Devolo Wireless Extender User Manual

Devolo dlan wireless extender extenders: user guide.
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  • Page 1

    ® dLAN Wireless extender...

  • Page 2

    The reproduction and distribution of the documentation and software supplied with this product and the use of its contents is subject to written authorization from devolo any alterations that arise as the result of technical development. Declarations and certificates of conformity that were available at the time of going to press are included in the appendix to this documentation.

  • Page 3: Preface, Thank You, About This Manual

    Chapter 3 provides detailed information on the options of the integrated ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender Wireless extender, you have purchased a HomePlug adapter ® ® Wireless extender also features a LAN port with ® and 54 Mbps via WLAN, this convenient adapter lets you Wireless extender.

  • Page 4

    Interesting information: additional tips and background info on the configuration of the dLAN From time to time you will find the icon of a devolo to the left of the text; the program will be explained in greater detail at that point.

  • Page 5: Package Contents

    Please take a moment to ensure that the contents of the package are complete before starting with the installation of your dLAN extender. You should have the following items: ® dLAN Wireless extender adapter, Printed information leaflet, CD-ROM with devolo product manual, additional documentation.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    What exactly is dLAN What is WLAN?...8 ® What the dLAN Sample applications ...10 ® 1.4.1 dLAN Wireless extender as an access point...10 ® 1.4.2 dLAN Wireless extender as a client...10 Initial use...12 Displays and connections ...12 2.1.1 LEDs ...12 2.1.2...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    WLAN client operation ...40 Security in the WLAN...42 ® Additional devolo software ...44 devolo EasyClean...44 devolo EasyShare...45 Appendix ...48 Technical data ...48 Declarations of conformity...50 Warranty conditions ...51 ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender ® network ...31 ® network ...31 ® ...35...

  • Page 8: Introduction

    (from 1 to 13) and name (SSID) has a limited range. The range of the access point, which is also known as a "radio cell", is impeded by building walls. In ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender ® and WLAN technology now attain speeds you would ® ® (networking via the ®...

  • Page 9: Wireless Extender Has To Offer

    Thanks to its integrated LAN port, the Wireless extender can also be used as a WLAN adapter for a single network device. As a HomePlug adapter, the Wireless extender can connect a single device such as a computer or printer to the dLAN outlet.

  • Page 10: Wireless Extender As An Access Point, Wireless Extender As A Client, 1.4.1 Dlan

    Introduction Sample applications While it would be feasible to use the Wireless extender as a simple dLAN WLAN adapter in combination with a variety of other network components, ® devolo markets other devices such as the dLAN Stick which are better suited for such applications. The dLAN...

  • Page 11

    Ethernet cable (when using a public access point to access the Internet, for example). The illustration shows how the Wireless extender connects computers in the ® dLAN wirelessly to an existing router in another building, which in turn provides Internet access via Ethernet.

  • Page 12: Initial Use, Displays And Connections, Leds

    Initial use Initial use This chapter covers the hardware and software features of the dLAN Wireless extender, as well as its installation and initial use. Displays and connections 2.1.1 LEDs The current status of the dLAN the housing. ® ®...

  • Page 13: Ports, Wireless Extender

    Ports ® The dLAN Wireless extender is easy to use. The device has very few ports: The AC plug connects the adapter to your power outlet. The WLAN antenna provides the connection to other wireless network devices. It can be set at an angle of up to 90° in order to optimize wireless communications to the adapter's location.

  • Page 14: Software Installation, Software For Windows

    EasyShare lets you quickly and easily transfer files from one computer to another in your home network. devolo EasyClean is a convenient way to clear your private data in Microsoft Internet Explorer. To install the software, insert the included CD-ROM in the CD drive of your computer.

  • Page 15

    During the installation process, you will be given the choice of installing all five software components (Standard) or selecting individual ones (Custom). We recommend a complete installation of all applications, or as a minimum the devolo dLAN Configuration Wizard and devolo Informer. The ® devolo software does not continuously take up resources of your Windows operating system.

  • Page 16: Software For Linux

    The Software ® the Linux operating system. The dLAN Linux Package contains all of the components that you need to set up a dLAN dLAN wireless extender linux lets you call up the configuration of the adapter. ® ® devolo dLAN...

  • Page 17: Configuration, The Devolo Informer

    The WLAN station can either establish a connection to an existing wireless network or serve as an access point. Computers can also be connected directly to the Ethernet port of the Wireless extender as an alternative to the WLAN or in addition to it. ® The dLAN that can be accessed using a standard web browser.

