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Canon CanoScan FB320P Product Manual

Canon colour scanner product guide fb320p, fb620p
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CanoScan FB320P/FB620P
Colour Scanner
Product Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 CanoScan FB320P/FB620P Colour Scanner Product Guide...
  • Page 2: How To Make Best Use Of The Manuals

    Application Program iPhoto Express 1.1 and OmniPage Limited Edition are accompanied by electronic manuals with detailed instructions on their use. CanoScan FB320P/FB620P Getting Started When you have read this guide, finished setting up the scanner and ... Want to know more about how to handle the scanner and the software CD-ROM, read ...
  • Page 3: How To Use The Product Guide

    How to Use the Product Guide This guide provides an in-depth explanation of individual topics related to CanoScan FB320P and FB620P colour scanners and the accompanying software CD-ROM. If you haven’t already read the Getting Started guide, we recommend that you follow its suggestions first before consulting this guide.
  • Page 4: Conventions Used In This Guide

    Conventions Used in this Guide This symbol indicates precautions that must be taken when operat- ing the equipment. Ensure that you read all warnings. This symbol indicates supplementary operating procedures and other useful information. Read these notes at your own discretion. Use of shielded cable is necessary to comply with the technical requirements of EMC Directive.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Features of CanoScan FB320P/FB620P Colour Scanners ... 8 Safety Precautions ... 10 Safe Locations ... 10 About the Power Supply ... 12 General Handling Precautions ... 13 Components Guide ... 15 Chapter 1 Placement and Connections ... 17 The Scanning Unit Lock ...
  • Page 6 How to Operate Electronic Manuals ... 39 Displaying the CD-ROM Contents ... 46 Troubleshooting ... 48 Chapter 3 How to Use the Scanner ... 49 Positioning Documents ... 50 About CanoCraft CS-P ... 52 CanoCraft CS-P as a Stand-Alone Application ... 52 CanoCraft CS-P as a TWAIN Driver ...
  • Page 7 2. The equipment and software described in this guide are subject to change without notice. 3. Notwithstanding the considerable care taken in preparing this guide, please note that Canon Inc. does not accept liability for any results arising from the operation of the equipment or software mentioned herein.
  • Page 8: Features Of Canoscan Fb320P/Fb620P Colour Scanners

    Features of CanoScan FB320P/FB620P Colour Scanners You have purchased one of the world’s finest flatbed colour scanners. The 300-dot-per- inch (dpi) optical resolution CanoScan FB320P and 600-dpi optical resolution CanoScan FB620P incorporate the following special features. Compact Footprint Ultra compact body [256.0 x 372.5 x 63 millimeters (10.1 x 14.7 x 2.5 inches)] for an A4/Letter-size scanner.
  • Page 9 Fine Colour Tones and High Resolution Scanning method employs proprietary Canon LIDE scanning technology in an ultrahigh-sensitivity CIS (contact image sensor). Reading 10 bits (1,024 colors) per red, green and blue (RGB) channel, the scanner offers 8-bit output that reproduces brilliant tones at high resolution.
  • Page 10: Safety Precautions

    Use curtains if locations subject to direct sunlight are unavoidable. • The parallel cable provided with the scanner is 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) long. Place the scanner within reach of the computer using this cable. Use this cable only.
  • Page 11 • Do not place the scanner in close proximity to TVs, speakers or other devices generating magnetic or electromagnetic fields. Magnetic interfer- ence may cause malfunctions. • Do not place the scanner in environments subject to vibration, smoke, mist or excessive dust.
  • Page 12: About The Power Supply

    About the Power Supply • Do not use an AC adapter other than the one supplied with the scanner. Other adapters may damage the equipment. • Avoid plugging in numerous devices to the same electrical outlet. If possible, plug the scanner into a dedicated outlet. Devices sharing the outlet will drop the voltage and create static, reducing the scanner’s...
  • Page 13: General Handling Precautions

    • Do not plug the AC adapter into the electrical outlet before plugging the power cord plug into the scanner. Plugging it into the electrical outlet first may damage the equipment. • Disconnect the AC adapter by gripping the body not the cord.
  • Page 14 • Disconnect the AC adapter as a safety precaution if the equipment will not be used over an extended period, such as long holidays. • Disconnect the AC adapter immediately and contact your Canon vender if any of the following should arise: the AC adapter or cord incur damage liquids or metallic objects are introduced to the equipment’s interior...
  • Page 15: Components Guide

