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Canon 1238iF II Important Safety Instructions Manual

Canon 1238iF II Important Safety Instructions Manual

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Important Safety Instructions
This chapter provides important safety instructions for
the prevention of injury to users of this machine and
others, and damage to property. Read this chapter
before using the machine and follow the instructions to
ensure that you use the machine properly. The Canon
online manual site ( also
provides information on this machine. Read this
information also to ensure correct use.
Do not perform any operations not described in this
manual. Canon will not be responsible for any damages
resulting from operations not described in this manual,
improper use, or repairs or modifications not performed
by Canon or a third party authorized by Canon.
Indicates a warning concerning operations that
may lead to death or serious personal injury if
not performed correctly. To ensure that you use
the machine safely, always observe these
Indicates a precaution for preventing the risk of
personal injury or property damage other than
a product fault due to improper use of the
machine. To ensure that you use the machine
safely, always observe these cautions.
Indicates important operational requirements
and restrictions that should always be observed
when using this machine. Always observe these
important items to avoid malfunctions, faults or
property damage due to improper machine
Safety-related Symbols
The following symbols are used on this product:
Power switch (On)
Power switch (Off )
Power switch (Stand-by)
Push-button switch (On
Protective earthing terminal
Electric shock warning: Hazardous voltage
inside. Do not remove the cover.
High temperature warning. Do not touch.
Class II equipment
Contains moving parts. Keep hands and other
body parts away from moving parts.
Electric shock warning: Unplug all power cords
from the power outlet.
Sharp edges. Keep hands and other body parts
away from sharp edges.
Some models may use other symbols not listed here.
To ensure that you use this machine safely, read the
following precautions carefully before installing the
machine in a suitable location.
Do not install in the locations listed below
Doing so may result in a fire or electric shock.
• Locations that risk blocking the ventilation slots (too
close to walls or curtains or on materials such as
deep-pile carpets)
• Damp or dusty locations
• Near heating appliances or open flames
• Near alcohol, paint thinners or other flammable
Do not use a wireless LAN close to medical
equipment (only for products with a wireless LAN
Radio waves can interfere with medical equipment and
cause malfunctions that may lead to accidents.
Do not install in the locations listed below
Doing so could result in a fault or adversely affect
people or other equipment.
• Outdoors or in locations exposed to direct sunlight
• Locations subject to temperature and humidity
extremes, whether low or high
• Locations subject to dramatic changes in
temperature or humidity
• Near equipment that generates magnetic or
electromagnetic waves
• Near electronic devices or precision equipment, such
as TVs, radios and computers
• Laboratories or other locations where chemical
reactions occur
• Locations heavily exposed to aerosol sprays,
ammonia or other corrosive gases
• Locations subject to instability or vibration
• Surfaces that may warp under the weight of the
machine or into which the machine is liable to sink
(carpets, straw matting, beds, etc.)
• Locations where air ventilated from the machine
directly impacts people
Provide adequate ventilation during use
This machine generates small amounts of ozone and
other emissions during normal use. These amounts are
too low to be harmful to humans. However, poorly
ventilated rooms should be adequately ventilated
during extended use or long print runs.
When using a wireless LAN (only for products with a
wireless LAN function)
• Install the machine no more than 50 meters from the
wireless LAN router.
• As much as possible, install in a location where
communication is not blocked by intervening
objects. The signal may be degraded when passing
through walls or floors.
• Install the machine as far as possible from digital
cordless phones, microwave ovens or other
equipment that emits radio waves.
Connecting the telephone line (only for machines
that support faxes)
In certain circumstances, this machine may not be able
to communicate via some telephone lines or in some
regions. One such example is when the total resistance
of the telephone line and the machine exceeds 1700Ω.
In this event, contact your dealer or service
• This machine conforms to an analog telephone line
standard and can only be connected to ordinary
subscriber telephone lines. Connecting the machine
to a business line or other dedicated line may result
in faults. Always check the line before connecting.
Power Supply
Using the power plug and cord correctly
Improper use may result in a fire or electric shock.
• Check that the power supply used for the machine is
safe and has a stable voltage.
• Use only a power supply that meets the specified
voltage requirements.
• Connect the machine to a securely grounded power
outlet using the power cord provided.
• Do not use power cords other than the cord
• The power cord provided should only be used with
this machine.
• If you plug this machine into a power outlet with
multiple sockets, do not use the remaining sockets
to connect other devices.
• Do not use extension cords.
• Run the power cord so as to avoid any risk of
tripping over the cord.
• Do not modify, pull, unduly bend or otherwise
damage the power cord.
• Do not place heavy objects on the power cord.
• Do not bundle the power cord or tie it in a knot.
• Do not run the power cord close to a heating
• Do not plug in and unplug the power connector
• Do not subject the power connector to strong
• Plug the power plug fully into the power outlet,
ensuring that it is securely inserted.
• Do not touch the machine during a thunderstorm.
• Do not plug in or unplug the power plug with wet
• During holidays or other times when the machine
will not be used for long periods, turn the machine
off and unplug it from the power supply.
• Install this machine near the power outlet and leave


