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Delphi SkyFi2 SA10101 Installation Manual

Delphi skyfi2 sa10101: installation guide.
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SKYFi2 Vehicle Adaptor Kit Setup · · · · · · · · · · · · 2
SKYFi2 Installation· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 6
XM Antenna Setup · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 11
SKYFi2 Home Adaptor Kit Setup · · · · · · · · · · · · 15
Warranty · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 18
Warning: This manual and the SKYFi2
Satellite Radio Receiver User Guide contain
important safety and operating information.
Please read and follow the instructions in
these manuals. Failure to do so could result
in personal injury, death, and/or damage to
your SKYFi2 Receiver, accessories, and/or to
your vehicle or other property.
H o m e a n d Ve h i c l e K i t s


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   Summary of Contents for Delphi SkyFi2 SA10101

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    H o m e a n d Ve h i c l e K i t s Warning: This manual and the SKYFi2 Satellite Radio Receiver User Guide contain important safety and operating information. Please read and follow the instructions in these manuals.

  • Page 2

    Radio Receiver for use in any aircraft (neither portable nor permanent instal- lation). Therefore, Delphi cannot support this type of application or installation. SKYFi2 Vehicle Adaptor Kit Your Delphi XM SKYFi2 Vehicle Adaptor Kit contains the following components: SKYFi2 Cradle Vehicle swivel mount Cassette audio Nokia ®...

  • Page 3

    Hooking up Your SKYFi2 Receiver Cradle Caution: Connect only appropriate input devices to the SKYFi2 Vehicle Adaptor Kit. Connecting any incorrect input devices may damage the system and/ or the external electronic device. It is recommended that you use only the 12V to 6V conversion power adaptor that came with your SKYFi2 Vehicle Adaptor Kit.

  • Page 4

    The SKYFi2 Vehicle Adaptor Kit Audio Quality Good Better Best offers you many ways of connecting your SKYFi2 to your vehicle’s radio. All options provide excellent sound Cassette Adaptor: quality and stereo separation. Review and consider your own Direct Connect: unique situation when choosing from the three options.

  • Page 5

    FM modulator configurations if a cassette slot is available in the vehicle. Direct Connect The Delphi FM Direct Adaptor (SA10112) (sold separately) can provide audio input through the vehicle’s antenna lead. (Some vehicles may require special antenna lead adaptors.)

  • Page 6

    Preview channel. If not, check all connections. Note: If using the wireless FM modulator or the Delphi FM Direct Adaptor, set the SKYFi2 Receiver and the FM radio to the same frequency. See the SKYFi2 User Guide section on “Listening to XM Using Any FM Radio.”...

  • Page 7

    3. Turn off the radio and SKYFi2 Receiver. Disconnect all cables. 4. Find a place where you can mount your SKYFi2 Vehicle Adaptor where it is most convenient for you to use. It should be mounted to a hard, flat surface if possible or to a horizontal in-dash air vent.

  • Page 8

    c. Swivel mount: This mount allows you to adjust the angle of your SKYFi2 Vehicle Adaptor after it is installed. This mount uses a strong adhesive that is not eas- ily repositioned when installed, so use care when choosing the location of and placing the mount.

  • Page 9

    Figure 3. Vent mount. To vehicle dashboard Figure 4. Attach vehicle mount to back of SKYFi2 as shown. 6. Clip the SKYFi2 vehicle cradle onto the vent or swivel mount (figures 3 and 4). 7. Reassemble the system as in step 2. 8.

  • Page 10

    Removing swivel mount from your dashboard You can remove the swivel mount from your dashboard by following these steps: 1. Lift one edge of the adhesive pad gently with fingers or the rounded edge of a spoon. Once enough of the edge is loosened to grip with your fingers, pull the pad gently from the mounting surface at a...

  • Page 11: Xm Antenna Setup

    XM Antenna Setup For best reception, follow these recommendations: • Mount the XM Antenna on the metal surface of the vehicle roof in the center of an area with at least 12" x 12" of surface area and a minimum of 6" from a window or sunroof.

  • Page 12

    A suitable compromise between installation location and reception quality must be assumed by the user. • If the vehicle has roof racks or skid ribs, you may mount the antenna off-center. • If the vehicle is a hard- or soft-top convertible, then the antenna can be mounted on the metal trunk lid at least 4"...

  • Page 13

    Routing the Cable Figure 6 illustrates a typical method of routing the antenna cable. • Avoid kinking, crimping, twisting, or chafing the cable. If the cable comes into contact with a rough metal open- ing, use a rubber grommet to prevent damage.

  • Page 14

    If the antenna cable does not fit easi- ly through the grommet, do not try to force it through; instead, route the cable under the weather seal near the bottom of the door. • For antennas mounted at the rear of the roof, route the cable into the trunk as shown in figure 7.

  • Page 15

    SKYFi2 Home Adaptor Kit Setup (SA10103) Your Delphi XM SKYFi2 Home Kit contains the following components: SKYFi2 Home Stand XM High-gain Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna with 25 ft. cable 6V AC power Audio cable adaptor Figure 8. SKYFi2 Home Adaptor Kit components.

  • Page 16

    Tune to XM channel 1. You should be able to hear the XM Preview channel. If not, check all connections. Note: The Delphi SA10006 Antenna Extension Cable (sold separately) is designed to work with the SKYFi2 Home Adaptor Kit and provides an additional 50 feet of cable length to the standard XM Home Antenna.

  • Page 17

    Aiming the XM Home Antenna For best reception, aim the home antenna by following these instructions: 1. Press the “menu” button on the SKYFi2 Receiver. 2. Use the scroll wheel to select the “Antenna Aiming” option. Press the “XM” button to confirm selection. 3.

  • Page 18

    Product. Delphi will, as its sole obligation under this warranty, replace or repair, at its option, any Product that does not conform to this warranty. Products may be repaired or replaced with new or with refurbished items.

  • Page 19

    Product with the original receipt to the original place of purchase. If further clarification or additional information is required from Delphi, you may call Delphi at: 1.877.GO DELPHI (1.877.463.3574). If warranty service is needed at any time during...

  • Page 20

    U.S.A. Customer Service: [1] 877.GO DELPHI Printed on Recycled Paper ©2004 Delphi Corporation. All rights reserved. DPSS-04-E-065 The SKYFi2 name, XM name, TuneSelect, and related logos are trademarks of XM Satellite Radio Inc. All other trademarks are the property...

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