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Samsung MXD-A16K1X025A Installation Manual

Air handling unit application kit


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Air Handling Unit Application Kit
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  • Page 1 INSTALLATION MANUAL Air Handling Unit Application Kit MXD-A16K1X025A MXD-A22K1X050A MXD-A22K2X075A MXD-A22K2X100A Air Conditioner DB98-31836A(1)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents SAFETY INFORMATION FUNCTION SETTING ..........• Setting the Address ......19 EXTERNAL APPEARANCE ..... • Setting the Main Address ....20 • Setting the Controller Address ..20 • External Appearance ......• Setting Up Function Switch ....21 ACCESSORIES ........
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION The following safety precautions must be taken when installing the unit. Be aware that AHU-KIT has to be combined with DVM Plus 3 or 4 Series outdoor unit only. Use R410A refrigerant.  When using R410A, moisture or foreign substances may affect the capacity and reliability of the product. ...
  • Page 4 SAFETY INFORMATION  (Continued) CAUTION Install the cables with supplied cables Make sure that the power for AHU-KIT firmly. Fix them securely so that external is under maximum, and over minimum force is not exerted to the terminal board. voltage allowed. If the connection or fixing is incomplete, it can It may cause electrical component malfunction ...
  • Page 5: External Appearance

    EXTERNAL APPEARANCE External Appearance EEV-KIT Parts and components EEV body Lower insulation Upper insulation Holder Cover Clamp Control-KIT Parts and components Controller board Case Cover...
  • Page 6: Accessories

    OUT sensor holder ITEM Sensor clip (10m) (10m) (OD Ø6.8mm) (OD Ø7.8mm) QUANTITY IMAGE EEV coil ITEM Aluminum tape Rubber tape Insulator 2.5HP/5HP 7.5HP/10HP (MXD-A16K1X025A/A22K1X050A) (MXD-A22K2X075A/A22K2X100A) QUANTITY 85㎜ 85㎜ 100㎜ IMAGE 110㎜ 110㎜ 170㎜ Cable-nut Screw plug Wired Remote Installation ITEM Cable-tie...
  • Page 7: Before Installation

    (SIMPLE BMS may indicate the different condition of AHU, if AHU was controlled by other controller finally.) Recommended AHU Size AHU Capacity Allowance ( ㎾ ) AHU Internal Heat Exchanger Volume Allowance ( ㎤ ) AHU-KIT MODEL Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum MXD-A16K1X025A 8.75 1,200 1,500 MXD-A22K1X050A 17.5 2,150 2,688 MXD-A22K2X075A 26.25...
  • Page 8: Installation

    INSTALLATION Control-KIT Installation • Make sure that Control-KIT should be installed within 5m from the EEV-KIT. (Supplied wire in the Accessory box is 10m.) • Close the box with the cover and cable-nut securely so that Control-KIT is fireproofed. 1) Drill 4 holes on the correct position of the wall and fix the Control-KIT securely. (refer to the dimension of figure below.) 2) Open the box and connect the cables according to the diagram.
  • Page 9: Control-Kit Function

    INSTALLATION  (Continued) Control-KIT Function • Control-KIT uses EEV to control the amount of refrigerant flow and controls the system through outdoor unit and wired remote controller. • Control-KIT outputs the contact signal for AHU fan operation. Terminal block 1, 2 (Refer to page 10) outputs the AHU fan ON contact signal (220~240V) for AHU when operating in Cool/Heat/Fan mode.
  • Page 10: Control-Kit Circuit Diagram

    INSTALLATION  (Continued) Control-KIT Circuit Diagram  AHU-KIT sensor has approximately 10㏀ of resistance value at indoor temperature of 25˚C.
  • Page 11: External Controller Diagram

    INSTALLATION  (Continued) External Controller Diagram (MIM-B14) Circuit diagram of external Operation specification according to controller’s output AHU-KIT PBA DIP S/W set up AHU-KIT DIP S/W STATE WIRE NO. K11 OFF (Refer to page 21) AC LAMP 1, 2 ERROR Check 3, 4 COMP.
  • Page 12 INSTALLATION  (Continued) Operational Voltage range against Setting temperature Set Temperature Simple BMS Voltage Range Heat Cool 10.0V ~ 9.6V 30˚C 30˚C 9.6V ~ 9.2V 30˚C 30˚C 9.2V ~ 8.8V 30˚C 30˚C 8.8V ~ 8.4V 30˚C 30˚C 8.4V ~ 8.0V 30˚C 30˚C 8.0V ~ 7.6V...
  • Page 13: Connecting The Power Terminal

    INSTALLATION  (Continued) Connecting the Power Terminal Connecting Power/Communication cable • Turn off the power before connecting the power terminal. • Maximum cable length and the amount of voltage drop for AHU power/communication cables should be under 10%. • Consider power usage of the AHU when installing the ELB. •...
  • Page 14: Control-Kit Connections

    INSTALLATION  (Continued) Control-KIT Connections POWER[AC] FAN ON[AC] FAN CHECK 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Fan status feedback (Non-voltage contact signal)v 220~240V, AHU fan ON contact signal 220~240V, Power supply Outdoor unit Wired remote control TEO TEO F2 : Outdoor unit communication cable F1 : Outdoor unit communication cable...
  • Page 15: Eev-Kit Installation

    INSTALLATION  (Continued) EEV-KIT Installation • Make sure that EEV-KIT should be installed within 5m from the heat exchanger and Control-KIT. (Supplied wire in the Accessory box is 10m.) 1) Open the EEV-KIT cover by unscrewing 4 screws on the side of the box. 2) Drill 4 holes on the correct position of the wall and fix the EEV-KIT securely.
  • Page 16: In/Out Sensor Installation