    Lock Switch Locks and unlocks the scanning unit Document Cover Holds documents in place Document Glass Place documents here Scanning Unit Core component of the scanner, comprising the light source and sensing units (Usually found at the front of the scanner)
  • Page 16 • Do not tilt the scanner more than 90˚ when checking or operating the lock. • Always unlock the scanner before plugging in the AC adapter. Operating the scanner in the locked state may damage the equipment • Lock the scanning unit before transporting it in a vehicle...
  • Page 17: Chapter 1 Placement And Connections

    Chapter 1 Placement and Connections The Scanning Unit Lock ... 18 Scanner Placement ... 20 Connecting to a Computer ... 22 Connecting the Power Cord (Turning on the Power) ... 26...
  • Page 18: The Scanning Unit Lock

    The Scanning Unit Lock The scanner is shipped with the scanning unit locked to prevent damage during transport. You must unlock it to use the scanner. Unlocking the Scanning Unit 1. Find the lock switch on the underside of the scanner.
  • Page 19 2. Confirm that the scanning unit is at the front of the scanner. First check to make sure that all documents have been removed from the document glass. Then close the docu- ment cover, and after you have plugged the power cord plug into the scanner, plug the AC Adapter into the electrical outlet.
  • Page 20: Scanner Placement

    Scanner Placement Locations to Avoid The scanner can be placed in a variety of configurations to suit your work- ing environment. However, you should avoid the following situations to prevent damage to the equipment and avoid impairing scanning results. Uneven or stepped surfaces...
  • Page 21 Environments subject to shocks, smoke, noxious fumes, water vapor or dust Environments in which the air is salty or greasy Locations near TVs or devices generating strong magnetic fields Location subject to strong direct sunlight...
  • Page 22: Connecting To A Computer

    Connecting to a Computer Once you have determined the ideal placement, connect the scanner to the computer as shown below. • Ensure that the computer’s power is off before attempting these proce- dures. In addition, ensure that the scanner’s AC adapter is unplugged.
  • Page 23 Scanner’s PC Port Computer’s Parallel Port Parallel Cable Parallel Cable * The parallel port will have a connector that is approximately 4 cm (1.5 inches) and labeled Parallel or Printer. It is generally found on the back panel of the computer.
  • Page 24: Connecting A Printer To The Scanner

    Connecting a Printer to the Scanner To add a printer to the configuration, connect the printer to the printer port on the scanner. Printer Port on the Scanner Printer Cable Use the cable supplied with the printer. PC Port on the Scanner...
  • Page 25 Refer to the notice titled What to Do if a Printer is Not Operating Correctly • Since data is sent through the scanner to the printer, ensure that the scanner power is on before attempting to print even when not using the scanner.
  • Page 26: Connecting The Power Cord (Turning On The Power)

    • Do not use an AC adapter other than the one supplied with the scanner. Other adapters may damage the equipment. • There is no power switch on this scanner. The power is activated as soon as the AC adapter is plugged into a power source. The unit can be left on standby with the AC adapter plugged in under normal operating conditions.
  • Page 27: Chapter 2 The Software Cd-Rom

    Chapter 2 The Software CD-ROM How to Use the Software CD-ROM ... 28 Installing the Software ... 32 Starting the Scanner Tutorial ... 35 Viewing Electronic Manuals ... 36 Displaying the CD-ROM Contents ... 46 Troubleshooting ... 48...
  • Page 28: How To Use The Software Cd-Rom

    How to Use the Software CD-ROM The CD-ROM included in the scanner package contains software and electronic manuals that will maximize your use of the scanner. This section explains how to use the CD-ROM. Running the CD-ROM Menu Program The CD-ROM menu program will automatically display when you place the disk in the CD-ROM drive.
  • Page 29: If The Cd-Rom Menu Fails To Appear

    If the CD-ROM Menu Fails to Appear 1. Click the [My Computer] icon on the Windows desktop. 2. Double-click the CD-ROM icon titled [CanoScan (E:)] that appears in the My Computer window. Although an “(E:)” appears after the CD-ROM title in this example, indicating the name of the drive, it may be labeled with a different letter on your system.
  • Page 30: About The Menu Window

    Installs the software onto your computer’s hard drive that is required for scanning. Can also be used to uninstall the software. Start the Scanner Tutorial Presents a virtual demonstration of the scanner’s capabilities. View the Electronic Manuals Presents electronic manuals for the software contained on the disk.
  • Page 31: Exiting The Cd-Rom Menu Program

