Hitachi L Series Service Manual

Hitachi L Series Service Manual

Electric chain hoist


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Please be sure to hand it over to the customer using.
The customer using should read it before use.
Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist
• This instruction manual explains the handling of Hitachi L-type Electric chain hoist in details so please
ensure to read over it until the end and use it correctly. Facility managers and workers who will use the
equipment should read this manual.
• This instruction manual describes the items specific to the L-type Electric chain hoist. The attached
"Electric chain hoist owner's manual" describes the general handling method of Electric chain hoists, so
read the manuals together and use them correctly.
• When the installation / operation / maintenance are inappropriate, the electric chain hoist cannot be used
smoothly, and may cause unexpected troubles and accidents.
• After reading, please carefully store all the manuals together and utilize these during maintenance and
• Please note that we do not guarantee Electric chain hoists that are remodeled.
L - type (single speed)
LN - type (dual speed)
LS - type (single phase)
Service Manual
Original version


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Hitachi L Series

  • Page 1 Service Manual Original version • This instruction manual explains the handling of Hitachi L-type Electric chain hoist in details so please ensure to read over it until the end and use it correctly. Facility managers and workers who will use the equipment should read this manual.
  • Page 3 Safety Precautions Improper use of the Electric Chain Hoist may result in generation of a falling load, electric shock, orother dangerous state. Before installation, mounting, running, operation, and maintenance and inspection, always thoroughly read this instruction manual and use the equipment correctly. Use the equipment after gaining knowledge of the equipment, safety information, and precautions.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1. Introduction ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 0 1-1. Confirmation of the product and accessories …………………………………………………… 1 1-2. About the contents of the instruction manual……………………………………………………… 1 1-3. About guarantee ……………………………………………………………………………………… 1 2. Product specifications …………………………………………………………………………………… 2 2-1. Standard specification ……………………………………………………………………………… 2 2-2.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    • Regarding the safety precautions on using the Electric chain hoist, and when doing the mounting, installation, maintenance and inspection, in addition to this instruction manual, please ensure to read the separate volume "Hitachi Electric chain hoist Owner's Manual and observe all the cautionary notes.
  • Page 6: Product Specifications

    2. Product specifications 2-1. Standard specification Machine type Electric chain hoist L-series L-type, LN-type (3phase) : 220V / 380 - 415V 50Hz, 346V 50Hz, 220 - 230 / 440 - 460V 60Hz Power supply LS-type (1phase) : 200 - 220V 50Hz, 220 - 240V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz, 220V 60Hz 500kg 0.63kW (50Hz), 0.75kW (60Hz) L-type...
  • Page 7: Speed Specification

    2-3. Speed specification Unit : m / min Hoisting speed (50Hz / 60Hz) Machine type 150kg 250kg 500kg L-type (single speed) 14.4 / 17 10.0 / 12.0 7.2 / 8.5 High-speed 14.4 / 17 10.0 / 12.0 7.2 / 8.5 LN-type (dual speed) Low-speed...
  • Page 8: Product View

    2-6. Product view Motor side Upper hook part Specification nameplate position Decelerator / brake side Capacity Power plug (9P) Nameplate position Operation plug (6P) Chain Chain bucket Lower hook part Push button - 4 -...
  • Page 9: Outer Dimensions

    2-7. Outer dimensions Dimension (mm) L-type LN-type LS-type 35.5 D' : With Emergency Stop Device - 5 -...
  • Page 10: Mounting Method

    3. Mounting method Please refer to the mounting method that is described in the separate volume "Hitachi Electric chain hoist Owner's Manual". If you have any questions about mounting, please contact our sales office or distributor. Please ask a specialist for the construction work.
  • Page 11: Electric Wiring

    3-2. Electric wiring WARNING Before connecting the power source to the Electric Chain Hoist, verify that the power source voltage matches the power requirement of the product. • Power source connection (Please provide the distribution panel to be used.) (1) Always connect the power source through a distribution panel (1 main power switch). (2) Perform the electric wiring shown in the figure.
  • Page 12: Connection Diagram

    3-3. Connection diagram (1) L-type (single speed) wiring diagram - 8 -...
  • Page 13 (2) LN-type (dual speed) wiring diagram - 9 -...
  • Page 14 (3) LS-type (single phase) wiring diagram - 10 -...
  • Page 15: Installation Steps

