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Summary of Contents for AEG FFB53940ZM

  • Page 1 FFB53940ZM User Manual Dishwasher FFB53940ZW USER MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    13. TECHNICAL INFORMATION................25 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler – features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it.
  • Page 3 ENGLISH responsible for any injuries or damage that are the result of incorrect installation or usage. Always keep the instructions in a safe and accessible location for future reference. 1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 •...
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by • the manufacturer, its Authorised Service Centre or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. Put the cutlery in the cutlery basket with the sharp •...
  • Page 5 ENGLISH • Do not pull the mains cable to • Do not remove the dishes from the disconnect the appliance. Always pull appliance until the programme is the mains plug. complete. Some detergent may • This appliance is fitted with a 13 A remain on the dishes.
  • Page 6: Product Description

    • Disconnect the appliance from the models. mains supply. • The following spare parts will be • Cut off the mains cable and discard it. available for 10 years after the model • Remove the door catch to prevent...
  • Page 7: Control Panel

    ENGLISH Cutlery drawer 4. CONTROL PANEL On/off button Option button Program button Indicators Programme indicators Start button Display Delay button 4.1 Indicators Indicator Description Salt indicator. It is on when the salt container needs refilling. It is always off while the programme operates. Rinse aid indicator.
  • Page 8: Programmes

    Indicator Description Door indicator. It is on when the appliance door is open or not correctly closed. Delay indicator. TimeSaver indicator. XtraDry indicator. 5. PROGRAMMES The order of the programmes in the table may not reflect their sequence on the control panel.
  • Page 9 ENGLISH Programme Degree of soil Programme phases Options Type of load • Normal or light • Prewash • XtraDry soil • Wash 45 °C • Delicate crockery • Rinses and glassware • 1) This programme offers the most efficient use of water and energy consumption for crockery and cut‐ lery with normal soil.
  • Page 10: Settings

    6. SETTINGS 6.1 Programme selection How to enter user mode mode and user mode Make sure the appliance is in programme selection mode. When the appliance is in programme selection mode it is possible to set a To enter user mode, press and hold programme and to enter the user mode.
  • Page 11 ENGLISH German de‐ French de‐ mmol/l Clarke de‐ Water softener lev‐ grees (°dH) grees (°fH) grees 4 - 10 7 - 18 0.7 - 1.8 5 - 12 <4 <7 <0.7 < 5 1) Factory setting. 2) Do not use salt at this level. Regardless of the type of detergent programme, before the rinse (twice used, set the proper water hardness...
  • Page 12 How to set the water softener 6.4 AirDry level AirDry improves the drying results with less energy consumption. During the Make sure the appliance is in user mode. drying phase, the door opens 1. Press Program. automatically and remains ajar.
  • Page 13: Options

    ENGLISH • The display shows the current 3. Press on/off to confirm the setting. setting: = AirDry activated. 2. Press Delay to change the setting: = AirDry deactivated. 7. OPTIONS In the other programmes the setting of Desired options must be XtraDry is permanent and it is activated every time before automatically used in next cycles.
  • Page 14: Before First Use

    8. BEFORE FIRST USE 1. Make sure that the current level of 5. Remove the salt around the opening the water softener agrees with the of the salt container. hardness of the water supply. If not, adjust the level of the water softener.
  • Page 15: Daily Use

    ENGLISH 3. Remove the spilled rinse aid with an You can turn the selector of absorbent cloth to prevent excessive the released quantity (B) foam formation. between position 1 (lowest 4. Close the lid. Make sure that the quantity) and position 4 or 6 release button locks into position.
  • Page 16: Hints And Tips

    Cancelling the delay start • The programme duration starts to decrease with steps of 1 minute. while the countdown operates Starting a programme with delay start When you cancel the delay start you have to set the programme and options 1.
  • Page 17 ENGLISH • Load the dishwasher to its full • At least once a month run the capacity to save water and energy. appliance with the use of appliance For best cleaning results, arrange cleaner which is particularly suitable items in the baskets as instructed in for this purpose.
  • Page 18: Care And Cleaning

    10.4 Loading the baskets • The filters are clean and correctly installed. • Always use the whole space of the • The cap of the salt container is tight. baskets. • The spray arms are not clogged. • Use the appliance to wash •...
  • Page 19 ENGLISH 1. Turn the filter (B) counterclockwise and remove it. 7. Reassemble the filters (B) and (C). 8. Put back the filter (B) in the flat filter (A). Turn it clockwise until it locks. 2. Remove the filter (C) out of filter (B). 3.
  • Page 20 (C) is installed in the delivery tube (A) with the mounting element (B). 2. Wash the spray arm under running water. Use a thin pointed tool, e.g. a toothpick, to remove particles of soil from the holes. 1. Release the stoppers on the sides of the sliding rails of the cutlery drawer and pull the drawer out.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    ENGLISH designed specifically for dishwashers at least once every two months. Carefully follow the instructions on the packaging of the product. • Do not use abrasive products, abrasive cleaning pads, sharp tools, strong chemicals, scourer or solvents. • Using short-duration programmes regularly can cause grease and limescale buildup inside the appliance.
  • Page 22 Problem and alarm code Possible cause and solution You cannot activate the ap‐ • Make sure that the mains plug is connected to the mains pliance. socket. • Make sure that there is no damaged fuse in the fuse box.
  • Page 23 ENGLISH Problem and alarm code Possible cause and solution The level of water inside the • Switch the appliance off and on. appliance is too high. • Make sure that the filters are clean. The display shows iF1. • Make sure that the outlet hose is installed at the right height above the floor.
  • Page 24 For alarm codes not described in the WARNING! table, contact an Authorised Service We do not recommend using Centre. the appliance until the problem has been completely fixed. Unplug the appliance and do not plug it in again until you are certain that it operates correctly.
  • Page 25: Technical Information

    ENGLISH Problem Possible cause and solution Unusual foam during washing. • Use the detergent designed specifically for dishwash‐ ers. • Use a detergent from a different manufacturer. • Do not pre-rinse dishes under running water before putting them in the appliance. Traces of rust on cutlery.
  • Page 26 Voltage (V) 220 - 240 Electrical connection Frequency (Hz) Water supply pressure Min. / max. bar (MPa) 0.5 (0.05) / 8 (0.8) Water supply max 60 °C Cold water or hot water Capacity Place settings Left-on mode (W) Power consumption Off-mode (W) 0.50...
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