    Troubleshooting Presents troubleshooting tips when scanning isn’t proceeding as expected or when you encounter a problem operating the scanner. Exit Closes the CD-ROM menu program. Each of these items is described on the following pages. Exiting the CD-ROM Menu Program 1.
  • Page 32: Installing The Software

    Software Titles CanoCraft CS-P (Approximately 9 MB) A specialized program required for scanning images with CanoScan FB320P/FB620P scanners. Ensure that you install this program. CanoCraft CS-P Copy Installed automatically with CanoCraft CS-P. A program that allows your computer, scanner and printer easily make a color copy.
  • Page 33: Installing The Software

    Getting Started guide, starting on page 18. Installing the Software • Do not remove the CD-ROM from its drive or power the scanner down during installation of the software unless prompted by an on-screen message of CanoScan Setup Utility.
  • Page 34 We recommend installing all the programs under normal circumstances. Experienced computer users may wish to selectively install the programs. However, the CanoCraft CS-P must be installed to operate the scanner. Once installation of all the software is complete, follow the on-screen instructions of CanoScan Setup Utility to restart your computer.
  • Page 35: Starting The Scanner Tutorial

    The tutorial contained on the CD-ROM offers a virtual scanning experience that teaches how to benefit from the scanner’s many features. 1. Click [Start the Scanner Tutorial] on the CD-ROM menu. The following window will display. Start the Scanner Tutorial 2.
  • Page 36: Viewing Electronic Manuals

    Viewing Electronic Manuals You can view electronic manuals contained on the software CD-ROM. What is an Electronic Manual? On-screen manuals are provided in a digital format for viewing on your computer monitor. They offer a variety of features not possible with printed manuals, such as the ability to jump to different topics with a single mouse click on a hyperlink or item in the table of contents or index.
  • Page 37: Software For Viewing Electronic Manuals

    OmniPage Limited Edition Refer to this manual for detailed instructions on how to use the OmniPage Limited Edition optical character recognition program. Software for Viewing Electronic Manuals Adobe Acrobat Reader program is supplied for viewing the manuals. The Adove Acrobat Reader should already have been installed on your computer in order to read the electronic manuals.
  • Page 38: Viewing Electronic Manuals

    Viewing Electronic Manuals 1. Click [View the Electronic Manuals] in the CD-ROM menu. The following window will display. View the Electronic Manuals 2. Select the manual you wish to view. Adobe Acrobat Reader will automatically display the selected manual. 3. Click [Return to the previous Menu] when you have finished viewing. Click the of the Adobe Acrobat Reader Window.
  • Page 39: How To Operate Electronic Manuals

    How to Operate Electronic Manuals This section briefly explains how to use the major functions of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the electronic manuals. Changing Pages Page ahead or back with the buttons below. Next Previous Manual Contents...
  • Page 40 Bookmark Display The bookmark display shows an overview area in which each topic and subtopic is bookmarked. Click on a bookmark to jump directly to that topic. Click the icon of the topic you wish to view Select bookmark display with this button...
  • Page 41 Zoom In/Out Zoom in or out on part of a page. Hold the [Ctrl] and click the zoom tool on the page to zoom out Click this icon to select the zoom tool, then click on the area you wish to magnify...
  • Page 42 Click a Page Reference to Jump to a Topic Clicking on a page reference (hyperlink) takes you directly to that topic. Clicking on a page reference takes you directly to that topic.
  • Page 43 Clicking on an item in the table of contents or index also takes you directly to that topic. Clicking on a table of contents or index item takes you directly to that topic.
  • Page 44 Jump to a Topic with a Keyword Search Entering a keyword into the Find dialog takes you to the associated topic. Click the [Tools] menu and select [Find] to initiate a search Enter a keyword and click the [Find] button.
  • Page 45 Exit Adobe Acrobat Reader * Some manuals may not contain bookmark references, or may not jump to the selected topic when a page reference or item in the table of contents and index is clicked. * For more information on Adobe Acrobat Reader, please refer to the [Reader Online Guide] in its [Help] menu.
  • Page 46: Displaying The Cd-Rom Contents

