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P/N : MMBB0383421(1.0)


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  • Page 1: User Guide

    General Inquiries <LG Customer Information Centre> 0844-847-5847 or +44-844-847-5847 * Make sure the number is correct before making a call. User Guide GM360 P/N : MMBB0383421(1.0) ENGLISH

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    Bluetooth QD ID B016467...

  • Page 3

    Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. GM360 GM360 User Guide...

  • Page 4

    Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact GM360 phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology. Disposal of your old appliance 1 When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting to know your phone ...6 Open view ...7 Installing the SIM and battery ...8 Charging your phone ...9 Memory card ... 10 Using your touch screen ... 11 Touch screen tips ... 11 Control the touch screen ... 11 Your home screen ...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Adding an eff ect to a photo ... 38 Multimedia... 39 Pictures ... 39 Sending a photo ... 39 LG GM360 | User Guide Using an image ... 39 Printing an image ... 39 Moving or copying a fi le ... 40 Sounds ...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Converting a unit ... 47 Adding a city to your World clock .. 47 Using the stopwatch ... 47 PC Sync ... 48 Installing LG PC Suite on your computer ... 48 Connecting your phone and PC ... 48 Backing up and restoring the information on your phone ...

  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Phone

    • Long press for power on/off. WARNING: Placing a heavy object on the phone or sitting on it while it is in your pocket can damage the phone’s LCD and touch screen functionality. LG GM360 | User Guide End key...

  • Page 9: Open View

    Open view Side keys • When the screen is at the Home screen: Ring tone and key tone volume. • During a call: Earpiece volume. Camera key • Go to the camera menu directly by pressing and holding the key. MicroSD Card Slot Flashlight External camera lens...

  • Page 10: Installing The Sim And Battery

    SIM card. To remove the SIM card, pull it gently outwards. LG GM360 | User Guide WARNING: Do not use your fi ngernail to remove the battery. WARNING: Do not remove...

  • Page 11: Charging Your Phone

    Charging your phone Remove the charger socket cover on the side of your GM360. Connect the Travel Adapter (Charger) and the included USB cable. Connect the USB cable into the phone and plug it into a power socket. Your GM360 must be charged until the “Battery full“...

  • Page 12: Memory Card

    2 Slide the microSD card into the slot until it clicks into place. Make sure the gold contact area is facing downwards. LG GM360 | User Guide Formatting the memory card Your memory card may already be formatted. If it isn’t, you will need to format it before you can start to use it.

  • Page 13: Using Your Touch Screen, Touch Screen Tips, Control The Touch Screen

    • Use the tip of your finger to touch the option you require. Be careful not to touch any other keys. • Whenever your GM360 is not in use, it will return to the lock screen. Control the touch screen...

  • Page 14

    To set up this feature, 1 Select - Screen settings - Lock screen gesture LG GM360 | User Guide 2 Drag & drop the prefered gesture from the bottom of the screen to the applications you want to assign them to.

  • Page 15: Your Home Screen

    Your home screen You can drag and click what you need right away in all home screen types. Active Widget home screen - When you touch bottom right of the screen, the mobile widget panel appears. When you register widget by dragging it, the widget is created in the spot where it...

  • Page 16: The Quick Keys

    Messaging menu. From here you can create a new SMS or MMS, or view your message folder. LG GM360 | User Guide Touch to open your Contacts. To search for the number you want to call, enter the name of the contact at the top of the screen using the touchpad.

  • Page 17: The Status Bar

    The status bar The status bar uses various icons to indicate things like signal strength, new messages and battery life, as well as telling you whether your Bluetooth or GPRS is active. Below is a table which explains the meaning of the icons you’re most likely to see in the status bar.

  • Page 18: Function, The Status Bar

    Multitasking menu. From here you can view all the applications that are running and access them with one touch. LG GM360 | User Guide When you have an application running in the background (e.g. a game or the FM radio), will appear in the status bar.

  • Page 19: Calls, Making A Call, Making A Call From Your Contacts, Answering And Rejecting A Call

    Calls Making a call 1 Touch to open the keypad. 2 Key in the number using the keypad. 3 Touch to initiate the call. 4 To end the call, press the Smart key. TIP! To enter + for making an international call, press and hold TIP! Press the power key to lock the touchscreen to prevent calls being...

  • Page 20: In-call Options

    fi nger up the screen. The list will move up so more items become visible. LG GM360 | User Guide Hold - Touch to put a call on hold.

