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Nokia 3.2
User Guide
Issue 2019-02-26 en-US


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Nokia 3.2 User Guide Issue 2019-02-26 en-US...
  • Page 2: About This User Guide

    Important: For important information on the safe use of your device and battery, read “For your safety” and “Product Safety” info in the printed user guide, or at before you take the device into use. To find out how to get started with your new device, read the printed user guide.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Table of Contents About this user guide Get started Keep your phone up to date Keys and parts Insert the SIM and memory cards Charge your phone Switch on and set up your phone Dual SIM settings...
  • Page 4 Nokia 3.2 User Guide Your photos and videos Internet and connections Activate Wi-Fi Use a mobile data connection Browse the web Bluetooth® Organize your day Calendar Maps Find places and get directions Download and update maps Use location services Apps and services...
  • Page 5 Nokia 3.2 User Guide Implanted medical devices Hearing Protect your device from harmful content Vehicles Potentially explosive environments Certification information (SAR) About Digital Rights Management Copyrights and other notices © 2019 HMD Global Oy. All rights reserved.
  • Page 6: Get Started

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Get started Keep your phone up to date YOUR PHONE SOFTWARE Keep your phone up to date and accept available software updates to get new and enhanced features for your phone. Updating the software may also improve your phone’s performance.
  • Page 7: Insert The Sim And Memory Cards

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide This user guide applies to the following models: TA-1156, TA-1159, TA-1164, TA-1154, and TA-1161. Fingerprint sensor (only in Nokia 3.2 Earpiece 32 GB) Volume keys Flash Power/Lock key Camera USB connector Headset connector Microphone SIM and memory card slot...
  • Page 8 Nokia 3.2 User Guide Insert the SIM and memory cards INSERT THE CARDS Open the SIM and memory card tray: push the tray opener pin in the tray hole and slide the tray out. Put the nano-SIM in slot 1 on the tray with the contact area face down. If you have a second SIM, put it in slot 2.
  • Page 9: Charge Your Phone

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Charge your phone CHARGE THE BATTERY Plug a compatible charger into a wall outlet. Connect the cable to your phone. Your phone supports the USB micro-B cable. You can also charge your phone from a computer with a USB cable, but it may take a longer time.
  • Page 10: Dual Sim Settings

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide phone’s user guide. Tap  Settings  >  Accounts  >  Add account  >  Google . Select which data you want to restore on your new phone. The sync starts automatically once your phone is connected to the internet. RESTORE APP SETTINGS FROM YOUR PREVIOUS ANDROID PHONE If your previous phone was an Android, and back up to Google account is enabled on it, you can restore your app settings and Wi-Fi passwords.
  • Page 11: Use The Touch Screen

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Tap  Settings  >  Network & Internet  >  SIM Cards . RENAME A SIM CARD Tap the SIM you want to rename, and type in the name you want. SELECT WHICH SIM TO USE FOR CALLS OR DATA CONNECTION Under  Preferred SIM for , tap the setting you want to change and select the SIM.
  • Page 12 Nokia 3.2 User Guide SWIPE Place your finger on the screen, and slide your finger in the direction you want. SCROLL THROUGH A LONG LIST OR MENU Slide your finger quickly in a flicking motion up or down the screen, and lift your finger.
  • Page 13 Nokia 3.2 User Guide ZOOM IN OR OUT Place 2 fingers on an item, such as a map, photo, or web page, and slide your fingers apart or together. LOCK THE SCREEN ORIENTATION The screen rotates automatically when you turn the phone 90 degrees.
  • Page 14 Nokia 3.2 User Guide USE THE NAVIGATION KEYS To see which apps you have open, swipe up the home key . To switch to another app, swipe right. To close an app, swipe it up. To go back to the previous screen you were in, tap the back key . Your phone remembers all the apps and websites you've visited since the last time your screen was locked.
  • Page 15: Basics

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Basics Open and close an app OPEN AN APP On the home screen, tap an app icon to open it. To open one of the apps running in the background, swipe up the home key  then swipe right and select the app.
  • Page 16: Notifications

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide CHANGE YOUR WALLPAPER Tap  Settings  >  Display  >  Wallpaper . CHANGE YOUR PHONE RINGTONE Tap  Settings  >  Sound  >  SIM1 Phone ringtone  or  SIM2 Phone ringtone . CHANGE YOUR MESSAGE NOTIFICATION SOUND Tap  Settings  >  Sound  >  Advanced  >  Default notification sound .
  • Page 17: Control Volume

