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Ge vg2052: user guide.
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VCR User's Guide
We bring good things to life.

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  • Page 1

    VG2052 VCR User’s Guide We bring good things to life.

  • Page 2: Safety Information

    Use a soft cloth or the dusting attachment of your vacuum cleaner to dust your VCR. Remove dust from the ventilation holes. Plastic surfaces are easily scratched and can be marred by alcohol and various solvents. Avoid excessive use of oil-based furniture polishes since the materials used in the cabinet will accumulate more dust.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Remote VCR1/VCR2 Option ... 16 Auto Play ... 17 Auto TV/VCR ... 17 EnergySaver ... 18 Front Panel Brightness (VCR Display) ... 18 VCR Basics ... 19 Remote Buttons ... 20 Component Buttons ... 20 VCR Function Buttons ... 20 TV Function Buttons ...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Audio/Video Jacks and Cables (RCA-type) ... 42 Choosing a VCR Connection ... 43 Advantages of Audio/Video Cable Connections... 43 Don’t Forget About the Auto TV/VCR Feature ... 43 TV with RF Jack Only ... 44 TV with Audio/Video Jacks ... 45 TV with Audio/Video Jacks and Cable Box to Unscramble Pay Channels Only ...

  • Page 5: First Things First

    To help you along, there’s even a QuickSet Guide the first time you turn on your VCR, which walks you through several set-up steps at once. Getting Started Before this first step, though, learning about the time and date, your remote control’s features,...

  • Page 6: Remote Control

    Step 3: Connect Your VCR If you connect your VCR to your home antenna or cable system and then to your TV, use the VCR’s IN (FROM ANT.) and OUT (TO TV) jacks for a good signal as shown to the right.

  • Page 7

    Press POWER on the VCR’s front panel or VCR on the remote to turn on the VCR. The first time you turn the VCR on, a menu screen appears. This is the start of a QuickSet Guide which helps you pick different options for your VCR.

  • Page 8

    FIRST THINGS FIRST • Make sure the VCR indicator is on in the VCR display if you connected your VCR using the IN (FROM ANT.) and OUT (TO TV) jacks. • Check your connections. If you choose to set up your VCR options individually, then go to the next section.

  • Page 9: Setting Up The Vcr

    Additional Set-up Features Below is a list of features that need to be set up before using your VCR for the first time. Many of these menus are covered during the initial set up, but if you ever want to change a menu, refer to this section.

  • Page 10: Using The Menu To Set Up Features, Language Selection

    SETTING UP THE VCR Using the Menu to Set Up Features You can set up your VCR’s features by using the remote control’s buttons to enter your choices from on-screen instructions. Each menu item is explained in this section. For each numbered selection on the menus, use the same numbered button on the remote control to select it.

  • Page 11: Cable Box Setup

    Cable Box Setup This set up applies only when all channels are received through a cable box. In this case, the VCR will automatically enter the channel used to view cable box programming. Your VCR will use this channel for all future timer recordings.

  • Page 12: Vcr Channels List, Auto Channel Search

    (usually 3, 4, or Video) Enter 01-13 or INPUT Press MENU to cancel 5. Once you complete the setup, the VCR confirms that the VCR will now receive all signals on the designated channel. CABLE BOX SETUP The VCR will now...

  • Page 13

    The VCR begins scanning for the available channels—this takes about one to two minutes. When the scan is complete, the VCR tunes to the lowest channel number available. At this point, pressing CHAN up or down should only select the active channels.

  • Page 14: To Change The Signal Type, Adding Or Removing Channels, Time And Date

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish this set up. Time and Date The VCR gives you two ways to set the time and date: the Auto Clock Feature or manually. The Auto Clock Feature enables the VCR to update the clock each time the VCR is turned off. The Auto Clock is advantageous because it updates the time for you automatically.

  • Page 15: Auto Clock Set Feature, Setting The Time Zone

    Auto Channel Search, setting the Time Zone, and Daylight Saving feature before the Auto Clock feature works. Setting the Time Zone 1. Press MENU on the remote to display the VCR MAIN MENU. VCR MAIN MENU 1 Timer Recordings 2 Time...

  • Page 16: Setting Daylight-saving Time, Set The Time And Date Manually

    SETTING UP THE VCR 4. Select your time zone. If you select Automatic for your time zone, the VCR sets the clock using the first Coordinated Universal Time information it finds. If the time is not correct, select another time zone or set the time and date through the menu system.