  • Page 21: Speed Dialling, Making A Second Call, Viewing Your Call Logs

    Speed dialling You can assign a frequently-called contact to a speed dial number. 1 Select Contacts in the COMMUNICATION tab and select Speed dials. 2 Your voicemail is already set to speed dial 1. You cannot change this. Touch any other number to assign it a speed dial contact.

  • Page 22: Using Call Divert, Using Call Barring

    3 Choose any or all of the six options: All outgoing Outgoing international Outgoing international calls except home country LG GM360 | User Guide All incoming Incoming when abroad Deactivate all 4 Enter the call barring password. Please check with your network operator about this service.

  • Page 23: Contacts, Searching For A Contact, Adding A New Contact

    Save to change the setting. Send my number - Choose whether your number will be displayed when you call someone. Auto redial - Slide the switch left for ON or right for OFF. Answer mode - Choose whether to answer the phone using the send key or any key.

  • Page 24: Creating A Group, Changing Your Contact Settings

    Add group. 3 Enter a name for your new group. You can also assign a ringtone to the group. LG GM360 | User Guide 4 Touch Save. NOTE: If you delete a group, the contacts which were assigned to that group will not be lost.

  • Page 25: Viewing Information

    Send all contacts via Bluetooth - Send all of your contacts to another device using Bluetooth. You will be prompted to turn on Bluetooth if you select this option. Backup contacts - See Backing up and restoring the information on your phone.

  • Page 26: Messaging, Sending A Message, Entering Text, T9 Mode., Handwriting Recognition

    It predicts the word you are inputting and suggests alternatives. Handwriting recognition In Handwriting mode you simply write on the screen and your GM360 will convert your handwriting into your message. Select Handwriting-Screen or Handwriting-Box according to your preferred view.

  • Page 27: Setting Up Your Email, Retrieving Your Emails, Account, Changing Your Email Settings

    Request reply e-mail - Choose whether to request read confirmation messages. Retrieve interval - Choose how often your GM360 checks for new email messages. Retrieve amount - Choose the number of emails to be retrieved at any one time.

  • Page 28: Message Folders, Settings

    Sent items - All the messages you have sent are placed in this folder. My folders - Create folders to store your messages. LG GM360 | User Guide Changing your text message settings Touch Messaging in the COMMUNICATION tab and touch Settings.

  • Page 29: Settings, Changing Your Other Settings

    Changing your multimedia message settings Touch Messaging in the COMMUNICATION tab. Scroll and choose Settings and Multimedia message. You can make changes to: Retrieval mode - Choose between Home network or Roaming network. If you then choose Manual you will receive only notifications of MMS and you can then decide whether to download them in full.

  • Page 30: Social Network Services (sns), Facebook

    Messaging Social network services (SNS) Your GM360 has SNS that lets you enjoy and manage your social network. You can update your own SN place status and view your friends’ SN updates. Touch Social network menu and select the site as below: Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

  • Page 31: Linkbook

    There are SNS on/off, SNS account login & Delete(logout) in SNS setting. And SNS can be on/off automatically by setting a certain period of time in Auto connection menu. Linkbook If the SNS Mode is set to On, you can save the personal information of your Facebook contacts, such as name, phone number, email address, and...

  • Page 32: Camera

    Flash Status - Set flash light mode to Auto, Always on, or Always off. TIP! You can bring up the options by tapping the screen. They automatically turn off after a few seconds. LG GM360 | User Guide Back Taking a photo Video mode - Slide down this icon to switch to video mode.

  • Page 33: Taking A Quick Photo, After Taking A Photo

    Taking a quick photo 1 Press the key on the right side of the phone. 2 When the camera has focused on your subject, touch the right-centre of the screen to take a photo. You can also press the key on the side of the phone firmly. TIP! To switch to the camera mode or video mode, slide up/down the camera or video icon on the centre-...

  • Page 34: Using The Advanced Settings

    Focus - Sets the focus of camera. LG GM360 | User Guide View mode - Choose between Full screen or Full image. In Full screen, the image may be cropped to fit the screen.

  • Page 35: Video Camera

    Video camera Getting to know the viewfinder Zoom - zoom in or zoom out. Settings - Touch this icon to open the settings menu. See Using the advanced settings. Video size - Choose from QVGA(320x240) or QCIF(176x144). Flash Status - Set or turn off the flash. Exposure - A low contrast video will appear foggy, whereas a high contrast video will appear much sharper.

