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Wall Mounting; Making Network Connections - Acer 528B User Manual

10mbps ethernet hub


The Rear Panel of AcerHub 528
1. RJ-45 Ports
The hub is equipped with 8 10Base-T (RJ-45) ports for making hub-
to-workstation connections.
2. Cascade Enabling Slide-Switch
Slide this switch to the right (marked as "Cascade") to enable port
No. 9 to cascade with another hub or LAN switch.
3. BNC Port
This port is available on model ALH-528B only. This is a 10BASE2
trunk port for connection to workstations or another hub.
4. AC Adapter Port
Plug the AC adapter jack into this port.

Wall Mounting

After you have decided on a suitable location for mounting the hub,
mark the location for inserting two screws 165mm apart. At the
marked locations, drill two holes and insert a nylon screw anchor in
each hole. Insert a tapping screw in each hole. Align wall-mount
slots of the hub with the screws and slide the hub down until the
screws are securely fastened to the hub. Then You can proceed the
installation procedure by marking the necessary cable connections.

Making Network Connections

10Base-T Connection



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