  • Page 18: Accessing The Integrated Configuration Interface

    (Start dLAN Configuration Wizard and online configuration interface via Open Status and Management). Multiple instances of devolo Informer installed in your network can be set to exchange information about found dLAN Options…. You may also specify whether information on the performance of ®...

  • Page 19

    Three central sections will be displayed when the configuration interface opens: WLAN Status provides general information about your wireless network and other stations connected to your Wireless extender where available. Change Configuration lets you adjust a variety of your adapter's settings.

  • Page 20: Wlan Status, Change Configuration

    WLAN status provides a concise overview of the current status of your ® dLAN Wireless extender. WLAN Connection displays the current status of your wireless network, consisting of the name (SSID) and the selected encryption, if applicable. Connected Stations displays the network addresses of all wireless devices currently connected to your Wireless extender.

  • Page 21: Security, Network Settings

    IP addresses in your network and you would like the Wireless extender to automatically receive its IP address. The advantage in this is that ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender ® Wireless extender. Enter the current ® Wireless extender ® Wireless...

  • Page 22: Wlan Mode

    Informer and select the Status and Management context menu item to open the configuration interface in your web browser. The current IP address of the Wireless extender will then be displayed in the address field of the browser.

  • Page 23: Wlan Settings

    Configuration As a WLAN client: in this mode, the Wireless extender connects your ® dLAN router. In Overview operating mode of your dLAN access point, you will need to configure additional settings related to the SSID, channel and encryption (see following section). To use your Wireless extender as a WLAN client in an existing wireless network, enter the network's name (SSID: Service Set Identifier) and WEP key (if applicable).

  • Page 24

    Overview Change Configuration WLAN Settings. When using your Wireless extender as a WLAN client, all of the options on this page are irrelevant. A message informing you of the current status will be displayed if that is the case.

  • Page 25

    63 characters. These can be simply entered using the keyboard without prior conversion into hexadecimal format, as is the case with WEP. Client access to the ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender...

  • Page 26: Wlan Filters

    Configuration Wireless extender can also be restricted to the highly secure WPA2 method by enabling the "Only permit WPA2 (maximum security)" option. Be sure to save your changes before leaving the configuration area. We recommend always encrypting your WLAN connections. Without it, anyone within range can intrude on your home network and use your Internet connection without your authorization.

  • Page 27: Dlan Settings

    Please remember to enter the MAC address of your own computer as well if you are connected to the Wireless extender via WLAN rather than the Ethernet port. Otherwise, you will lock yourself out of the device by activating the WLAN filter! 3.4.6...

  • Page 28: Management, Reset Configuration

    3.5.1 Reset configuration Use Overview ® dLAN Wireless extender to its factory defaults. Your personal settings will be discarded during the reset. The most recently assigned dLAN ® the dLAN Wireless extender adapter will be retained, however, and will not be reset to the default password "HomePlug".

  • Page 29: Save And Load Configuration

    File. Specify a name and location for the configuration file. Use Overview Management Restore Configuration File to send an existing configuration file to the Wireless extender and activate it. Click Browse… to select a suitable file and start the process by clicking the Restore Configuration File button. ®...

  • Page 30: Update Firmware

    ® To update the firmware, visit the devolo website at download the appropriate file for the Wireless extender to your local computer. Next, go to the configuration dialog under Overview Management Update firmware. Click Browse… and select the downloaded file on your hard drive. Start the update process by clicking the ®...

  • Page 31: Establishing A Connection To The Dlan ® Network, Basics

    Please note that you must configure a number of other network, security and WLAN-related settings via the integrated configuration interface to ensure the successful operation of the Wireless extender. For more information, see Chapters 3 and 5. Setting up a dLAN ®...

  • Page 32: Step 1: Search For Dlan Adapter, Step 2: Enter A Network Password

    Step 1: Search for dLAN adapter After launching the Wizard, it initially scans for a dLAN directly to your computer. If it does not find a suitable device, use devolo Informer (see section 3.1) to check whether it can be recognized correctly. 4.2.2...

  • Page 33

    The factory default password is "HomePlug". ® ® The dLAN password of a specific dLAN Wireless extender can also be changed via the integrated configuration interface of the adapter (also see 3.4.6). Go to Overview Change Configuration dLAN Settings. Enter the desired password twice and click Save.

  • Page 34: Step 3: Add Dlan Adapters

    Once you have entered the security IDs of your dLAN adapters, your HomePlug network is complete. All computers and other network devices connected to the adapters by cable should now be able to communicate with ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender...

