Beko 19WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Beko 19WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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Operating Instructions


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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION ... 1 1.1 Your New Television ...2 1.2 Important Safety Instructions...3 1.3 Electrical information ...5 GETTING STARTED ... 6 2.1 Powering on your TV and the initial use ...6 2.2 Aerial Installation ...6 2.3 Stand Removal ...7 2.4 Remote Control Batteries ...7 2.5 TV Control Panel ...8 2.6 Rear and Side External Connections ...9 2.7 Remote Control ...10...
  • Page 3: Important Information

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION Congratulations on your choice of Television. Should you need assistance with initial setting up or connectivity of your Television, or believe that you have a problem we would encourage you in the first instance to call our dedicated helpdesk before returning your product to your store as in many cases your problem may be resolved by advice received from our helpdesk.
  • Page 4: Your New Television

    Your New Television Thank you for buying this HD ready television which is designed to give you many years of trouble free viewing. We recommend you take time to read this instruction booklet to ensure you are familiar with the many new features your television offers. Note: LCD televisions are produced with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions 1) Please READ the operating instructions before using the your TV for the first time. 2) Wipe the TV cabinet clean with a soft and dry cloth. Wipe dust from the screen gently with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be cleaned with a cloth slightly moistened with soap and lukewarm water.
  • Page 6 10) DO NOT USE headphones at extremely high volume levels since this may cause permanent loss of hearing. 11) Operate your TV only in the 230 V 50Hz voltage range. Use the mains lead supplied with the TV. If your TV is a grounded (Class I) product, then it must be connected to an earthed socket.
  • Page 7: Electrical Information

    Electrical information This LCD TV is fitted with a BS1363/A 13 amp plug. If it is not suitable for your supply sockets it must be removed and replaced with an appropriate plug. If the plug becomes damaged and/or needs to be replaced please follow the wiring instructions below.
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTED Remove your television carefully from its box. You can keep the packaging of your television to use in future. Items supplied with your television: • Operating Instructions and Quick Start Guide • Mains Lead • Remote control • 2 batteries • Stand Base: Attach stand base before connecting TV Note: Scart, HDMI, VGA and PHONO cables are not supplied. Powering on your TV and the initial use 1.
  • Page 9: Stand Removal

    Stand Removal • Remove the screws that hold the stand to the TV or unclip stand base. • Remove the stand. • Attach any new brackets before lifting TV back up. Note: Keep removed stand and screws safely for future use. Remote Control Batteries Open the lid of the battery compartment and make sure that you have placed the batteries in the correct direction. For this remote control, UM-4, IEC R03 or AAA 1.5V batteries are suitable.
  • Page 10: Tv Control Panel

    TV Control Panel Stand by indicator Bright light: TV is in Stand-by Dimmed light: TV is On No light: Power switch is off. Volume / Programe selection button Standby button Helpdesk: 0845 600 4911 Volume / Programe up Volume / Program down TV Control Panel Remote Control Sensor Power on / Standby...
  • Page 11: Rear And Side External Connections

    Rear and Side External Connections AC mains power • Above drawing for external connections is representational. Their order and places on your TV may be different. • Please see Technical Specifications Table on page 35 for the available external connections on your television. Helpdesk: 0845 600 4911 Aerial Input Scart CI slot HDMI Video input Audio R input Audio L input PC-Comp Audio input (PC-Component...
  • Page 12: Remote Control

    Remote Control Note: When there is no menu open on the screen, up/down movement buttons have the same function with the PR+/PR- buttons and left/right movement buttons have the same function with the Vol+/ Vol- buttons. (A): Analog Mode Only (D): Digital Mode Only.
  • Page 13: Basic Television Controls

    Basic Television Controls Before using your television, please refer to Section 3 for information on first time use and automatic tuning. Note 1: The sequence of operation of the Remote Control keys is illustrated on the left side of the page for each function described in this section. Note 2: The operations detailed in this section are described using the buttons of the Remote Control.
  • Page 14: Main Menu

    2.8.6 Main Menu Press the MENU button. The Menu including all the setting menus will appear on the screen. Navigate through the Menu titles with the Right/Left movement buttons and press the OK button to select the desired menu. If you want to exit the menu in any step, just press the EXIT button.
  • Page 15: Tuning Your Television

    TUNING YOUR TELEVISION Turning on your television for the first time and tuning Installation Guide Language Settings Auto tuning Select right navigation button. Country Selection menu will be displayed. Make the Country and Scan Type selections by pressing the Up/Down, Left/Right navigation buttons. If the aerial connections are correct, press OK button to start Auto Tuning.
  • Page 16: Performing Analog Channel Settings

    3.2.2 Manual tuning of digital channels and storing in the memory Digital Manual Tuning VHF CH 205 MHz Frequency Poor Normal Good Back Select Exit from the manual search menu or press EXIT button to exit the menu. Performing Analog channel settings 3.3.1 Automatic tuning of analog channels and storing in the memory CHANNEL SETUP...
  • Page 17: Fine Tuning

