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2kw electric insert fire
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Automatic heating
Press "IC" button on the remote controller to start or exit the automatic heating.
When switched on, the fireplace can automatically change the heating mode
depending on the set temperature and the room temperature. During a timed
starting process, it is possible to start heating ahead of schedule.
Setting the date and time
Press "DATE TIME" button, then press the "▲" or "▼" to select the day.
Press "DATE TIME" button again, then press the "+" or "-" to set the hour.
Press "DATE TIME" button one more time, and then press the "+" or "-" to
set the minute.
Press "OK" button to complete.
Temperature setting
The default set temperature is 30 ℃, press "+" or "-" on the remote controller to
set the temperature, which ranges from 15 to 30℃. And this setting is only for
the temperature in the standard mode, not for the temperature in the timer
NOTE: The set temperature must be higher than the room temperature for the
appliance to work.
Timer setting
There are 10 timer settings/programmes. Each setting has its own date, power-
on time and shutdown time. The maximum duration for each setting is 23 hours
50 minutes.
The date for each setting can be any day or days in a week. The date in each
setting is the date to switch on the appliance. If the shutdown time of the
setting is the second day, then there's no need to set the date. You can simply
set the shutdown time only.
Below are the steps to set up the timer:
Press the "TIMER SET" button first to start the timer mode.
Press the "+" or "-" to select the power-on time.
Press the "▲" button to select the shutdown time,
Press "C" to cancel the setting.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents