Únicamente para personal de servicio autorizado.
A uso esclusivo del personale tecnico autorizzato.
Μόνο για εξουσιοδοτημένο τεχνικό προσωπικό.
Только для авторизованного обслуживающего персонала.
For authorized service personnel only.
Nur für autorisiertes Fachpersonal.
Pour le personnel agréé uniquement.
Apenas para técnicos autorizados.
Yalnızca yetkili servis personeli için.
PART NO. 9378945111


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu AIRSTAGE AJY126GALH

  • Page 1 INSTALLATION MANUAL OUTDOOR UNIT For authorized service personnel only. INSTALLATIONSANLEITUNG AUßENGERÄT Nur für autorisiertes Fachpersonal. MANUEL D’INSTALLATION UNITÉ EXTÉRIEURE Pour le personnel agréé uniquement. AJYA72GALH MANUAL DE INSTALACIÓN AJYA90GALH AJY108GALH UNIDAD EXTERIOR AJY126GALH Únicamente para personal de servicio autorizado. AJY144GALH MANUALE DI INSTALLAZIONE UNITÀ...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INSTALLATION MANUAL To install a unit that uses the R410A refrigerant, use dedicated tools and piping materials that have been manufactured specifi cally for R410A use. PART NO. 9378945111 Because the pressure of the R410A refrigerant is approximately 1.6 times higher VRF system outdoor unit than the R22, failure to use dedicated piping material or improper installation can cause rupture or injury.
  • Page 3: About The Unit

    Do not install the unit in the following areas: Tool name Contents of change for R22 tool • Area with high salt content, such as at the seaside. It will deteriorate metal parts, causing the parts to fall or the unit to leak water. A conventional (R22) vacuum pump can be used by install- •...
  • Page 4: Optional Parts

    Space saving combination INSTALLATION WORK Combination (HP) 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 Please obtain the approval of the customer when selecting the location of installation Outdoor Unit 1 (HP) 10 12 14 16 10 10 12 12 16 16 and installing the main unit.
  • Page 5 Fig. CAUTION <Side view> <Front> <Rear> When there is a wall in front of the unit, provide a space of 500mm or more as maintenance space. When there is a wall at the left side of the unit, provide a space of 30mm or more as maintenance space.
  • Page 6: Transportation The Outdoor Unit

    Fig. Single installation Fig. <Top view> <Top view> 100mm 400mm <Rear> or more or more <Front> 500mm or more 200mm or more Fig. ultiple installations 1000mm <Top view> or more <Rear> <Front> 200mm or more 1000mm 400mm 400mm or more or more or more 800mm...
  • Page 7: Installation The Unit

    Lifting by forklift Fig. • When using the forklift to lift the unit, pass the forklift arms through the opening When installing piping from the space as shown in below. bottom of the outdoor units, the Front : Bottom of the wooden delivery pallet. required space under the outdoor Side : Space between pallet and cabinet.
  • Page 8: Pipe Selection

    • Allowable pip length (actual pipe length) Master Slave Slave unit unit1 unit2 Between master outdoor unit and the a+e+f 165 m or less farthest indoor unit a+e+p Between the fi rst separation tube and the 60 m or less f, p farthest indoor unit Pipe size (table A)
  • Page 9: Protection Of Pipes

    Table. (Between separation tube and RB unit PIPE INSTALLATION Outside diameter mm (in) Cooling capacity of Model code Discharge Suction 5. 1. Brazing indoor unit (kW) Liquid pipe Gas pipe Gas pipe 07, 09, 12, 14 2.2, 2.8, 3.6, 4.0, 4.5 6.35 (1/4") 9.52 (3/8") 12.70 (1/2")
  • Page 10: Piping Method

    5. 3. 2. Removing the pinch pipe 0.5 m or more Separation tube Main pipe To indoor WARNING unit Remove the pinch pipe only when the internal gas is completely drained as shown To indoor unit on the below instructions. Header If gas still remains inside, the piping may crack if you melt the brazing fi...
  • Page 11: Multiple Connections

    5. 3. 3. Pipe connection Outdoor Capacity 2 Units : Unit 1 ≥ Unit 2 CAUTION 3 Units : Unit 1 ≥ Unit 2 ≥ Unit 3 Seal the pipe route hole with putty (fi eld supply) such that there are no gaps. Small insects or animals that are trapped in the outdoor unit may cause a short circuit in the electrical component box.
  • Page 12: Electrical Wiring

    ELECTRICAL WIRING CAUTION To prevent the oil from settling in the stopped unit, install the pipes between the 6. 1. The precautions of electrical wiring outdoor units so that they are level or are tilted upward to the outdoor units. WARNING Examples of multiple unit installation are shown below.
  • Page 13: Wiring Method

    6. 2. Wiring method The wiring example for RB units ,outdoor units and indoor units is shown in the fi gure. To other refrigerant circuit outdoor unit Power supply Power supply Power supply 400V 3Ø 50Hz 400V 3Ø 50Hz 400V 3Ø 50Hz Breaker Breaker Breaker...
  • Page 14: Knockout Hole