    4. Installation steps 4-1. About attaching the Chain Container Please attach the Chain Container as follows. (1) Align the hole positions of the Chain Container and the body frame and insert the two pins attached to the frame. (2) Tighten the nuts with spring washers in between. Frame Spring washer Chain bucket...
  • Page 16: About The Installation Of Cables

    4-2. About the installation of cables Please install the power cable and the push-button cable as follows. ( 1 ) Check whether the plug is 9P (for power supply) or 6P (for operation). ( 2 ) Push the plugs into the switch part as shown in the figure below. * There will be a "clicking"...
  • Page 17: Cautions For Use

    1. After installing the Electric chain hoist, please ensure to do a trial run following the attached "Hitachi Electric chain hoist Owner's Manual".
  • Page 18: Maintenance And Inspection

    • In case of an abnormality, stop using immediately, and use only after taking appropriate remedies referring to the section "General causes of malfunction and measures" in the "Hitachi Electric chain hoist Owner's Manual". * It is very dangerous to use in a state of abnormality, which can lead to an accident, so do not operate.
  • Page 19: Periodic Voluntary Inspection

    Ensure to take appropriate measures such as adjustment or replacement. • Never use other than genuine Hitachi parts for replacement. * There is a risk of injury due to electric shocks or falls for breakage of parts. 6-4. Disassembly / Assembly 1.
  • Page 20 (5) Remove the one M5×12 screw, then remove the switch stand and the packing. (6) Detach the 6P connector and the 9P connector from the inside (part P) of the main body. 6P, 9P connectors ( 4 ) Screw M5×12 Switch stand packing ( 7 ) Remove 4 screws (M6×16) and remove the housing and the rotor.
  • Page 21 ( 3 ) Remove 4 screws (M6×16) and remove the brake. ( 3 ) Screw M6×16 Brake 3. How to disassemble the gear (1) Disassemble by the same procedure up to step (3) of the above-mentioned ‘2. How to disassemble the brake’.
  • Page 22 ( 5 ) Remove the 2nd stage pinion, 1st stage gear, collar and 1st stage pinion. 1st stage pinion 1st stage gear 2nd stage pinion ( 5 ) Collar 4. How to disassemble the upper hook and the sprocket ( 1 ) Please disassemble following up to step (5) of the above-mentioned ‘3. How to disassemble the gear’. ( 2 ) Remove the cover B packing, collar, screws (×4).
  • Page 23 ( 4 ) Remove the center unit assembly. ( 4 ) Center unit assembly ( 5 ) Remove 4 screws (2 on each side, M6×12) and remove the upper hook and the sprocket. Upper hook Screw M6×12 Sprocket ( 6 ) Screw M6×12 ( 5 ) - 19 -...
  • Page 24 5. How to disassemble the lower hook ( 1 ) Remove 2 hexagonal socket head bolts (M6 × 25), nuts (M6) and spring washers (M6) each. ( 1 ) Nut M6 Hexagonal socket head bolt M6 × 25 Spring washer M6 ( 1 ) ( 2 ) Remove the chain, hangers and hanger pin.
  • Page 25: Inspection Of The Electromagnetic Brake

    6-5. Inspection of the electromagnetic brake Please refer to ‘ Figure 1’ and check the wear and operation status of each part. The brake gap is set to an appropriate value at shipment, however, it will become larger due to wear of the lining etc. with use. When the slip amount from the time of releasing the push-button to when the hoisted load stops, exceeds the limit given in ‘...
  • Page 26: Adjustment Of The Electromagnetic Brake Gap

    6-6. Adjustment of the electromagnetic brake gap Brake disc Lock washer (0.5 mm thickness) Lock washer (0.5 mm thickness) Solenoid U-nut Figure 2: How to adjust the brake gap Follow the procedure below to adjust to the appropriate gap (0.5 mm) when the brake gap crosses it, approaching or even crossing the limit gap (1.0 mm).
  • Page 27: How To Inspect The Hook

