height ------------------------------------------------------- 328 mm (12.9 in.) Weight (dry) w/o Cutter Head ---------------------------- 5.5 kg (12.1 lb.) Engine Type ------------------------------------------------ Air cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline engine Bore ---------------------------------------------------------- 32.2 mm (1.27 in.)

  • Page 31: Warranty Statements

    The owner shall demonstrate reasonable care and use, and follow preventative maintenance, storage, fuel and oil usage as prescribed in the operator’s manual. Should a product difficulty occur, you must, at your expense, deliver or ship your ECHO unit to an authorized ECHO servicing dealer for warranty repairs (within the applicable warranty period), and arrange for pick-up or return of your unit after the repairs have been made.

  • Page 32

    89 octane or higher. Gasohol which contains a maximum 10% ethanol (grain alcohol) or 15% MTBE (methyl/tertiary/butyl/ether) is also approved. The prescribed mixing ratio of gasoline to oil is listed on the ECHO oil label and covered in your operator’s manual.

  • Page 33

    HOW WILL A COVERED PART BE CORRECTED? If there is a defect in a part covered by this warranty, any ECHO Inc. Authorized Service Dealer will correct the defect. You will not have to pay anything to have the part adjusted, repaired or replaced. This includes any labor and diagnosis for warranted repairs performed by the dealer. In addition, engine parts not expressly covered under this warranty but whose failure is a result of a failure of a covered part will be warranted.

  • Page 34


  • Page 35

    rass rimmer rush uTTer peraTOr anual notes...

  • Page 36: Parts/serial Number, Service, Echo Consumer Product Support, Additional Or Replacement Manuals

    ECHO Inc., 400 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 (800-673-1558). Always check the ECHO Web Site for updated information. Safety Videos are available from your Echo dealer. A $5.00 shipping charge will be required for each video. ECHO, INCORPORATED...

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