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Cleaning And Servicing - Acer SP513-55N User Manual


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8 - First things first
Taking care of your AC adapter
Here are some ways to take care of your AC adapter:
• Do not connect the adapter to any other device.
• Do not step on the power cord or place heavy objects on top of it.
Route the power cord and any cables away from where people walk.
• When unplugging the power cord, do not pull on the cord itself but
pull on the plug.
• The total ampere ratings of the equipment plugged in should not
exceed the ampere rating of the cord if you are using an extension
cord. Also, the total current rating of all equipment plugged into a
single wall outlet should not exceed the fuse rating.

Cleaning and servicing

When cleaning the computer, follow these steps:
1. Turn off the computer.
2. Disconnect the AC adapter.
3. Use a soft, moist cloth. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.
If your computer is dropped or visibly damaged, or does not work
normally, please contact your nearest authorized Acer service center.
Guidelines for safe battery usage
When using a charging cart or a small space to simultaneously charge
or operate multiple devices , the area must be well- ventilated and the
temperature kept between 0 °C (32 °F) to 35 °C (95 °F) and battery
charging must be stopped when 100% capacity is reached.
Continuous charging can cause deformation or damage to the battery/
Precautions when charging batteries
The useful lifespan of a battery is adversely affected by the following
• Constantly charging the battery/device when already at full capacity.


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