  • Page 36: Making A Quick Video, After Making A Video

    6 Touch on screen or press a second time to stop recording. LG GM360 | User Guide After making a video A still image representing your captured video will appear on the screen. The name of the video runs...

  • Page 37

    Using the advanced settings From the viewfinder, touch Settings to open all the advanced settings options. Colour Effect - Choose a colour tone to use on your new video. Off, Black & White, Negative, Sepia. White balance - The white balance ensures that any white in your videos is realistic.

  • Page 38: Your Photos And Videos, Viewing Your Photos And Videos, Capturing An Image From A Video

    3 From the options menu select 4 The image will appear on the screen, with its image name. LG GM360 | User Guide 5 Touch to return to the video. 6 The image will be saved in your My stuff folder and appear in the gallery.

  • Page 39: Setting A Photo As Wallpaper, Editing Your Photos

    Setting a photo as wallpaper 1 Touch Gallery in the ENTERTAINMENT tab. 2 Touch the photo you would like to set as wallpaper. 3 Touch the screen to open the menu. 4 Touch 5 You can change the size of the picture with 6 When you are happy with the picture touch Set.

  • Page 40

    Emboss - Give an Emboss effect. Vivid - Give an effect of clearness and brilliance. LG GM360 | User Guide Moonlight - Change the light to look like moonlight. Antique - Give an old-looking effect.

  • Page 41: Multimedia, Pictures, Sending A Photo, Using An Image, Printing An Image

    Multimedia You can store any multimedia files on your phone’s memory so that you have easy access to all your pictures, sounds, videos and games. You can also save your files to a memory card. Using a memory card allows you to free space in your phone’s memory.

  • Page 42: Sounds, Using A Sound, Videos, Watching A Video

    From here you can manage or send sounds or set them as a ringtone. LG GM360 | User Guide Using a sound 1 Touch My stuff in the ENTERTAINMENT tab and select Sounds.

  • Page 43: Sending A Video Clip, Games & Apps, Playing A Game, Documents, Others

    Bluetooth is probably the easiest way of transferring a file from your computer to your phone. You can also use tha Mass storage or LG PC Suite via your sync cable. To transfer using Bluetooth: 1 Make sure your phone and computer have Bluetooth switched on and are visible to one another.

  • Page 44: Music, Playing A Song

    The easiest way to transfer music onto your phone is via Bluetooth or your sync cable. You can also use LG PC Suite. To transfer using Bluetooth: 1 Make sure both devices have Bluetooth switched on and can see each other.

  • Page 45: Creating A Playlist, Fm Radio, Searching For Stations, Resetting Channels

    4 Touch Done. FM Radio Your LG GM360 has an FM radio feature so you can tune into your favourite stations to listen on the move. You must attach your headphones to listen to the radio.

  • Page 46: Organiser, Adding An Event To Your Calendar, Adding An Item To Your Task List

    LG GM360 | User Guide Adding an item to your task list 1 Touch Organiser in the UTILITIES tab.

  • Page 47: Adding A Memo, Setting Your Alarm, Drawing Panel

    Adding a memo 1 Touch Memo in the UTILITIES tab. 2 Touch Add memo. 3 Type your memo, then touch Save. 4 Your memo will then appear on the screen in the Memo application. Setting your alarm 1 Touch Alarm in the UTILITIES tab. Widget alarm should appear in the list as default and you can not delete it.

  • Page 48: Screen Capture, Voice Recorder, Recording A Sound Or Voice, Using Your Calculator

    Camera key By pressing the Camera key twice, the screen can be captured. LG GM360 | User Guide Voice recorder Use your voice recorder to record voice memos or other audio files. Touch Voice recorder in the UTILITIES...

  • Page 49: Converting A Unit, Adding A City To Your World Clock, Using The Stopwatch

    4 For simple calculations, touch the function you require (+, -, ×, ÷), followed by =. 5 For more complex calculations, touch and choose from sin, cos, tan, log, ln, exp, sqrt, deg or rad etc. Converting a unit 1 Touch Tools in the UTILITIES tab. 2 Select Unit converter.

  • Page 50: Computer, Connecting Your Phone And Pc, Backing Up And Restoring The Information On Your Phone

    USB cable and wait for a while. Installation guide message will be displayed. 4 Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the LG PC Suite Installer wizard. 5 Once installation is complete, the LG PC Suite icon will appear on your desktop.

