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Acer 528B User Manual page 5

10mbps ethernet hub


refer to following figure for an illustration of such a connection.
4. Take caution that you need to attach a 50ohm terminator on both
ends of the BNC cable.
Note: If port1 (BNC PORT) does not connect to the coaxial cable
after power is applied to the hub, port1 (BNC PORT) Partition LED
will be blinking. The port1 Partition LED will be OFF after
connecting the coaxial cable to port1.
The following diagram illustrates 10BASE-T and 10BASE2 network
Cascading Hubs by using 10Base-T port
When your 10BASE-T network needs to grow to more than eight
connections, you should consider to purchase an additional hub and
cascading it to the original hub.
The AcerHub 528B features a cascade enabling switch to allow port No.
9 to cascade to next hub.
The following diagram illustrates 10BASE-T cascading. In IEEE 802.3
standard, It allows in maximum 4 hubs being cascaded by using
10Base-T port.



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