    Fig. In case of connected outdoor unit 6. 3. Knockout hole Transmission cable 230 V 1ø 50 Hz CAUTION RB unit power supply GOOD cable Seal the wiring route hole with putty (fi eld supply) such that there are no gaps. 400 V 3ø...
  • Page 15 6. 5. 1. Transmission wiring specifi cations The transmission cable connects indoor units belonging to the same RB group. The transmission cable cannot be used to connect indoor units belonging to different RB Follow the specifi cations below for the transmission cable. groups.
  • Page 16: Wiring Procedure

    (1) Connecting the power supply cable 6. 6. Wiring procedure Caution when wiring cable • Remove the cover of the electrical compartment and follow the terminal plate to con- 1) Use crimp-type terminals with insulating sleeves as shown in the fi gure to con- nect the electric cables to the terminal.
  • Page 17: External Input And External Output

    Input 4 Input 1 Input 5 Input 3 6. 7. External input and external output CN131 CN133 CN135 CN134 (Yellow) 6. 7. 1. Terminal position (White) (Orange) (Red) Input 5 Input 4 Input 3 Input 1 Output 1 P.C.B Output 2 CN135 CN134 CN133...
  • Page 18: Field Setting

    7 Segment LED lamp P.C.B LED indicator DC power supply (External) 12 to 24 V Rotary switch POWER ERROR MODE LED101 LED102 CN136 (GREEN) (RED) LED105 LED104 REF AD (Black) SW106 SW105 or CN137 X 10 SET 1 SET 3 SET 4 MODE SET 2...
  • Page 19: Rotary Switch Setting

    Confi gure the setting (DIP switch SET5) of the terminal resistor of the outdoor units as 7. 4. Push button setting shown below from conditions 1 to 3. Various functions can be set when necessary. SET5 Perform settings after all indoor units have stopped operation. Terminal resistor Remarks Table.
  • Page 20 Standard  Setting number (x00)  High static pressure 1 Setting number (x01) (equivalent to 0.12in.WG Electricity meter ······ ··· ··· (30Pa)) No. setting 1 *2 High static pressure Setting number (x98) mode High static pressure 2 Setting number (x99) (equivalent to 0.32in.WG (80Pa)) Set the ones digit and tens digit of the No.
  • Page 21: Signal Amplifi Er Address Setting

    1: FUNCTION Setting 7. 5.  Signal amplifi  er address setting 7. 5. 1.  Signal amplifi  er address setting First 2 digits Last 2 digits 7 segment LED indicator (LED105, LED104) When using signal amplifi ers, the address for signal amplifi ers must be set. The address for signal amplifi ers can be set automatically from 1 outdoor unit (master unit) on the network.
  • Page 22: Rb Unit Address Setting

    Fig. Wiring example for automatic address setting 7. 7. RB unit address setting (1) Signal amplifi er wiring example (2)(3) Indoor unit wiring example (Connect the indoor and outdoor units of the same refrigerant system as shown CAUTION below.) After the address confi guration is complete for the indoor and outdoor units as well (1) Signal amplifi...
  • Page 23: Resistance Measurement Of Transmission Cable (Measure With Breaker Off)

    Fig. B 7. 8. Resistance measurement of transmission cable Charging cap (Measure with breaker OFF) Valve Spindle CAUTION Open Open Do not turn on the power if the resistance between the terminals of the transmis- sion cable is abnormal. Otherwise, the circuit board may be damaged. Hexagon Measure the resistance between 2 terminals of a transmission cable.
  • Page 24: Additional Charging

    8. 3. Additional charging Total length of Total length ø12.70 mm liquid of ø9.52 mm b × 0.114 b × 0.058 CAUTION pipe liquid pipe (kg/m) (kg/m) Do not turn on the power unless all operations are complete. After evacuating the system, add refrigerant. Do not charge the system with a refrigerant other than R410A.
  • Page 25: Installing Insulation

    Perform test operation for each refrigerant system. 8. 4. Installing insulation You can set “cooling test run" or “heating test run” with the push button on the outdoor unit PC board. • Install insulation material after conducting the “8.1 Sealing Test”. •...
  • Page 26: Checklist

    9. 3. Checklist E 7 1. 1 Outdoor unit discharge thermistor 1 error E 7 2. 1 Outdoor unit compressor temp sensor 1 error E 7 3. 4 Outdoor unit heat ex. 1 gas temp. sensor error Check description Check method Criteria E 7 3.
  • Page 27 Dry-bulb temperature and wet-bulb Condition of max. cooling temperature at maximum electric cur- rent and input Manufacture year Manufacture year Origin Origin country Manufacturer FUJITSU GENERAL LIMITED Manufacturer Address : 1116, Suenaga, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki 213-8502, Japan Label En-26...

Table of Contents