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide USE THE QUICK SETTING ICONS To activate features, tap the quick settings icons on the notification panel. To see more icons, drag the menu down. To rearrange the icons, tap mode_edi, tap and hold an icon, and then drag it to another location.
  • Page 18: Google Assistant

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide CHANGE THE VOLUME SETTINGS Press a volume key on the side of your phone to see the volume status bar, tap settings, and drag the sliders on the volume bars left or right. SET THE PHONE TO SILENT To set the phone to silent, press a volume key, tap notifica to set your phone to vibrate only and tap vibratio to set it to silent.
  • Page 19: Battery Life

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide SWITCH OFF THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT KEY To switch off the Google Assistant key, tap  Settings  >  System  >  Gestures  >  Assist gesture , and switch  Assist gesture  off. Battery life Get the most out of your phone while getting the battery life you need. There are steps you can take to save power on your phone.
  • Page 20: Write Text

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide don't want to make or receive calls, switch the airplane mode on. Tap  Settings  >  Network & internet  >  Advanced  >  Airplane mode . Airplane mode closes connections to the mobile network and switches your device’s wireless features off.
  • Page 21 Nokia 3.2 User Guide COPY OR PASTE TEXT Tap and hold a word, drag the markers before and after the word to highlight the section you want to copy, and tap  Copy . To paste the text, tap where you want to paste the text and select  Paste .
  • Page 22: Date And Time

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide If you do not want the keyboard to suggest words while typing, turn off the text corrections. Tap  Settings  >  System  >  Languages & input  >  Virtual keyboard . Select the keyboard you normally use. Tap  Text correction  and switch off the text correction methods you do not want to use.
  • Page 23: Clock And Alarm

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide CHANGE THE CLOCK TO THE 24-HOUR FORMAT Tap  Settings  >  System  >  Date & time , and switch  Use 24-hour format  on. Clock and alarm Your clock is not just for alarms – learn what else you can do.
  • Page 24: Accessibility

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide SNOOZE AN ALARM If you don’t want to get up just yet, when the alarm sounds, swipe the alarm left. To adjust the snooze length, tap  Clock  > more_ver >  Settings  >  Snooze length  and select the length to your liking.
  • Page 25: Fm Radio

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide FM Radio To listen to the radio, you need to connect a compatible headset to the phone. The headset acts as an antenna. LISTEN TO FM RADIO After you have connected the headset, tap  FM Radio .
  • Page 26: Connect With Your Friends And Family

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Connect with your friends and family Calls MAKE A CALL Tap phone. Tap dialpad and type in a number, or tap group and select a contact you want to call. Tap phone. If you have a second SIM card inserted, tap the corresponding icon to make a call from that SIM.
  • Page 27: Send And Receive Messages

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide SAVE A CONTACT FROM CALL HISTORY In  Phone , tap schedule to see call history. Tap the number you want to save. Select if you want to  Create new contact  or  Add to a contact . Type in the contact information, and tap done.
  • Page 28: Mail

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide SEND A MESSAGE Tap  Messages . Tap  Start chat . To add a recipient, tap dialpad in the To field, and type their number. If the recipient is in your contacts list, start typing their name and then tap the contact. If you want to send the message to several recipients, tap  Start group conversation , select...
  • Page 29: Get Social

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide You can select the address connected with your Google account or tap  Add an email address . After adding all the accounts, tap  TAKE ME TO GMAIL . DELETE A MAIL ACCOUNT Tap  Settings  >  Accounts . Tap the account you want to delete and tap  REMOVE ACCOUNT .
  • Page 30 Nokia 3.2 User Guide SOCIAL APPS To keep in touch with your friends and family, sign in to your instant messaging, sharing, and social networking services. Select the service you want to use from your Home screen. Social apps are available in the  Google Play Store . The available services may vary.
  • Page 31: Camera

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Camera Camera basics Why carry a separate camera if your phone has all you need for capturing memories? With your phone's camera, you can easily take photos or record videos. TAKE A PHOTO Shoot sharp and vibrant photos – capture the best moments in your photo album.
  • Page 32: Videos

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide USE GOOGLE LENS With Google Lens, you can use the viewfinder of your camera to identify things, copy text, scan codes, and search for similar products, for example. Tap  Camera . Tap  > . Point the camera to the thing you want to identify, and follow the instructions on the display.
  • Page 33: Your Photos And Videos

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide TAKE HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS In Camera app, tap menu >  Photo Resolution , and set the resolution that you want to. Your photos and videos VIEW PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ON YOUR PHONE Want to relive those important moments? View photos and videos on your phone.
  • Page 34: Internet And Connections