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  • Page 2 Contact Canon when moving the machine machine from the power outlet and contact your To move the machine, always contact your dealer or Standard / regulation dealer or service representative.
  • Page 3 Regulatory information for users in UAE or visit French (FR) Le soussigné, Canon Inc., déclare que le 1238iF II / 1238i II includes approved Wireless LAN présent équipement est conforme à la Directive Module (Model name: AW-NM333). 2014/53/UE. Le texte complet de la déclaration UE de conformité...
  • Page 4: Legal Limitations On The Usage Of Your Product And The Use Of Images

    Slovak (SK) Spoločnosť Canon Inc. týmto vyhlasuje, že Maks radiofrekvensstyrke: 16.51 dBm reproduce any particular document and/or of the use of Icelandic (IS) Hér með lýsir Canon Inc því yfir að þessi toto zariadenie je v súlade so smernicou 2014/53/EÚ. the images scanned, printed or otherwise reproduced, Úplné...
  • Page 5: About This Manual

    SOFTWARE is not licensed to you. Unless otherwise stated, the screens and illustrations Notwithstanding (1) through (9) above, the PRODUCT used in this manual are for the 1238iF II. includes third-party software modules accompanying Trademarks the other license conditions, and these software •...
  • Page 6: Consignes De Sécurité Importantes

    N'effectuez aucune opération non décrite dans ce d'installer l'appareil dans un endroit approprié afin de de réseau local sans fil) manuel. Canon dégage toute responsabilité en ce qui garantir votre sécurité lors son utilisation. • Installez l'appareil à moins de 50 mètres du routeur concerne les dommages résultant d'opérations non...
  • Page 7 à moins que cela ne soit absolument nécessaire. prises libres. les engrenages et les pièces électriques à l'intérieur Contactez Canon pour déplacer l'appareil • N'utilisez pas de rallonges. l'appareil soient hors de portée des enfants. Si vous souhaitez déplacer l'appareil, contactez d'abord •...
  • Page 8 Regulatory information for users in UAE APPAREIL À LASER DE CLASSE 1 • Chèques émis par des agences gouvernementales 1238iF II / 1238i II includes approved Wireless LAN APPARECCHIO LASER DI CLASSE 1 • Certificats d'action Module (Model name: AW-NM333).
  • Page 9: Logiciel De Tierce Partie

    Sauf indication contraire, les écrans et les illustrations cessionnaire et (b) ce cessionnaire accepte d’être lié utilisés dans ce manuel sont pour le modèle 1238iF II. par toutes ces conditions. Marques (6) Vous ne pouvez pas décompiler, procéder à...
  • Page 10: Wichtige Sicherheitsvorschriften

