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GPA-9 manual


The J102 terminal block provides keying and power control signals.
Table 1 – J102 Control Cable Pin Functions
Pin 1
Pin 2
Pin 3
Pin 4
J100 is a 50 Ohm Female Type N connector.
J101 is a 50 Ohm Female Type N connector.
R138 is used to adjust the RF power output of the amplifier in internal and mode. Turn the potentiometer
clockwise for higher power and counterclockwise for lower power. RF output power will depend on power
supply voltage (10-16V DC) and RF drive level (+27 to +30dBm)
A pair of LED indicators are located next to the Power Adjustment. The lower indicator (GREEN) will
indicate that DC power is applied and the PA is in the receive state. The upper indicator (RED) will indicate
that the PA is in the transmit state. If both are on it indicates an Overtemperature fault. (See section 3.4)

1.6 J102 Terminal Block

13.8V nominal 10 amps DC input
Power supply Ground
PTT (ground to transmit)

1.7 J100 RF Output

1.8 J101 RF Input

1.9 R138 Power Control Adjustment

1.10 LED Indicators


Table of Contents

Table of Contents