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Safety And Warnings - Haier HIS-X76SWA1 Installation Manual/User Manual


Safety and warnings

to operate
When power interruption occur during the process of operation, the cavity is in a high
temperature state, Do not immediately open the door to take things, otherwise it may
lead accidental injury such as scald.
Non-professional maintenance personnel is prohibited to change the internal wiring.
Do not disassemble and repair without permission.
If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its mainte-
nane department or a similar professional.
Do not soak the sterilizer in water or spray the sterilizer.
Do not allow children to use, or contact the sterilizer.
Do not use power sources other than
Do not damage or crush the power cord with any heavy objects.
Do not put non-utensils such as dishwashing towels into the sterilizer.
Please use a separate socket with rated current above16A and make sure ground
When pulling the plug from the socket, you must hold the head of the plug to pull it out.
Not pull the power cord.Otherwise it may cause dangers like electric shock, short cir-
cuit etc.
Do not touch the glass surface and border of the door to avoid scalding hand.
The door of the cabinet can only be opened after the sterilization is finished for 20min.
If it is urgent to open the door, please be careful to prevent burns.
The door must be closed first ,then turn on the sterilizer. If the door is not closed, not
only the sterilization cannot fulfill,It may also pose a risk of hot burns and ultraviolet
If it is found that the light emitted by the ultraviolet sterilization lamp can be directly
seen without passing through any transparent object in the process of use, please stop
using turn off the power immediately, notify the professional for repair. If ultraviolet
sterilization lamp is damaged, will have to replace it with the same power and wavelen
follow guidance
or power sockets in bad contact.
Should be
aware and notice