  • Page 17

    SETTING UP THE VCR 2. Press 2 to display the TIME menu. TIME 1 Set Time and Date 2 Auto Clock Set: 3 Set Time Zone 4 Set Daylight Savings XDS Time Data was not found 0 Exit 3. Press 1 to display the SET TIME AND DATE menu.

  • Page 18: Additional Set-up Features In The Preferences Menu, Remote Vcr1/vcr2 Option

    Now you are ready to select an item from the menu to set up. Remote VCR1/VCR2 Option If you own a compatible GE, RCA, or PROSCAN remote that has a VCR2, VCR2•LD, or VCR2•DVD button, this feature allows you to set this VCR to respond to that button.

  • Page 19: Auto Play, Auto Tv/vcr

    OFF. • Select ON if you want the VCR to switch to the VCR mode when the VCR is turned on or a cassette is inserted. This only applies if you connect the IN (FROM ANT.) and OUT (TO TV) jacks of your VCR to your TV and watch your VCR on channel 3 or 4 of your TV.

  • Page 20: Energysaver, Front Panel Brightness (vcr Display)

    OFF: The VCR will remain turned on until you shut it off. • 1:00, 2:00, or 3:00: The VCR turns off after one, two, or three hours of inactivity. Thirty seconds before shutting off, the VCR will warn you with a screen reading, “The VCR will turn off in 30 seconds.

  • Page 21: Vcr Basics

    VCR BASICS Learn the Basics To Get You Started These VCR basics should be enough for you to begin enjoying your VCR. Learning the remote control functions, playing a recorded tape, and recording a program should do just that. This section shows you the basics of using your VCR.

  • Page 22: Remote Buttons, Component Buttons, Vcr Function Buttons

    VCR BASICS Remote Buttons The remote control is capable of controlling your VCR and many brands of televisions. If you have a GE, RCA or PROSCAN TV, you may be able to control it without having to program the remote.

  • Page 23: Tv Function Buttons

    MUTE Reduces volume to minimum level. TV Buttons The TV buttons may not control all features of all models of GE, RCA, or PROSCAN TVs. If you have trouble getting a picture on the TV screen, refer to “How to Find Your TV’s Video Input...

  • Page 24: Playing A Tape, Automatic Rewind

    VOL Up and Down Raises and lowers sound of TV. Playing a Tape 1. Tune the TV to your VCR viewing channel (3, 4, or TV’s video input- see page 51 for more about the video input channel). 2. Insert a tape in the VCR.

  • Page 25: Tape Eject, Recording, Check The Safety Tab

    Check the Safety Tab No matter which recording option you use, you need to make sure there is a tape in the VCR, and that the tape’s safety tab is in place. You cannot record on a tape with the safety tab removed.

  • Page 27

    RECORDING Several Recording Options Now that you’ve gone through the necessary steps to operate your VCR, it’s time to explain the different recording features available to suit your needs including: • Recording (explained in VCR Basics section) • Express Recording •...

  • Page 28: Recording Features, Express Recording (xpr)

    Recording press RECORD to start recording a program. (See VCR Basics section.) • Express Recording (XPR) starts recording a program you are watching. You can then set the VCR to automatically stop recording after a designated period of time. • Timer Recording programming the VCR to automatically start and stop recording at a predetermined time.

  • Page 29: Recording 25, Timer Recording

    RECORDING Timer Recording You can set up as many as eight timer recording programs. 1. Press MENU to display the VCR MAIN MENU. VCR MAIN MENU 1 Timer Recordings 2 Time 3 Channels 4 Setup 5 Preferences 6 Language 0 Exit 2.

  • Page 30: Stopping A Timer Recording, Reviewing And Clearing Programs

    Press and hold the STOP button for a few seconds. Reviewing and Clearing Programs To review programs that you have alr eady set up: 1. Press 1 when the VCR MAIN MENU is displayed to display the TIMER RECORDINGS menu. TIMER RECORDINGS 1 Create a New Program 2 Review Existing Progs.

  • Page 31: Using Two Vcrs For Copying And Editing Tapes

    1. Connect the VCRs using the diagram below . 2. Turn on both VCRs and TV . 3. Tune the TV to the VCR viewing channel (either 3, 4, or TV’s video input). 4. If you are using coaxial cables for the connection, tune recording VCR to channel 3 or 4—the one selected on the...

  • Page 33: Program The Remote

    PROGRAM THE REMOTE Control Your Television The remote can be programmed to control a television. It is programmed to control a GE, RCA, or PROSCAN TV. Other manufacturer’s brands need to be programmed. FIRST THINGS FIRST SETTING UP THE VCR...