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Internet and connections Activate Wi-Fi Using a Wi-Fi connection is generally faster and less expensive than using a mobile data connection. If both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections are available, your phone uses the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Page 35: Browse The Web

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide TURN ON THE MOBILE DATA CONNECTION Swipe down from the top of the screen, tap  Mobile data  and switch it on. USE A MOBILE DATA CONNECTION WHEN ROAMING Tap  Settings  >  Network & internet  >  Mobile network , and switch  Roaming  to  On ...
  • Page 36: Bluetooth

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide START BROWSING No need for a computer – you can easily browse the internet on your phone. Catch up on the news, and visit your favorite websites. You can use the browser on your phone to view web pages on the internet.
  • Page 37 Nokia 3.2 User Guide CONNECT TO A BLUETOOTH ACCESSORY You can connect your phone with many useful Bluetooth devices. For example, with a wireless headset (sold separately), you can speak on the phone hands-free – you can continue what you're doing, such as working at your computer, during a call.
  • Page 38 Nokia 3.2 User Guide CONNECT TO YOUR FRIEND’S PHONE WITH BLUETOOTH You can use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your friend's phone, to share photos, and much more. Tap  Settings  >  Connected devices  >  Connection preferences  >  Bluetooth . Make sure Bluetooth is switched on in both phones.
  • Page 39: Vpn

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide You may need a virtual private network (VPN) connection to access your company resources, such as intranet or corporate mail, or you may use a VPN service for personal purposes. Contact your company IT administrator for details of your VPN configuration, or check your VPN service’s website for additional info.
  • Page 40: Organize Your Day

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Organize your day Calendar Keep track of time – learn how to keep your appointments, tasks, and schedules up to date. MANAGE CALENDARS Tap  Calendar  > dehaze, and select what type of calendar you want to see.
  • Page 41: Maps

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Maps Find places and get directions FIND A SPOT  Google Maps  helps you find specific locations and businesses. Tap  Maps . Write search words, such as a street address or place name, in the search bar. Select an item from the list of proposed matches as you write, or tap searchto search.
  • Page 42: Download And Update Maps

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Download and update maps DOWNLOAD A MAP Save new maps to your phone before a journey, so you can browse the maps without an internet connection when traveling. Tap  Maps  > menu >  Offline maps  >  SELECT YOUR OWN MAP .
  • Page 43 Nokia 3.2 User Guide SWITCH ON LOCATION SERVICES Your phone shows your location on the map using a satellite positioning system, Wi- Fi, or network (Cell ID) based positioning. The availability, accuracy and completeness of the location info depend on, for example, your location, surroundings, and third party sources, and may be limited.
  • Page 44: Apps And Services

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Apps and services Google Play Your Android phone can live up to its full potential with Google Play – apps, music, movies and books are all readily available for your entertainment. ADD A GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO YOUR PHONE Tap  Settings ...
  • Page 45 Nokia 3.2 User Guide REMOVE DOWNLOADED APPS Tap  Play Store  > menu >  My apps & games , choose an app you want to remove, and tap  UNINSTALL . GET MUSIC, MOVIES, OR BOOKS WITH GOOGLE PLAY With Google Play, you can gain access to songs, movies, and books.
  • Page 46: Software Updates And Backups

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Software updates and backups Update your phone software Stay in step with the beat – update your phone software and apps wirelessly to get new and enhanced features for your phone. Updating the software may also improve your phone performance.
  • Page 47: Restore Original Settings And Remove Private Content From Your Phone

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide SWITCH ON AUTOMATIC BACKUP Tap  Settings  >  System  >  Advanced  >  Backup , and switch back up on. Restore original settings and remove private content from your phone Accidents can happen – if your phone is not working properly, you can restore its settings.
  • Page 48 Nokia 3.2 User Guide To get the best out of your phone, use a fast 4–128GB card by a well-known manufacturer. Use only compatible memory cards approved for use with this device. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card.
  • Page 49 Nokia 3.2 User Guide COPY CONTENT BETWEEN YOUR PHONE AND COMPUTER You can copy photos, videos, and other content created by you between your phone and computer to show or store them. Connect your phone to a compatible computer with a compatible USB cable.
  • Page 50: Protect Your Phone

    Setting up fingerprint ID You can unlock your phone with just a touch of your finger. Set up your fingerprint ID for extra security. Note: Only Nokia 3.2 32GB supports this feature. ADD A FINGERPRINT Tap  Settings  >  Security & Location  >  Fingerprint . If you don’t have screen lock set up on your phone, tap  Set up screen lock .
  • Page 51: Access Codes