    Displaying the CD-ROM Contents You can view a list of the folders and files contained on the CD-ROM. 1. Click [Display the CD-ROM Contents] in the CD-ROM menu. The following window will display. Display the CD-ROM Contents 2. Click the icon of a folder to view its contents. The contents of selected folder will display.
  • Page 47 The major files on the CD-ROM are shown below for experienced and expert users. The folders and files are arranged hierarchically from left to right. “F” denotes a folder. Readme Setup Bin (F) Acroread (F) English (F) Ar32e301 Ople (F) Disk1 (F) Setup Ipex (F)
  • Page 48: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The troubleshooting facility is intended to assist you when you think there is a malfunction or you are having problems performing a task. 1. Click [Troubleshooting] in the CD-ROM menu. The following window will display. Troubleshooting 2. Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed through the trouble- shooting section.
  • Page 49: Chapter 3 How To Use The Scanner

    Chapter 3 How to Use the Scanner Positioning Documents ... 50 About CanoCraft CS-P ... 52...
  • Page 50: Positioning Documents

    1. Lift the document cover. 2. Place the document face down on the document glass with its top edge at the front of the scanner (the edge farthest away from the document cover hinge). Align the edges of the document with the alignment mark.
  • Page 51 • The maximum allowable size for scanning is 216 x 297 mm (85 x 116.9 inches), up to A4 size or letter size. • This scanner is equipped with an ultra-sensitive scanning unit. Opening the document cover during scanning or improperly closing it may not produce proper results.
  • Page 52: About Canocraft Cs-P

    About CanoCraft CS-P CanoCraft CS-P is the software program that works with the scanner to load images into your computer. CanoCraft CS-P can be started two ways. • As a stand-alone program • As a TWAIN driver within a graphics program (see next page for...
  • Page 53 CanoCraft CS-P will start and display the following window. Use this win- dow to preview and scan images. For instructions for these procedures, please see the electronic manual entitled CanoCraft CS-P Users Guide.
  • Page 54: Canocraft Cs-P As A Twain Driver

    For example, you can start iPhoto Express 1.1 and use its buttons to open a TWAIN driver for the scanner. A window of the CanoCraft CS-P will display. 1. Ensure that the scanner power is on.
  • Page 55 iPhoto Express 1.1 will start and its window will display. 3. Click the [File] menu and select [Acquire] and [Images] in succession.
  • Page 56 4. Select [New Image] and click the [Acquire] button. The CanoCraft CS-P window will appear in the iPhoto Express 1.1 win- dow. Use this window to scan a document.
  • Page 57 * If your system is set up for a digital camera or another scanner in addition to this scanner, click the [File] menu and select [Acquire], [Select source] and [CanoScan FB320P/FB620P] before scanning. This step is required to select which device will be used.
  • Page 58: Appendices

    Appendices Troubleshooting ... 59 Precautions with Printers ... 69 Care and Maintenance ... 72 Major Specifications ... 74...
  • Page 59: Troubleshooting

    If the remedies suggested below do not solve your problem or your problem isn’t listed below, consult your Canon vender or the nearest Canon Customer Support Help Desk * When you contact a Customer Support Help Desk, our technicians will need to know about the computer connected to the scanner.
  • Page 60: Problems Starting Software Programs

    [D:\MANUAL] folder and open the PDF files in the respective subfolders. Problems Starting Software Programs [Scanner not found] message displays Cause 1: Scanner not detected because the AC adapter is not correctly plugged into the electrical outlet Solution: Plug the AC adapter securely into the electrical outlet (See p.
  • Page 61 Cause 2: Scanner not detected because the power cord plug is not correctly connected to the scanner Solution: Reconnect the power cord to the scanner Cause 3: Scanner not detected because a parallel cable is not securely fastened to the scanner or computer...
  • Page 62 Express 1.1 [Images] option from the Acquire menu (File menu) is disabled (gray) and a TWAIN driver cannot be selected Cause: Scanner not selected Solution: Select scanner by clicking [File] menu and selecting [Acquire] and [Select source] in succession (See p. (See P.57)
  • Page 63: Problems With Scanning