  • Page 35: Security In The Dlan

    Please note, however, that the grid ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender ® network ® Wireless extender (see chapter 5). ® ® ® adapters can participate in your home ® devices. ® devices to ensure...

  • Page 36

    ® Establishing a connection to the dLAN network may extend as far as the building distributor box in the case of apartment buildings. ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender...

  • Page 37: Setting Up A Wlan Network, Basics, Radio Network Configuration, Wlan Access Point Operation

    The dLAN networks. The adapter can be used in two operating modes for this purpose: By default, the Wireless extender is configured to act as a WLAN access point, sending and receiving data from a dLAN other network devices via a wireless connection.

  • Page 38

    If you know the IP address of the device, type it into the address line of your browser. Otherwise, launch the dLAN Wireless extender configuration application, or open the configuration from the context menu of the appropriate entry in the devolo Informer. Start in Overview Change Configuration WLAN mode.

  • Page 39

    Network settings you can ® choose how your dLAN Wireless extender will receive its IP address. By default, the adapter is configured as a DHCP client, i.e. it obtains its IP address automatically from a DHCP server in the network. Alternatively, you can disable this option and specify an exact IP address and netmask.

  • Page 40: Wlan Client Operation

    IP number by selecting Start Programs devolo dLAN Wireless extender configuration, or by right-clicking the name of the adapter in devolo Informer and selecting the Status and Management menu item. We also urgently recommend securing your wireless network against intruders.

  • Page 41

    Select WLAN client mode in this dialog box. Enter the SSID (name of the wireless network) and, if available, the WEP key for the WLAN which you want to access with the Wireless extender. Enter the WEP key as a 10-digit or 26-digit hexadecimal number.

  • Page 42: Security In The Wlan

    Ensure that the client connection of the Wireless extender is accepted by the existing access point. Additional settings may be required here. Should you need the MAC address of the Wireless extender for WLAN access, it can be found on the label on the underside of the housing.

  • Page 43

    If in doubt, select WEP as the "lowest common denominator". Finally, you can use the WLAN filters to configure the dLAN extender to connect only to specified devices using their MAC addresses as identifiers. Also see 3.4.5. ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender ® Wireless...

  • Page 44: Devolo Easyclean

    ® Your dLAN simplify your work with your home network: devolo EasyClean can help protect your privacy if you surf the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. devolo EasyShare provides you with a fast, simple and reliable way of transferring files between Windows PCs in your network.

  • Page 45: Devolo Easyshare

    If you have ever had problems sharing a folder on your Windows PC so that other computers in your network can see and access it, you will quickly come to ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender...

  • Page 46: Additional Devolo Software

    ® Additional devolo software appreciate devolo EasyShare. This little application lets you transfer files from one computer to another simply and quickly. It even features a chat function that lets EasyShare users communicate within their local network. EasyShare can normally be found under Start Programs devolo.

  • Page 47

    Send. Your message will immediately appear in the chat section of other users' EasyShare windows. ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender ® software Sharing menu. A short wizard will help you Share properties lets you configure your shares. Sharing...

  • Page 48: Appendix, Technical Data

    Power consumption Power supply ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender dLAN Wireless extender Wireless specification IEEE 802.11b,g HomePlug standard 1.0 Turbo Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3/x/u, Auto MDI /MDI-X CSMA/CD 85 Mbps over the power supply grid 54 Mbps wireless range...

  • Page 49

    3 years Phone and e-mail support for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Great Britain. Please see the included support flyer or the devolo website for telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Plastic wallplug housing 95 x 70 x 47mm (Height x Width x Depth)

  • Page 50: Declarations Of Conformity

    Appendix Declarations of conformity ® ® devolo dLAN Wireless extender...

  • Page 51: Warranty Conditions

    Operating manuals and any supplied software are excluded from the warranty. b) Material and service charges shall be covered by devolo shipping and handling costs involved in transport from the buyer to the service station and/or to devolo Replaced parts become property of devolo ®...

  • Page 52

    On discovery of damage which is not externally visible, the transport company and devolo are to be immediately informed in writing, at the latest within 3 days of delivery.

  • Page 53

    In the case that the intentional or culpable negligence of devolo employees has caused a loss of data, devolo costs typical to the recovery of data where periodic security data back- ups have been made.

  • Page 54

    EasyShare 45 devolo Informer 17 DHCP 21 dLAN 8 dLAN Configuration Wizard 27, 31 dLAN password 28, 31 dLAN Wireless extender configuration Encryption 20, 24, 42 Ethernet 13 Ethernet interface 17 Informer 17 Installation 14 IP address 19, 21...

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