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Installation Instructions - Haier HIS-X76SWA1 Installation Manual/User Manual


Installation instructions

Please ground reliably, but do not connect ground wire to gas pipe, lightning rod or
telephone line; Unreliable grounding may cause lelectric shock and accidents.
It should be installed in a place that can bear the weight, otherwise some parts may
drop and cause damage or loss.
Installation should be entrusted to a professional, otherwise it will be dangerous.
Do not use door handle when carring, it should be lifted from the bottom of the cabinet
body,gently lift up and put down.
Cabinet body, gently lift up and put down.
Preparation and inspection before installation
Before installation a suitable position on the cabinet should be reserved in accordance with the insta-
llation diagram; Installation must be more than 5 cm away from the gas or heating appliances or separated
by a partition.
Before installation, the strength and surface flatness of the installation site must be checked,otherwise the
machine may fall off, and the cupboard door may be skew and misplace.
Power socket should be set within 0.3 meters next to reserved position of the sterilizer.
The impulse current is about 10 amperes, please consider the electrical capacity.
Test the machine according to the instruction manual.
Built-in installation should be in accordance with the installation diagram,before use,make sure it is fixed
Should set vent in appropriate part of the built-in cabinet, the user should decide the position of the vent .
Install the sterilizer steadily into the reserved position in the cabinet, open the door, use 2 fix screw to fix
the sterilizer in the position that is flush with the face of the door.(Attention: do not tilt)