  • Page 34: About Programming The Remote, Programming The Remote To Control A Tv, Operating The Tv

    The remote can be programmed to control other brands of remote controllable TVs. It is already programmed to operate most GE, RCA, and PROSCAN televisions. Programming the Remote to Control a TV If the TV does not turn on when you press the TV button, the remote needs to be programmed.

  • Page 35

    Daewoo ... 06,12 Daytron ... 06 Electrohome ... 06,12 Emerson ... 06 Envision ... 05,06 Fisher ... 05,08 GE ... 00,01,06,11 Goldstar ... 06,12 Hallmark ... 06 Hitachi ... 06,14 Infinity ... 04 J C Penney ... 00,01,06,09,12 JBL ... 04 Jensen ...

  • Page 37: Other Features

    Features to Enhance VCR Operation • Picture Search Options • Commercial Scan • Tracking • Pro-Tect Plus™ Locking • Time Counter • On-Screen Displays FIRST THINGS FIRST SETTING UP THE VCR VCR BASICS RECORDING PROGRAM THE REMOTE OTHER FEATURES CONNECTIONS REFERENCE...

  • Page 38: Picture Search Options, Forward And Reverse Search, Slow Motion, Frame Advance

    3. Use TRACKING up or down to remove any streaks from the picture. 4. Press PLAY to return to normal playback. The VCR switches automatically from slow-motion playback to stop after a few minutes. Frame Advance Frame advance lets you view recorded action one frame after another during playback.

  • Page 39: Index Search

    During playback you can locate the program you want to play by the number of index marks or by scanning. The VCR will search forward or reverse from the location you are on the tape. To Search: 1.

  • Page 40: Zero Search, Commercial Scan (search Button), Tracking

    Your VCR has automatic tracking which removes the streaks or snow from the picture. Automatic tracking is activated when you insert a tape or turn on the VCR. Occasionally you may need to manually adjust tracking, especially if the tape was recorded on a different VCR.

  • Page 41: Time Counter

    Pro-Tect Plus Locking Feature To disable the usage of the VCR, or to protect your timer recordings, you can lock the VCR so that the buttons on the VCR or remote won’t work. • To Lock: Press and hold the VCR button on the remote for approximately six seconds.

  • Page 42: On-screen Displays

    OTHER FEATURES On-Screen Displays The INFO button shows the status of the VCR (STOP, PLAY, RECORD, etc.), channel number, time counter, date, time, and tape speed on the TV screen. The date and time must be set before they can be displayed.

  • Page 43: Connections, Things To Know Before Connecting Components

    Place an amplifier or satellite receiver on the top shelf of the stand so heated air rising from it will not flow around other components. FIRST THINGS FIRST SETTING UP THE VCR VCR BASICS RECORDING PROGRAM THE REMOTE OTHER FEATURES...

  • Page 44: Connecting Your Vcr, Jacks And Cables, Rf Jacks And Coaxial Cables (f-type)

    RF Jack These jacks are required for antenna or cable-TV connections. The RF jacks on the VCR are labeled IN (FROM ANT.) and OUT (TO TV). The coaxial cable supplied with your VCR is used to connect the VCR’s OUT (TO TV) jack and your TV’s antenna input.

  • Page 45: Choosing A Vcr Connection, Advantages Of Audio/video Cable Connections

    The TV/VCR switch controls whether the picture signal is coming from the VCR or the TV. Set the Auto TV/VCR feature to ON when you use only the RF IN (FROM ANT.) and OUT (TO TV) connections and OFF when using the AUDIO/VIDEO OUT jacks—so your TV signal is not interrupted when...

  • Page 46: Tv With Rf Jack Only

    2. Return to First Things First , then follow the steps. Using This Connection Tune your TV to channel 3 or 4, whichever one you selected with the 3 CH 4 switch on the back of the VCR. Auto TV/VCR Setting: •...

  • Page 47: Tv With Audio/video Jacks

    To connect: 1. Connect cables as shown. 2. Return to First Things First , then follow the steps. Using This Connection Tune your TV to its video input channel. Use of TV•VCR button is not required. Auto TV/VCR Setting: •...

  • Page 48: Tv With Audio/video Jacks And Cable Box To Unscramble Pay Channels Only

    To connect: 1. Connect cables as shown. 2. Return to First Things First , then follow the steps. Using This Connection Tune your TV to its video input channel. Use of TV•VCR button is not required. Auto TV/VCR Setting: •...