  • Page 51: Synchronising Your Contacts, Synchronising Your Messages, Using Your Phone As A Music Sync Device

    the Phone Memory, they will be displayed. TIP! Viewing the contents of your phone on your PC helps you to arrange fi les, organise documents and remove content that you no longer need. Synchronising your contacts 1 Connect the phone to your PC. 2 Click on the Contacts icon.

  • Page 52: Accessing The Web, Bookmarks, Using Rss Reader

    3 To add a new bookmark, touch Add bookmark. Enter a name for your bookmark followed by the URL in the corresponding field box. LG GM360 | User Guide 4 Touch Save. Your Bookmark will now appear in the list of bookmarks.

  • Page 53: Saving A, Accessing A Saved, Viewing Your Browser History, Using Your Phone As A Modem

    Appearance settings, Cache, Cookies or Security settings. Using your phone as a modem Your GM360 can double as a modem for your PC, giving you email and internet access even when you can’t connect using wires. You can use either the USB cable or Bluetooth.

  • Page 54: Access To Yahoo

    Using Bluetooth: 1 Ensure Bluetooth is switched On and Visible for both your PC and GM360. 2 Pair your PC and GM360 so that a passcode is required for connection. 3 Use the Connection wizard on your LG PC Suite to create an active Bluetooth connection.

  • Page 55: Changing Your Screen Settings, Settings

    Settings Personalising your profiles You can quickly change your profile on the Home screen. You can personalise each profile setting using the settings menu. 1 Touch Profiles in the SETTINGS tab. 2 Choose the profile you want to edit. 3 You can then change all the sounds and alert options available in the list, including your Ringtone and Volume, Message tone settings...

  • Page 56: Changing Your Phone Settings, Using Memory Manager

    Settings Changing your phone settings Enjoy the freedom of adapting how your GM360 works for your own style. Touch Phone settings in the SETTINGS tab, then choose from the list below. Phone settings Date & Time - Adjust your date and...

  • Page 57: Using Bluetooth

    USB connection mode - Choose a Data service from the options and synchronise your GM360 using the LG PC Suite software to copy files from your phone. See PC Sync for more information on synchronisation.

  • Page 58: Changing Your Bluetooth Settings, Device

    1 Check that your Bluetooth is ON and Visible. You can change your visibility in the Settings menu. 2 Touch Search. 3 Your GM360 will search for devices. When the search is completed, Refresh will appear on screen.

  • Page 59: Using A Bluetooth Headset, Software Upgrade

    3 Touch Ask before connect or Always connect and touch Yes to Connect now. Your GM360 will automatically switch to Headset profile. Software Upgrade LG Mobile Phone Software Upgrade...

  • Page 60: Accessories

    Accessories These accessories are supplied with the GM360. Charger Data cable Battery Stereo headset NOTE: • Always use genuine LG accessories. • Failure to do this may invalidate your warranty. • Accessories may be different in different regions; please check with our regional service company or agent for further inquires.

  • Page 61: Technical Data

    Technical data General Product name : GM360 System : GSM 850 / E-GSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 Ambient Temperatures Max : +55°C (discharging), +45°C (charging) Min : -10°C...

  • Page 62

    LG Twin Tower 20,Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul, Korea 150-721 GSM 850 / E-GSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 Quad Band Terminal Equipment GM360 R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC EN 301 489-01 v1.8.1 / EN 301 489-07 v1.3.1 / EN 301 489-17 v.1.3.2 EN 300 328 V 1.7.1...

  • Page 63: Guidelines For Safe And Effi Cient Use

    • While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various LG phone models, they are all designed to meet the relevant guidelines for exposure to radio waves.

  • Page 64: Efficient Phone Operation, Road Safety

    • Do not keep the phone next to credit cards or transport tickets; it can affect the information on the LG GM360 | User Guide magnetic strips. • Do not tap the screen with a sharp object as it may damage the phone.

  • Page 65: Blasting Area

    • Use a hands-free kit, if available. • Pull off the road and park before making or answering a call if driving conditions so require. • RF energy may affect some electronic systems in your vehicle such as car stereos and safety equipment.

  • Page 66: Emergency Calls, Battery Information And Care

    Unlike other battery systems, there is no memory effect that could compromise the battery’s performance. • Use only LG batteries and chargers. LG chargers are designed to maximise the battery life. • Do not disassemble or short-circuit the battery pack.

  • Page 67: Limited Warranty Statement

    LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT 1. WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS : LG offers you a limited warranty that the enclosed phone and its enclosed accessories will be free from defects in material and workmanship according to the following terms and conditions: The limited warranty for the product extends the warranty period beginning on the date of purchase of the product.

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