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LG RC8015A1 Use And Care Manual page 12

Condensing dryer
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perating Your Dryer
5. Close the door.
Before you close the door, make sure fabrics
are well placed inside and that foreign objects,
especially flammable ones, are not caught
around door.
- Be careful not to trap laundry between the
loading door and rubber seal.
6. Select the drying cycle you want.
You can choose a cycle by turning the program control
knob until the required program is indicated.
If you press Start/Pause button without choosing a cycle,
the dryer will proceed with the Cupboard program. [Please
refer to Cycle Selection table (page 10) for the detailed
7. Press the start button.
You will hear drum rotating.
8. After the cycle has finished, open the
door and remove the laundry.
Careful! the drum inside could still be hot.
(Operation time varies depending on your cycle
selection or options.)
The final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without heat
(cool down cycle) to ensure that the items are left at a
temperature that will not damage them.
9. Clean the lint filters and
empty water container.
The lint filter should be cleaned after each load.
10. Turn off the dryer.
Press the ''Power'' button.
- if using a vacuum cleaner to clean the lint as
it is easily damaged and torn. If there is a
residue build up on the filter, scrub the lint
screen with a brush to remove.
- If you want to open the door while dryer is
operating, please press the Start/Pause
button first, wait until drum completely stops
and then open the door.
12 12
Never stop a tumble dryer before the end of
the drying cycle unless all items are quickly
removed and spread out so that the heat is
It must not be used for purposes other than
those for which it was designed.
Select the
Take out
the laundry.
Clean the
door lint


Table of Contents

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