    • Installieren Sie es nach Möglichkeit an einem Ort, an oder auf Reparaturen oder Modifikationen Gerät an einem geeigneten Ort installieren. dem die Kommunikation nicht durch zurückzuführen sind, die nicht von Canon oder einer dazwischenliegende Objekte blockiert wird. Das WARNUNG von Canon autorisierten Drittpartei durchgeführt Signal kann beim Passieren von Wänden oder Böden...
  • Page 11 Wenden Sie sich an Canon, wenn das Gerät versetzt • Verwenden Sie keine Verlängerungskabel. • Legen Sie weder Schmuck noch andere • Verlegen Sie das Netzkabel so, dass kein Risiko Metallgegenstände auf das Gerät, und stellen Sie werden soll besteht, über das Kabel zu stolpern.
  • Page 12 1238iF II (F177002) Information nur für Deutschland 1238i II (F177000) Verwendung Ihres Produkts und die Wenn Sie mehr über Canon Produkte und den Blauen Engel Verwendung von Bildern erfahren wollen, gehen Sie bitte auf unsere Canon Home Telefonausrüstung Page. Hier finden Sie mit dem Blauen Engel ausgezeichnete...
  • Page 13: Hinweise Zu Diesem Handbuch

  • Page 14: Importanti Istruzioni Per La Sicurezza

    • Tenere la macchina il più lontano possibile da correttamente. Anche il manuale online nel sito Canon telefoni cordless, forni a microonde o altre AVVERTIMENTO ( fornisce informazioni su...
  • Page 15 Standard / norma dalla portata dei bambini. Contattare Canon quando si sposta la macchina • Non collocare gioielli o altri oggetti metallici o Per spostare la macchina, contattare sempre prima il contenitori pieni di liquidi sulla macchina.
  • Page 16: Materiali Di Consumo

    Osservare le seguenti precauzioni durante la Regulatory information for users in UAE LUOKAN 1 LASER-TUOTE manipolazione dei materiali di consumo 1238iF II / 1238i II includes approved Wireless LAN LASERPRODUKT KLASS 1 La manipolazione impropria può provocare ustioni o Module (Model name: AW-NM333).
  • Page 17: Software Di Terzi

    Fare riferimento alle altre condizioni di licenza dei moduli sono soggette a modifiche senza preavviso. software di terzi descritti nell’ A ppendice del Manuale • CANON INC. NON FORNISCE GARANZIE DI ALCUN relativo al PRODOTTO corrispondente. Questo manuale è TIPO, ESPLICITE O IMPLICITE, IN MERITO AL PRESENTE disponibile sul sito
  • Page 18: Instrucciones De Seguridad Importantes

    (demasiado cerca de paredes o telefónicas o en algunas regiones. Por ejemplo, cuando por Canon o una tercera persona autorizada por Canon. cortinas o sobre materiales como alfombras gruesas) la resistencia total de la línea telefónica y el equipo •...
  • Page 19 • No desmonte ni modifique este equipo. Póngase en contacto con Canon para trasladar el • Coloque el equipo en lugares en los que los niños no equipo Estándar / reglamentario puedan acceder al cable de alimentación, a otros...
  • Page 20 APPAREIL À LASER DE CLASSE 1 Regulatory information for users in UAE APPARECCHIO LASER DI CLASSE 1 Consumibles 1238iF II / 1238i II includes approved Wireless LAN PRODUCTO LÁSER DE CLASE 1 Module (Model name: AW-NM333). APARELHO A LASER DE CLASSE 1...
  • Page 21: Software De Otros Fabricantes

    • CANON INC. NO OFRECE GARANTÍAS DE NINGÚN Consulte las demás condiciones de la licencia de módulos TIPO EN RELACIÓN CON ESTE MANUAL, YA SEAN de software de otros fabricantes descritos en el Apéndice...
  • Page 24 FT6-2788 (000) XXXXXXXXXX Copyright CANON INC. 2021 PRINTED IN XXXXX...

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