    [CanoScan FB320P/FB620P] option not displayed in [Select source] menu of iPhoto Express 1.1 Cause: CanoCraft CS-P not installed Solution: Install CanoCraft CS-P Problems with Scanning Scanner will not scan Cause 1: Scanner not powered up Solution: Securely connect the AC adapter to the scanner and electrical...
  • Page 64 Rescan after removing or transferring unnecessary files to another disk or specify another disk as the save location Scanning unit fails to return to ready position (front of scanner) Cause: AC adapter out of contact with electrical outlet or scanner while...
  • Page 65 Cause 6: A power cord is too close to the scanner. Solution: Move all power cords away from the top of the scanner and surrounding area. Glossy color photo will not scan clearly Cause: Optical interference created by the photo adhering to docu-...
  • Page 66 Improper parallel port setting Solution: Adjust parallel port setting Cause 2: Computer can only interface with the scanner with the parallel port setting set to the slowest mode (Nibble mode) Solution: Faster speed not obtainable with current computer Cause 3:...
  • Page 67: Problems With Printing

    Scanner not powered up Solution: Since data is sent through the scanner to the printer, the scanner power must be on to print. Connect the AC adapter to the scanner and electrical outlet Cause 3: WPS (Windows Printing System) printer in use...
  • Page 68: Other Questions

    Other Questions Is this scanner compatible with SCSI controllers? Answer: No. This scanner can only interface through a parallel port connection Can a Film Adapter Unit be used with this scanner? Answer: Can an Automatic Document Feeder be used with this scanner?
  • Page 69: Precautions With Printers

    Precautions with Printers The following precautions should be observed when using a printer in conjunction with the scanner. The Scanner and the Pringer Cannot Be Operated at the Same Time The scanner and printer both use the same parallel port, making it impos- sible to scan during printing or print during scanning.
  • Page 70 Epson inkjet printers, to the scanner’s printer port will cause the scanner or printer to malfunction. Such printers must be handled as follows: * Contact the manufacturer to find out whether or not your printer uses the standard Windows parallel port driver.
  • Page 71 Use of the Epson Printer Window software that accompanies Epson printers may cause the scanner’s scan speed to drop dramatically, failure of the scanner to be recognized by the computer and incorrect operation of CanoCraft CS-P. If you experience problems, please try to solve them by following the procedures below to disable the Epson Printer Window.
  • Page 72: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance Clean off the dirt and dust that adheres to the exterior, document glass and document cover of the scanner during the course of ordinary operation using the following procedures. 1. Power down the computer and peripheral devices.
  • Page 73: Document Glass

    Outer Casing Document Cover Document Glass Thinner Benzene Never use substances containing thinners or benzene to clean the equipment...
  • Page 74: Major Specifications

    Colour Grayscale B&W Prescan Speed Interface Maximum Document Size CanoScan FB320P Flatbed (stationary document type) CIS (Contact Image Sensor) Three-color RGB LEDs 300 x 300 dpi 25 to 1200 dpi 10 bits Input/ 8 bits output for each color (RGB)
  • Page 75 Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight Operating Range Temperature Humidity *1 Type of AC adapter depends on the area where the scanner is used. Subject to change without notice CanoScan FB320P AC Adapter (100/120/230/240 V) 5 watts maximum (using supplied adapter) 256 x 372.5 x 63 mm (10.1 x 14.7 x 2.5 inches)
  • Page 76: Index

    Index AC Adapter 12, 16, Adobe Acrobat Reader 33, 38, Alignment Mark 15, Bookmark Display CanoCraft CS-P as a Stand-Alone Application CanoCraft CS-P as a TWAIN Driver CanoCraft CS-P Copy Care and Maintenance CD-ROM CD-ROM Menu Program Changing Pages Cleaning Components Guide Connecting a Printer Connecting to a Computer...
  • Page 77 Parallel Port Drivers PC Port 16, Placement 20, Positioning Documents Power Cord 16, Power Supply 12, Power Switch Power Terminal 16, Powering Down the Scanner Precautions with Printers Printer Cable Printer Connections Printer Port 16, Safe Locations Safety Precautions Save Button...
  • Page 78: Customer Support Help Desk

    Customer Support Help Desk CANON (UK) LTD. Canon House, Manor Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 0AJ, United Kingdom For technical support, please contact Canon Helpdesk. Helpdesk: P.O. Box 431, Wallington, Surrey SM6 0XU TEL: (0990) 143 723 (Calls may be recorded.)
  • Page 79 CANON NEW ZEALAND LTD. Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, P.O. Box 33-336 Auckland, New Zealand Info-Line: 0900-522666 CANON HONG KONG CO., LTD. 10/F, Lippo Sun Plaza, 28 Canton Road Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong CANON SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. 79 Anson Road #09-01/06, Singapore 079906 CANON LATIN AMERICA, INC.

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