Before Asking For Repair Work - Toshiba RBC-AX32U(W)-E Owner's Manual

Wireless remote controller kit
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Before asking for repair work

Check the following before asking for repair work.
Check again
Operation does
The air conditioner is not working or a power failure
not start even if
has occurred.
the switch is
The power switch is not turned on.
turned on.
The air conditioner is in the ON timer operation.
The batteries of the remote controller have been
The LEDs on the signal receiving unit are not in
normal state or operation mode is not correct.
Is not the sate of the display lamp "Disagreement of
(heat)" or "A (Automatic operation)"?
Dual swing, cycle swing, individual louver position, or power-saving
cannot be set.
Contact the dealer from whom you purchased the air conditioner.
The LEDs flash.
LEDs on the signal receiving unit
LED colour
: Green
Check those items. If any of those problems remains, stop the operation and turn off the power. Contact the dealer
whom you purchased the air conditioner from. Convey the air conditioner model name, wireless remote controller kit
model name, wireless remote controller model name, signal receiving unit model name and details of the error
(including LED flashing state). Do not repair any unit by yourself as it is dangerous.
Possible cause
Communication error between signal receiving unit and indoor unit or
address setup error when the wired remote controller is used
Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unit
The protective device of the indoor unit is activated.
The protective device of the outdoor unit is activated.
Temperature sensor error
The compressor of the outdoor unit is protected.
The air conditioner is performing a test run.
: Blinking (at intervals of 0.5 seconds)
: Green
: Orange
remote controller again.
Turn on the power switch if it is off.
Cancel the timer operation.
Replace the batteries.
Change the operation mode.
(cool) and
Change the operation mode.
This type of remote controller cannot set
such functions.
Possible cause
– 14 –
button on the


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