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Warranty Card - Huawei C6620-Z23 Quick Start Manual


Appendix/ 附录
Troubleshooting/ 常见问题处理
Q : What can I do if the PTZ dome camera cannot perform self-check after being powered on?
A : Check whether the power cable is loose. If the power cable is loose, reconnect the power cable.
Q : After you enter the IPC IP address in the address box and press Enter, the Internet Explorer displays "There
is a problem with this website's security certificate."
A : Click Continue to this web (not recommended) to continue browsing this website. Then, install the root
certificate or upload your own certificate. For details, see
问:在 IE 浏览器中输入设备 IP 地址后,网页显示"此网站的安全证书有问题"?
答:单击"继续浏览此网站(不推荐)",继续访问设备 Web 页面 , 然后安装根证书或上传用户自己的证书文件,具体操
Q : When the root certificate is downloaded, the Internet Explorer displayed "There is a problem with this
website's security certificate", Click "Continue to this website(not recommended)" to access the login page,
the Certificate Error is displayed in the address box.
A : Choose Settings > System > Configuration Management > Certificate Management , and upload a
valid certificate. After the certificate is uploaded, restart the browser.
问:根证书下载安装完成后,IE 仍提示"此网站的安全证书有问题",单击"继续浏览此网站(不推荐)"进入登录页面后,
答:选择"高级配置 > 系统配置 > 配置管理 > 证书管理 ",上传用户自己的合法证书,完成后重新启动浏览器。
Q : What can I do if I forgot the password of the admin user?
A : Hold down the Reset button for at least 5s to restore the camera to factory defaults.
问:忘记 admin 用户的密码?
答:长按 Reset 键 5 秒以上恢复系统默认配置。
Restoring the factory configuration will result in the loss of the user's account information and some of the configuration
information. Please exercise caution when performing this operation.
Q : The message "Heating..." is displayed while the live video can be properly viewed.
A : If the IPC is started in low-temperature environment, the IPC may enter the low-temperature protection
mode. In this case, the message "Heating..." will be displayed on the live video. When the temperature of
the IPC rises, the message will disappear.
问:Web 实况出现"Heating..."字样,而图像画面可以显示实况。。
答:在低温环境下启动 IPC,设备有可能会进入低温保护模式,实况页面带有"Heating..."字样,等 IPC 温度上升后,

Warranty Card

Thank you for choosing products of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei). To be entitled for warranty service for
the product, please read the following warranty statements carefully.
1. Warranty Period
Unless otherwise stated specifically by Huawei, the following periods apply:
Duration of Hardware Warranty: 12 months
Duration of Software Media: 3 months
The start date of the warranty:
The warranty starts on the 90th day after the date of the product shipment from Huawei, or the date of receiving
service request, whichever is earlier.
1. If there is any conflict with contract terms and conditions, the contract terms and conditions shall prevail.
2. When you purchase a product from Huawei, please confirm the date when the product will be shipped from Huawei,
and check other warranty-related information.
3. For expansion and replacement parts, you are entitled to either of the following warranties (whichever is longer):
(1) A 90-day warranty starting from the date the replacement parts are shipped
(2) The remaining warranty of the original equipment
4. Warranty service is provided for the lithium battery modules for the S series switches, but the terms related to
hardware warranty service response time in the Huawei Enterprise Standard Warranty do not apply to the lithium
battery modules.
2. Service Guidelines
This warranty card entitles you to free warranty service within the warranty period. For a complete listing of
applicable warranties, please visit, choose Support > Service Solutions > Warranty.
Technical Support: Visit, click Contact Us at the bottom of the page, and select
your country to obtain contact information of Huawei local office.
TAC Support: Visit
service hotline available in your country.
Complete the form below and keep for ready reference:
Product supplier:
Supplier telephone number:
Product serial number:
and choose Contact > Global Service Hotline to find the



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