    3.3.2 Manual tuning of analog channels and storing in the memory If you already know the channel number Analogue Manual Tuning System Channel Fine tuning Search Programme no Skip Frequency 62.25 Mhz Save Select Back Exit Select the system in which you would like to make the search from the System tab by pressing the Right/Left movement buttons and move to the Channel tab by pressing the down movement button.
  • Page 18: Electronic Tv Guide (Epg)

    Electronic TV Guide (EPG) News 13 Nov 2008 ALL CHANNELS Wednesday 18 Jun 2008 Channel 1 22:00 News Channel 2 22:40 Film Channel 3 Channel 4 Channel 5 Channel 6 Channel 7 Radio Select Reminder List News 13 Nov 2008 ALL CHANNELS Wednesday 18 Jun 2008 22:00 News...
  • Page 19: Program Table

    6. You may delete the reminder that you have added directly by using BLUE button of your remote control in the EPG menu or delete from Reminder List menu by pressing YELLOW button. 7. If the time of the reminder you have set previously and the new one you will add overlap, a warning message will be displayed.
  • Page 20 3.5.4 Deleting a stored channel Warning: Deleting a channel will be permanent. Full channel scan will be necessary to restore the deleted channels. Select the channel you want to delete from the Programme Table menu with Up/ Down buttons and press the “YELLOW” button on your remote control. The tab of the channel to be deleted will become yellow.
  • Page 21: Signal Information

    3.5.8 Channel List CHANNEL LİST Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4 Exit Select Signal Information Signal Information Channel Network XX Network Modulation 2X 64XXX X2/3 Quality Signal Strength 90% CA Module (Conditional Access) In this menu, you can check the CA Module settings. If a CI module is inserted for a channel that has a scrambled broadcast, then a submenu for that module is opened and the information for that module is updated.
  • Page 22: The Settings On Your New Television

    THE SETTINGS ON YOUR NEW TELEVISION Performing the Sound settings SOUND Volume Sound Mode Equalizer Select 4.1.1 AVL (Automatic Volume Limiting) Television transmitters have different sound levels. This can be noticed from the different volume levels that can be heard while switching from one program to another.
  • Page 23: Performing The Picture Settings

    Performing the Picture settings 4.2.1 Picture Menu PICTURE Picture Mode Brightness Contrast Colour Sharpness Colour Temperature Select from the Advanced Picture Settings menu. The changes you have made in the PICTURE menu will be stored in the memory without requiring any other operation. 4.2.2 Picture Mode You can select either one of the four non-adjustable settings in the memory or one of...
  • Page 24: Dynamic Contrast DNR (Noise reduction) You may reduce interference and noise formed in the picture by using this feature. Select DNR tab with the Up/Down movement buttons to activate this feature and select one of the Off, Low, Normal, High or Auto options with Right/Left movement buttons.
  • Page 25 Auto 16:9 14:9 4:3 Subtitle Letterbox Panorama Helpdesk: 0845 600 4911 Some movie channels may broadcast in the 16:9 format. If you would like to see this format automatically, then select Auto. In that case, Auto appears on your screen. Please use this setting for watching wide screen DVDs, wide screen video cassette or 16:9 formatted broadcasts.
  • Page 26: Performing The Timer Settings

    Note: Since the use of certain functions in order to change the picture sizes for collective projection or commercial purposes (modifying the height and width etc.) will be deemed an infringement of the picture’s copyright, legal proceedings can be carried out as required under relevant laws. Overscan: Off When this mode is selected, high defined picture from the HDMI is not cropped and it is displayed in its original size.
  • Page 27: Options Menu Settings

    Options menu settings OPTIONS Language Settings Restore Factory Defaults Country PC/HDMI Game Mode OSD Timeout Automatic Update Software Update Select 4.4.1 Language Settings Select Language Settings from the Options menu and press the OK button. The Language Settings menu is displayed. You can adjust the Menu language, Subtitle language from this menu.
  • Page 28: Parental Control

    4.4.6- Automatic Update If this function is set to On, your television will search for new software through OAD (Over Air Download) when it is in Stand-by mode and install new software if any are found. If new software is installed by this method, your television will inform you with a warning display when it is turned on for the first time after such installation.
  • Page 29: Other Picture Features

    movement buttons and confirm your selection with OK button. Block Programme menu will be displayed. Select the channel you want to block from the Block Programme menu with Up/Down buttons and confirm with the GREEN button on your remote control. A lock symbol will appear next to the channel name. When a blocked channel is selected, the password screen will be displayed and the channel will not appear until the correct password is entered.
  • Page 30: Teletext

    TELETEXT Teletext means in short the transmission of various updated information along with the TV broadcast signal in the form of text and graphics. To be able to receive a quality teletext broadcast, a good antenna system and a broadcast signal that is not weak, with no reflections and interference from other channels are required.
  • Page 31 Temporary TV Picture (UPDATE) This button allows you to switch to the television picture while the page you want is being searched in the teletext broadcast eliminating the need to wait during the search. You may switch to the television picture by pressing the UPDATE button while Teletext is searching for your desired page.
  • Page 32: External Equipment Connections

    EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT CONNECTIONS Your TV is equipped with 6 inputs including aerial input, which allows for the external device connection. These inputs are: 1-Aerial input 2-SCART/S-VHS input 3-AV input 4-PC/Component input 5-HDMI input 6-CI slot input You can connect your external device to your TV via these inputs. By pressing the AV button on your remote control, select the external source input to which you connected your device.
  • Page 33: Connecting An External Device Via Ypbpr Connection

    Connecting an external device via YPBPR connection YPBPBR (Component Input): When a connection is made via the VGA socket with a VGA to YPBPR connector lead (not supplied),, select YPBPR option from the Source menu and press the OK button to display the picture. Your TV will switch to the selected source.
  • Page 34: Pc Connection

    6.4.1 HDCP Your TV supports HDCP feature. To use this feature, you must set up a connection to your TV set’s HDMI video port and select HDMI by pressing the SOURCE button on your remote control. NOTE:In HDMI mode; some resolutions are supported when a DVI to HDMI converter cable from a PC is used.
  • Page 35: Inserting The Ci (Common Interface) Card

    6.5.7 Size: This is the pixel clock frequency. User can narrow down or enlarge the display by selecting a desired value. 6.5.8 Phase: Using the Right/Left movement buttons, you can ensure that the colours and shapes are exactly consolidated on the PC image. 6.5.9 Picture Format You can select the PC image to be displayed in 16:9 or 4:3 formats.
  • Page 36: Additional Information

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Troubleshooting Failure The television does not function Poor picture quality Shadow and reflection in the picture. No picture No colour. No or defective teletext No sound Remote control does not work Picture is not visible after turning on the TV If your television does not work properly even though you tried the above mentioned solutions, try turning it on and off again.
  • Page 37: Technical Specifications Chart

    Technical Specifications Chart SCREEN SIZE Panel type Sound output Visible Screen Size Power consumption Stand by power value SCART input Audio/Video Phono input HDMI input VGA/Component YPbPr PC Audio input CI Slot Input Dimensions (WxDxH) Net Weight (Kg) General technical specifications Power supply AC: Program memory: RF Aerial input:...
  • Page 38: The Digital Switchover

    The Digital Switchover Keep this important information about how to re-tune your TV during the Television in the UK is going digital, bringing us all more choice and new services. Starting in late 2007 and ending in 2012, television services in the UK will go completely digital, TV region by TV region.
  • Page 39 When does switchover happen? *Copeland switches on October 17, 2007 The exact date you switch depends on the transmitter you are served by. To check when you switch, go to Digital UK’ s postcode checker on Check your ITV news service or look at Teletext page 106 to see what TV region...
  • Page 40: Uk Transmitter Stations (Analogue)

    UK Transmitter Stations (Analogue) UHF CHANNELS Regional Main stations BBCI BBC2 North West Caldbeck Winter Hill Douglas (IOM) North Belmont Emley Moor North East Bilsdale West Moor Chalton Pontop Pike Midlands (West) Ridge Hill Sutton Coldfield The Wreckin Mindlands (East) Waltham South West Beacon Hill...
  • Page 41: Your Television Guarante

    The product must be correctly installed and operated in accordance with the instructions contained within the Operating Instructions Booklet provided with the product. • The guarantee is given only within the boundaries of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. • The guarantee is not transferable if the product is resold. • Beko Plc disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages. • The guarantee does not in anyway diminish your statutory or legal rights. Beko House,Caxton Way,Watford,Herts,WD18 8UF,Tel: 0845 600 4911 Website: Helpdesk: 0845 600 4911 -39-...
  • Page 42 HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE Congratulations on your choice of a Beko colour television.Your new television has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to give you many years of use.To get the best out of it,please take a few moments to read the instruction book.
  • Page 43: Index

    Symbols 1.5kHz ... 20 4:3... 23 5kHz ... 20 10kHz ... 20 14:9... 23 16:9... 23 120Hz ... 20 500Hz ... 20 AC ... 35 Access ... 19 AC mains power ... 9 Additional Information ... 34 Advanced Picture ... 21 Aerial ...
  • Page 44 GAME CONSOLE ... 30 Game Mode ... 25 Getting Started ..6 Green ... 10 Guarantee ... 39 HD ... 32 HDCP ... 31 HDMI ..6 HDMI3 ..9 HDMI Connection ... 31 HDMI input ... 30 HD-READY ... 32 High...22, 32 High Definition ...
  • Page 45 SATALLITE RECEIVER ... 30 Scart...6, 9, 30 Scart Connection ... 30 SCART/S-VHS input ... 30 Service ... 40 Service Type ... 17 Set PIN ... 26 Settings ... 13 Setup...13, 14 Signal...19, 24 Signal Information ... 19 Size ... 32 Skipping ...
  • Page 46 GNH.801...

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