    6-7. How to inspect the hook 1. Inspection of cracks and wear and usage limit of the hook opening When checking the upper and lower hooks, if the following situations are confirmed, please do not use in that state and ensure to replace the hook. (1 ) The opening of the hook has increased.
  • Page 28: How To Inspect The Chain

    ( 3 ) When usage frequency is high, we recommend applying the lubricant periodically about once a week. ( 4 ) Please use Shell Tona S3 M220 (Hitachi genuine parts: part code 836492) as the lubricating oil. 2. Elongation, wear limit ( 1 ) That the inner length dimension L of the chain is greater than the value in the table below due to wear and elongation.
  • Page 29: Inspection Of The Push-Button Switch

    6-9. Inspection of the push-button switch Please check the push-button switch in the following way with the power shut off. Exchange when an abnormality is found. (1) Does the pushbutton switch work correctly? (2) Are there damage or cracks in the case, cover etc.? (3) When the cover is removed, is there any screw loosening or an abnormality in the lead wires? (4) Is there any foreign matter in it or are the contacts abnormally worn? 6-10.
  • Page 30: Inspection Of The Gears

    6-11. Inspection of the gears When checking the reduction gear, please check the lubrication by oil or grease, teeth contact, meshing state etc. visually in addition to measuring the wear amount of both the gears. Please refer to 'Table 1' and 'Table 2' for the wear limit.
  • Page 31: Inspection Of The Sprocket

    6-12. Inspection of the sprocket Inspection method : (1) Determine the wear condition of the chain seat. (2) Check for abrasion and any collapsing of the tooth portion. Judgment criteria: (1) There is no abnormal wear. (2) There is no abnormal wear or collapsed part. Unit : mm Worn parts of the sprocket Original dimensions...
  • Page 32: Oil

    7. Oil WARNING • Please use only pure gear oils for lubrication as the movements of the mechanical brake and slip clutch may be affected resulting in performance degradation if lubricant oils other than pure gear oils are used. Please replace old gear oil early as continued use of old gear oil may hasten gear wear and result in noise.
  • Page 33: Part List

  • Page 34 Bill of material of L-type - 30 -...
  • Page 35 Bill of material of LN-type - 31 -...
  • Page 36 Bill of material of LS-type - 32 -...
  • Page 37 Part list for L / LN / LS Qty per system type S/No. Part code Part name Remarks 150kg 250kg 500kg 812866 Cover B 812901 Screw AM6×12 Screw AM6×16 Brake Ass'y (3 : 200V 50/60Hz, 220V 60Hz) 812803 Includes S/No 3 -12 (3 : 220/380 - 415V 50Hz) (3 : 346V 50Hz) (1 : 220-240V 50/60Hz)
  • Page 38 Qty per system type S/No. Part code Part name Remarks 150kg 250kg 500kg BB6201DDU 812799 2nd pinion 812882 1st gear 812798 813886 812797 Collar BB6201DDU 871285 Thrust sp washer 812834 2nd gear 812778 812835 3rd pinion 812776 BB6203ZZ C ring 25 812836 3rd gear 812777...
  • Page 39 Qty per system type S/No. Part code Part name Remarks 150kg 250kg 500kg 813888 Limit lever assembly Includes S/N 69 812970 Limit spring assembly 813889 Screw AM4 × 8 812825 Limit spring 813520 BK link chain (6.3) Transaction unit 200m 813228 Nickeled chain (6.3) Transaction unit 30m...
  • Page 40 Qty per system type Remarks S/No. Part code Part name 150kg 250kg 500kg 813899 L Housing assembly 813900 L Housing assembly 813901 L Housing assembly 220V 50/60Hz, 220V60Hz 813902 LN Housing assembly 812906 LN Housing assembly 812912 LN Housing assembly 812918 LS Housing assembly 100V 50Hz...
  • Page 41 Qty per system type Remarks S/No. Part code Part name 150kg 250kg 500kg 812947 Packing Screw AM6 × 16 811328 Direction switch Screw WM4 × 10 812094 Thrust spring 871253 Centrifugal switch Caution label Specification nameplate Not shown 813027 Chain gage (6.3) 813366 Capacitor A 813367...
  • Page 42 MEMO...
  • Page 43 MEMO...
  • Page 44 3 - Q3975 - 2C...

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