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide SELECT YOUR SIM PIN You can choose which digits to use for the SIM PIN. The SIM PIN code can be 4-8 digits. Tap  Settings  >  Security & Location  >  Advanced  >  SIM card lock . Under the selected SIM card, tap  Change SIM PIN .
  • Page 52 Nokia 3.2 User Guide PUK OR PUK2 CODES PUK or PUK2 codes are required to unblock a PIN or PIN2 code. If the codes are not supplied with your SIM card, contact your network service provider. LOCK CODE Also known as security code or password.
  • Page 53 Nokia 3.2 User Guide LOCATE OR LOCK YOUR PHONE If you lose your phone, you may be able to find, lock, or erase it remotely if you have signed in to a Google Account. Find My Device is on by default for phones associated with a Google Account.
  • Page 54: Product And Safety Information

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Product and safety information For your safety Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or against local laws and regulations. For further info, read the complete user guide. SWITCH OFF IN RESTRICTED AREAS...
  • Page 55 Nokia 3.2 User Guide INTERFERENCE All wireless devices may be susceptible to interference, which could affect performance. AUTHORIZED SERVICE Only authorized personnel may install or repair this product. BATTERIES, CHARGERS, AND OTHER ACCESSORIES Use only batteries, chargers, and other accessories approved by HMD Global Oy for use with this device.
  • Page 56 Nokia 3.2 User Guide KEEP YOUR DEVICE DRY If your device is water-resistant, please refer to its IP rating for more detailed guidance. GLASS PARTS The device and/or its screen is made of glass. This glass can break if the device is dropped on a hard surface or receives a substantial impact.
  • Page 57: Network Services And Costs

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide PROTECT YOUR HEARING To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. Exercise caution when holding your device near your ear while the loudspeaker is in use. This device meets RF exposure guidelines when used either in the normal use position against the ear or when positioned at least 0.2 inches (5 mm) away from...
  • Page 58: Emergency Calls

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide network type  to  3G . Note: Using Wi-Fi may be restricted in some countries. For example, in the EU, you are only allowed to use 5150–5350 MHz Wi-Fi indoors, and in the USA and Canada, you are only allowed to use 5.15–5.25 GHz Wi-Fi indoors. For more info, contact your local authorities.
  • Page 59: Recycle

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide corrode electronic circuits. Only use a soft, clean, dry cloth to Do not use or store the device in clean the surface of the device. dusty or dirty areas. Do not paint the device. Paint can Do not store the device in high prevent proper operation.
  • Page 60: Crossed-Out Wheelie Bin Symbol

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Crossed-out wheelie bin symbol CROSSED-OUT WHEELIE BIN SYMBOL The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on your product, battery, literature, or packaging reminds you that all electrical and electronic products and batteries must be taken to separate collection at the end of their working life. Do not dispose of these products as unsorted municipal waste: take them for recycling.
  • Page 61 Nokia 3.2 User Guide replace the battery, take the device to the nearest authorized service facility. Charge your device with the provided charger. Charger plug type may vary. Charging time can vary depending on device capability. BATTERY AND CHARGER SAFETY INFO Once charging of your device is complete, unplug the charger from the device and electrical outlet.
  • Page 62: Small Children

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Small children Your device and its accessories are not toys. They may contain small parts. Keep them out of the reach of small children. Medical devices Operation of radio transmitting equipment, including wireless phones, may interfere with inadequately shielded medical devices’...
  • Page 63: Protect Your Device From Harmful Content

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide Some wireless devices may interfere with some hearing aids. Protect your device from harmful content Your device may be exposed to viruses and other harmful content. Take the following precautions: Be cautious when opening messages. They may contain malicious software or otherwise be harmful to your device or computer.
  • Page 64: Certification Information (Sar)

    SAR tests are carried out with the device in standard operating positions, transmitting at its highest certified power level, in all its frequency bands. Please refer to for the maximum SAR value of the device. This device meets RF exposure guidelines when used against the head or when positioned at least 5/8 inch (1.5 centimetres) away from the body.
  • Page 65: About Digital Rights Management

    Nokia 3.2 User Guide To send data or messages, a good connection to the network is needed. Sending may be delayed until such a connection is available. Follow the separation distance instructions until the sending is finished. During general use, the SAR values are usually well below the values stated above.
  • Page 66 HMD Global Privacy Policy, available at, applies to your use of the device. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by HMD Global is under license.
  • Page 67 Nokia 3.2 User Guide Android, Google and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC. © 2019 HMD Global Oy. All rights reserved.

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