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Summary of Contents for Haier HRC116GR

  • Page 1 HRC116GR USERMANUAL V1.0...
  • Page 2 HRC116GR UserManual V1.0 Note • This manual is mainly for Windows 10. There might be some slight differences if you use other windows systems. • This manual contains the common functions of most models. Maybe it does not fit very well with your model for some functions, or maybe some of your model functions are not contained in this manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content Chapter 1 Know your computer....................1 Front View..........................1 Left View..........................6 Right View..........................7 Bottom View..........................8 Chapter 2 Operating Windows10.................... 9 Configuring the operating system in initial use............... 9 Operating System Interface....................9 Keep the computer in sleep mode or shut down............11 Connect to the wireless network..................
  • Page 4: Chapter 1 Know Your Computer

    Chapter 1 Know your computer Front View Attention: • When you close the display, please be careful not to leave pens or any other objects in between the display and the keyboard. Otherwise, the display may be damaged.
  • Page 5 Tab1-1...
  • Page 6 Chapter 1 Know your computer ■Using the keyboard Keyboard function keys Pressing certain function key to enter the corresponding system settings immediately. Keyboard Function...
  • Page 7 Chapter 1 Know your computer Function key combinations Through the use of the function keys, you can change operational feature instantly. To use this function, press and hold ; then press one of the function keys. The following describes the features of each function key. Fn + Home: Activates the home key function.
  • Page 8: Left View

    Chapter 1 Know your computer ■Positioning the display panel.The display panel can be opened to any angle up to 180 degrees. Note: • Do not open the display with too much force, otherwise the panel or hinges may be damaged. Chapter 1 Know your computer Left View...
  • Page 9: Right View

    Type C Port You can connect a Type C device to your computer by inserting its USB plug (Type C) into the Type C port on your computer. Micro SD Card Slot The computer supports the following types of memory cards: •...
  • Page 10: Bottom View

    Combo Audio Jack 1. The combo audio jack does not support a conventional microphone connection. 2. Due to differences in industry-standard, when third-party connects headphones or headset microphone, recording functions may not be supported well. USB Port You can connect a USB device to your computer by inserting its USB plug (Type A) into the USB port on your computer.
  • Page 11: Chapter 2 Operating Windows10

    Chapter 2 Operating Windows10 Configuring the operating system in initial use. The first time you use, you need to configure the operating system. The configuration...
  • Page 12: Operating System Interface

    process may include the following steps: 1. Accepting the End User License Agreement 2. Configuring the Internet connection 3. Registering the operating system 4. Creating a user account Operating System Interface Windows 10 comes with a powerful and useful start menu. To open the start menu, do one of the following: Press the Windows key on the keyboard...
  • Page 13 Settings let you perform basic tasks. You can also search for more settings with the settings search box in the upper-right corner. To open the settings, do the following: Open the Start menu and select Settings Power Button The power button is on the Start menu, click it you can choose to shut down or restart the computer, or put the computer into sleep mode.
  • Page 14: Keep The Computer In Sleep Mode Or Shut Down

    Chapter 2 Operating Windows10 Keep the computer in sleep mode or shut down When you finish using your computer, you can turn the computer into sleep mode or shut down. Putting your computer to sleep If you will be away from your computer for only a short time, put the computer to sleep. When the computer is in sleep mode, you can quickly wake it to resume use, by passing the startup process.
  • Page 15 Chapter 2 Operating Windows10 • Right-click the Start button on left bottom, and then select shut down or log off. Tasks view To open the task view, do one of the following: • Select the task view button on the taskbar. •...
  • Page 16: Connect To The Wireless Network

    Chapter 2 Operating Windows10 Connect to the wireless network Enabling wireless connection To enable the wireless feature, do the following: • Click the network menu on the right bottom of the taskbar ,to open the Network configuration page Connect to a wireless network •...
  • Page 17: Chapter 3 Troubleshooting

    Some of the networks need to connect the network on basis of security key or password. You NOTE: need to enter a security key or password. To connect to such a network, you need to ask your network administrator or Internet, and the service provider for security key or password. Chapter 3 Troubleshooting Common problems 1.
  • Page 18 2. Sleep problems The critical low-battery error message appears, and the computer immediately turns off. • The battery power is getting low. Connect the AC power adapter to the computer. The computer does not return from sleep mode, and the computer does not work. •...

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