Problem Solving - Zanussi ZEFIST1001SS User Manual

2kw electric insert fire
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My appliance does not work when I turn it on:
1. Check that your appliance is plugged in and the power is
turned on at the mains socket.
2. Try another mains socket.
3. Check the appliance is in an upright position.
4. Check that the thermostat setting has not been set too low.
5. If the appliance still doesn't work, do not try to repair it
If your appliance power is automatically cut off, follow the step
1. Unplug your appliance from the mains socket and allow it to
completely cool down.
2. Inspect your appliance. Clean the air inlet and air outlet with
a vacuum cleaner if necessary. If there are any signs of
physical damage (e.g. melting, or burning of the case), do
not attempt to use the appliance. Please leave all
maintenance work to qualified personnel.
3. Plug in the appliance and switch it on again. If it cuts off
again, move the appliance to a better ventilated location.



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