    INSTALLATION  (Continued) IN/OUT Sensor Installation 1) IN sensor should be attached after the distributor, on the coldest part of the heat exchanger pipe. 2) OUT sensor should be installed approximately 200mm behind the header of AHU heat exchanger. 3) IN/OUT sensor should be insulated for optimized system performance. 4) Room temperature sensor should be installed where room air enters.
  • Page 17 INSTALLATION  (Continued) IN/OUT sensor installation example 1 1) Check the sensor and the sensor holder. Sensor holder ID Type Sensor OD(mm) Sensor clip Sensor holder Note (mm) IN sensor Ø 6 Ø 6.8 OUT sensor Ø 7 Ø 7.8 Insulator Sensor 2) Braze the sensor holder on the selected location of the pipe.
  • Page 18 INSTALLATION  (Continued) IN/OUT sensor installation example 2 1) Check the sensor and the sensor holder. Sensor Sensor holder ID Type Sensor OD (mm) Note (mm) Insulator Cable-tie IN sensor Ø 6 Ø 6.8 OUT sensor Ø 7 Ø 7.8 Aluminum tape Rubber tape 2) Put the sensor on the pipe.
  • Page 19: Function Setting

    • After the installation, you have to set up the address. Use MAIN and RMC switch to set the AHU-KIT address. • 2.5HP(MXD-A16K1X025A)/5HP(MXD-A22K1X050A) : Connect EEV to CN62 Only (Do not connect CN60) 7.5HP(MXD-A22K2X075A)/10HP(MXD-A22K2X100A): Connect EEV to CN62/CN60 (Match the color of EEV connector and the socket)
  • Page 20: Setting The Main Address

    FUNCTION SETTING  (Continued) Setting the Main Address • Main address is the standard address for the communication between the Example Main address :12 outdoor unit and the AHU-KIT. MAIN • If the main address is not set up appropriately, communication error can occur and the AHU-KIT may not operate.
  • Page 21: Setting Up Function Switch

    FUNCTION SETTING  (Continued) Setting Up Function Switch  Factory default K1K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7K8 K9K10K11K12 Switch No. Function ON (Default) K1 External Thermistor Disable Enable K2 Centralized control Disable Enable SW05 K3 Setting up Capacity 1 K3 and K4 Set up the capacity. Refer to the table below.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Initial Check-up 1) Check the connection status between Indoor unit and the AHU-KIT. • Make sure you have followed instructions and wiring diagram shown in the installation manual. • Make sure AHU-KIT PBA is installed in a place where there are no influence from outdoor humidity, dust and temperature.
  • Page 23: Sensor Error

    TROUBLESHOOTING  (Continued) Sensor Error AHU-KIT heat exchanger IN sensor detachment error ↔ xxx (xxx : Address of an indoor unit with an error) Outdoor unit display Explanation Refer to below explanation. Reason Indoor heat exchanger IN sensor detachment. 1) Explanation •...
  • Page 24 TROUBLESHOOTING  (Continued) AHU-KIT temperature sensor OPEN/SHORT error (ROOM sensor OPEN/SHORT) Outdoor unit display (IN sensor OPEN/SHORT) (OUT sensor OPEN/SHORT) Explanation When OPEN/SHORT signal is received for temperature sensor of AHU-KIT Reason Poor connection between sensor and the PBA, or poor conditioned sensor. 1) Self check Is indoor room temperature sensor connector properly...
  • Page 25: Fan Error

    TROUBLESHOOTING  (Continued) Fan Error Outdoor unit display When Control-KIT outputs fan operation status signal and the fan feedback Explanation signal stays OPEN for more than 10 seconds. ( AHU-KIT only) • Poor AHU fan operation Reason • Missing or Incorrect circuit system for fan feedback check. 1) Self check Set the K12 DIP switch ON.
  • Page 26: How To Inspect Just In Case The Below Condition Is Satisfied

    TROUBLESHOOTING  (Continued) How to Inspect Just in Case the Below Condition is Satisfied Outdoor unit display In Cool mode, Min.100 and Max.480 EEV steps can be controlled. Explanation In Heat mode, Min 250 EEV steps can be controlled. • Inappropriate EVA IN/OUT sensor location •...
  • Page 27: In-Tracking Error

    TROUBLESHOOTING  (Continued) In-tracking Error Error between AHU-KIT and outdoor unit at the beginning of operation(in tracking) Outdoor unit display Explanation Communication error between AHU-KIT and the outdoor unit Reason Refer to following self check 1) Self check Check the number of AHU-KIT set up on outdoor unit PBA is equal to actual number of AHU-KIT installed.
  • Page 28 TROUBLESHOOTING  (Continued) Error between AHU-KIT and outdoor unit during operation(after tracking) Outdoor unit display Communication is off for 2 minutes between AHU-KIT and the outdoor unit during operation. Explanation (Ensure room) Reason Communication error between AHU-KIT and the outdoor or incorrect AHU-KIT number setting 1) Self check Press the reset KEY(K3) on the outdoor unit PBA and check the display.
  • Page 29: After Installation

    AFTER INSTALLATION AHU-KIT Installation Check 1) Ensure that Control-KIT is correctly installed. • You can choose the built-in type or auxillary type depending on installation environment. • Ensure that the Control-KIT cables are correctly connected. • Control-KIT should be fireproofed and avoid direct sunlight upon installation. (Especially for individual type) •...
  • Page 30 MEMO...
  • Page 31 MEMO  (Continued)

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