  • Page 49: Reference

    APPENDIX: REFERENCE This section gives you some additional information about the VCR, including a description of the unit’s controls and display. You also will find a Troubleshooting Tips section in this Appendix, which might help to resolve some of those simple problems.

  • Page 50: Front Panel

    Remote Sensor CHANNEL TRACKING Up or Down Selects next higher or lower channel in the VCR’s channel memor y. Adjusts tracking when a tape is playing. Pr ess both together to recenter tracking. FWD Forwards the tape when the VCR is stopped. Searches the picture forward during playback.

  • Page 51: Display Panel

    TIMER Lights during express recording and when VCR is turned off and set for timer recording. Flashes when timer recording is set and there is no cassette in the VCR. VCR Indicator (Applies only if the VCR Viewing Channel is 3 or 4). Press the TV•VCR button to turn on or off.

  • Page 52: Back Panel

    Back Panel CH 3 4 Switch Selects the channel to which you will tune the TV to see the VCR picture if you connect the VCR using one of the basic hookups. AUDIO and VIDEO IN Jacks Receives signals from another component, like a VCR or camcor der, when it is connected to these jacks.

  • Page 53: How To Find Your Tv's Video Input Channel

    Below ar e some steps to tr y: • If your TV brand is GE, RCA, or PROSCAN, press the TV button on the remote control that came with the VCR. Then press the INPUT button on the remote.

  • Page 54: Troubleshooting Tips

    Check to make sure it is plugged into an operating outlet. • Check to make sure your connections are correct. VCR does not respond to remote • Check to make sure there are no objects between the VCR and remote. • The batteries may need changing. •...

  • Page 55

    Try ejecting and reinserting the cassette. • Check to make sure the tape is not broken. • Check to make sure the VCR is not in pause mode. Press PAUSE or PLAY to return to normal playback. • Check the ProTect Plus™ feature.

  • Page 56

    • Check to make sure the Auto Play ON/OFF feature is set to ON. TIMER indicator flashes • Clock is not set. • Check to make sure there is a cassette in the VCR when a timer recording is set.

  • Page 57

    APPENDIX: REFERENCE Time counter disappears during searching • This is normal. On-screen menus appear in English, French, or Spanish • Check LANGUAGE feature.

  • Page 58: Specifications, Cleaning The Vcr

    *Check your cable company‘s compatibility requirements. Cleaning the VCR Use a soft cloth or dusting attachment of your vacuum cleaner to dust your VCR. Remove dust from the ventilation holes of the cabinet. Plastic surfaces are easily scratched and can be marred by alcohol and various solvents.

  • Page 59: Limited Warranty

    Pay any Authorized GE VCR Service Center the labor charges to repair your VCR. • Pay any Authorized GE VCR Service Center for the new or, at our option, refurbished replacement parts required to repair your VCR. How you get service: •...

  • Page 60: Index

    Audio/Video (A/V) jacks 5, 9, 20, 42, 43, 45, 50, 51 Auto channel search 10 Auto clock feature 12 Auto play feature 17, 22 Auto TV/VCR feature 17, 43 Automatic rewind 22 Automatic tracking 22 Back panel diagram 50 Batteries 4...

  • Page 61: Pro-tect Plus Locking Feature

    INDEX GO BACK button 20 IN (FROM ANT) jack 4, 5, 6, 17, 42, 50 Included accessories 4 Index search 37 INFO button 20, 38 INPUT button 5, 9, 20, 28, 51 Jacks Audio/Video (A/V) 50, 51 IN (FROM ANT) 50 OUT (TO TV) 50 Jacks, types of 42 Language feature 8...

  • Page 62

    APPENDIX: REFERENCE Recording 23 basic 23 copying and editing tapes 29 Express (XPR) 26 options 25 timer 27 types of 26 XPR (Express) 26 Remote buttons 20 component buttons 20 installing batteries 4 TV function buttons 21 Remote control option 16 Remote sensor 48 Remote VCR1/VCR2 option 16 Removing/adding channels 12...

  • Page 63

    VCR channel list 10 VCR, cleaning 56 VCR display panel 49 VCR front panel 48 VCR indicator 49 VCR MAIN MENU 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 27 VCR viewing channel 5 VCR1 button 17 VCR2 button 16 VHS index search system 37...

  • Page 64

    If your VCR needs service, please contact your dealer or the nearest Servicenter from the yellow pages. Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product.

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