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Electrolux EDW5505EPS Installation Instructions Manual

Electrolux edw5505eps: installation guide
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Summary of Contents for Electrolux EDW5505EPS

  • Page 2: Before You Begin

    READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS NOTE Installer: Leave instructions with owner. Owner: Read your dishwasher Use & Care Guide. It contains important safety information for operating this appliance. It also has many suggestions for getting the best results from your dishwasher. Read all instructions before installing the dishwasher.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Removing the Access Cover ... 14 Installing the Elbow ... 14 Leveling the Dishwasher ... 15 Positioning the Dishwasher for Installation ... 15 Finishing the Connections ... 16 Finishing the Water Connection ... 16 Finishing the Drain Connection ... 16 Finishing the Electrical Connection ...
  • Page 4: Preparing For Installation

    Preparing for Installation BEFORE YOU START Make sure the area selected for the installation site meets product dimension requirements. MATERIALS PROVIDED FOR INSTALLATION • Mounting screws • 3/4” UL approved strain relief • Sound seals (select models only) • Two mounting strips •...
  • Page 5: Installation Tips

    Preparing for Installation INSTALLATION TIPS Please read all safety instructions before installing your new Electrolux dishwasher. WARNING Electric Shock Hazard – Disconnect electrical power at the fuse box or circuit breaker box before beginning installation. Failure to follow this warning could result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Preparing for Installation GETTING STARTED WARNING Electric Shock Hazard – Observe all local codes and ordinances for electrical and plumbing connections. All electrical and plumbing work should be performed by qualified persons. Failure to follow this warning could result in death or serious injury. 1.
  • Page 7 NOTE Drain, water and electrical lines should be roughed-in before going any further. NOTE If the dishwasher is installed at the end of a cabinet line, the dishwasher sides and back must be fully enclosed.
  • Page 8: Making The Connections

    Making the Connections LOCATING THE CONNECTIONS NOTE Do not cross drain, water and electrical lines in front of dishwasher motor or frame. 1. Review dimensions in Figure 2 to locate the dishwasher’s drain, water and electrical connections. 2. All connections must be made in the shaded area of Figure 1, page 7.
  • Page 9: Making The Electrical Connection

    Either of the hoses can burst. Flooding may occur and cause property damage. Property damage resulted from actions described will void the warranty. An existing or new, copper or stainless steel braided line, rated for dishwasher use, should attach the dishwasher to the water supply line.
  • Page 10: Making The Drain Connections

    2. Review Figure 4 and Figure 5, page 12 to see the different ways to connect dishwasher to drain system. Choose the method that best suits your need. 3. If you connect to a sink drain, entry will need to be above the trap. A “Y”...
  • Page 15: Finishing The Connections

    1. If a longer drain hose is required, add up to 48” of length for a total of 10 feet. The hose must not restrict the flow from the drain of the dishwasher to the house’s drain system. The type of hose used should be consistent with the type and diameter installed on the dishwasher.
  • Page 19: Completing The Installation

    Completing the Installation INSTALLING THE TOEKICK 1. Loosen depth adjustment screws. 2. Slide bracket out to proper depth and tighten screws. See Figure 23. 3. Attach supplied toekick to brackets with provided color-matched screws. Figure 23 See Figure 24. 4. Tighten screws. Figure 23 Figure 24 Figure 24...
  • Page 20: Adjusting Trim Plates

    Adjusting Trim Plates ADJUSTING STAINLESS STEEL TRIM PLATES Your Electrolux dishwasher has been equipped with adjustable stainless steel side trim plates. Each side can be adjusted independently to create a clean, integrated look with your cabinets. To adjust side trim strips: 1.
  • Page 21 5/32” Drill Bit Masking Tape Safety Glasses Original Installation Instructions Additional items required if using handle provided with dishwasher: #10 – 32 Bolt, 1” Long 7/32” Drill Bit ALL ELECTRICAL WIRING, GROUNDING AND PLUMBING SHOULD BE DONE IN ACCORDANCE WITH NATIONAL AND LOCAL CODES BY QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS...
  • Page 22 Step 1: Construct the Custom Panel. 1.1 Ensure the custom panel is the same size as the panel shown in the figure below. back 1.2 Drill holes in the instructions on the front of the template. If the template is missing follow the instructions on following page.
  • Page 23 1.2B Custom panel construction without a template. 1.2.1 Find the center of panel at the top and bottom and draw and line through both points, dividing the panel in two. 1.2.2 Drill two 1/8” holes per above figure no more than 3/8” deep. 1.2.3 Drill four 5/32”...
  • Page 24 Save the screws. 2.1.2 Slide the existing front panel upward approximately 1 ½”. Next pull the panel away from the dishwasher, separating it from the door. 2.2 Remove the two panel fasteners from the bottom of the front panel.
  • Page 25 2.3 Remove the two panel fasteners from the face of the control panel on the inner door. 2.4 Screw each of the four panel fasteners into the four 5/32” pilot holes previously drilled into the back of the wood panel.
  • Page 26 NOTE: Use these instructions ONLY if you are using the same handle provided with the dishwasher. You will need to purchase two #10 - 32 bolts that are 1 inch long. These can be found at any local hardware store.
  • Page 27 Step 4: Mounting the Custom Panel to the Dishwasher. 4.1 Align the four panel fasteners with the four holes of the keyhole slots on the inner door panel. 4.2 Once all four fasteners are seated, slide the custom panel down until the top of the custom panel is flush with the top of the control panel.
  • Page 28 Step 5: Adjust Spring Tension on Door. 5.1 If the spring tension on the door is too great then lower the spring on the bracket. 5.2 If the spring tension on the door is not enough then: 5.2.1 Remove spring from bracket. 5.2.2 Remove the bracket by removing the two screws.

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