Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 1 User Manual

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T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1
User Guide


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 1

  • Page 1 T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 2 • Setup Guide First Edition (August 2020) © Copyright Lenovo 2020. LIMITED AND RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE: If data or software is delivered pursuant to a General Services Administration “GSA” contract, use, reproduction, or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in Contract No. GS-...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Self-help resources ... . . Connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device ..Call Lenovo ....Enabling Nvidia proprietary drivers in Fedora (for Before you contact Lenovo .
  • Page 4 T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 5: About This Documentation

    • Depending on the model, some optional accessories, features, software programs, and user interface instructions might not be applicable to your computer. • Documentation content is subject to change without notice. To get the latest documentation, go to https:// pcsupport.lenovo.com © Copyright Lenovo 2020...
  • Page 6 T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 7: Chapter 1. Meet Your Computer

    Chapter 1. Meet your computer ThinkPad T14s Gen 1 and ThinkPad X13 Gen 1 might be shipped with different microprocessors, namely ® Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Hereby Intel models and AMD models are used to distinguish computer models with different microprocessors.
  • Page 8: Base

    Base Intel models AMD models 2. Fingerprint reader* 1. Power button 3. NFC label (for selected Intel models) 4. Trackpad ® 6. TrackPoint pointing device 5. NFC mark (for selected Intel models) * for selected models Related topics • “Use the fingerprint reader (for selected models)” on page 27 •...
  • Page 9 Chapter 1 Meet your computer...
  • Page 10: Left

    Left Intel models AMD models ™ 1. USB-C (3.2 Gen 1) connector (for Intel models) 2. USB-C (3.2 Gen 2) connectors (for AMD models) ™ 3. Thunderbolt 3 connector (USB-C) (for Intel models) 4. Ethernet extension connector Gen 2 5. Docking-station connector 6.
  • Page 11 Related topics • “USB connectors” on page 10 • “Docking station” on page 21 Chapter 1 Meet your computer...
  • Page 12: Right

    Right 2. Always On USB 3.2 connector Gen 1 1. Smart-card slot* 3. Security-lock slot Related topics • “USB connectors” on page 10 • “Lock the computer” on page 27 T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 13: Rear

    Rear 1. System status indicator 2. Nano-SIM-card and microSD-card slot* * for selected models Chapter 1 Meet your computer...
  • Page 14: Bottom

    Bottom ThinkPad T14s Gen 1 ThinkPad X13 Gen 1 1. Docking-station hook holes 2. Emergency-reset hole 3. Speakers Emergency-reset hole If the computer stops responding and you cannot turn it off by pressing the power button, reset your computer: 1. Disconnect your computer from ac power.
  • Page 15 Related topic “Docking station” on page 21 Chapter 1 Meet your computer...
  • Page 16: Usb Connectors

    • Connect to USB-C accessories to help expand your computer functionality. To purchase USB-C accessories, go to https:// • USB-C (3.2 Gen 2) connector www.lenovo.com/accessories • Thunderbolt 3 connector (USB-C) • Thunderbolt 4 connector (USB-C) Statement on USB transfer rate...
  • Page 17: Chapter 2. Get Started With Your Computer

    Your computer helps you connect to the world through a wired or wireless network. Connect to Wi-Fi networks 1. Click the system menu arrow on the top right. A list of available wireless networks is displayed. © Copyright Lenovo 2020...
  • Page 18: Airplane Mode

    2. Select a network available for connection. Provide required information, if needed. Airplane mode When the Airplane mode is enabled, all wireless features are disabled. To enable or disable the Airplane mode: 1. Use the system menu drop down (top right) and choose Settings. 2.
  • Page 19: Use The Trackpoint Pointing Device

    Invoke the special function printed as an icon on each key or standard function of F1–F12 function keys. FnLock indicator on: standard function FnLock indicator off: special function Fn+Spacebar Toggle keyboard backlight Break operation Fn+B Fn+K Scroll contents Pause operation Fn+P Send system request Fn+S...
  • Page 20: Use The Trackpad

    Press to select or open an item. 3. Right-click button Press to display a shortcut menu. 4. Middle button Press and hold the dotted middle button while applying pressure to the pointing stick in the vertical or horizontal direction. Then, you can scroll through the document, Web site, or apps. Replace the pointing-stick nonslip cap Note: Ensure that the new cap has grooves Use the trackpad...
  • Page 21 You also can tap anywhere on the surface of the trackpad with one finger to perform the left-click action. 2. Right-click zone Press to display a shortcut menu. You also can tap anywhere on the surface of the trackpad with two fingers to perform the right-click action. Use the touch gestures Tap anywhere on the trackpad with one finger to select or open an item.
  • Page 22: Use The Multi-Touch Screen

    For more gestures, see the help information of the pointing device. Use the multi-touch screen If your computer display supports the multi-touch function, you can navigate the screen with simple touch gestures. Note: Some gestures might not be available depending on the app you use. Tap once •...
  • Page 23: Connect To An External Display

    Move two fingers closer together Zoom out. Move two fingers farther apart Zoom in. Tips • Turn off the computer before cleaning the multi-touch screen. • Use a dry, soft, and lint-free cloth or a piece of absorbent cotton to remove fingerprints or dust from the multi-touch screen.
  • Page 24 Note: If you set a higher resolution for the computer display than the external display, only part of the screen can be displayed on the external display. T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 25: Chapter 3. Explore Your Computer

    • For Intel models, both the USB-C (3.2 Gen 1) connector and Thunderbolt 3 connector (USB-C) feature the Lenovo-unique P-to-P 2.0 charging function. • For AMD models, both the USB-C (3.2 Gen 2) connectors feature the Lenovo-unique P-to-P 2.0 charging function.
  • Page 26: Connect To A Bluetooth-Enabled Device

    In this situation, ac power works as the power supply and both computers get charged. Note: The actual charging speed using the Lenovo-unique P-to-P 2.0 charging function varies depending on many factors, such as the remaining battery power of the computers, the wattage of the ac power adapter, and whether you are using the computers.
  • Page 27: Accessories

    Purchase options Lenovo has a number of hardware accessories and upgrades to help expand the capabilities of your computer. Options include memory modules, storage devices, network cards, port replicators or docking stations, batteries, power adapters, keyboards, mice, and more.
  • Page 28 : You can remove the system lock from the system-lock slot. Note: The ThinkPad Basic Docking Station does not ship with a system lock installed. You can contact Lenovo sales to purchase a system lock with the option part number 4XE0Q56388. 2. Key lock indicator This indicator turns on when the system lock key is in the locked position.
  • Page 29 Connectors ThinkPad Basic Docking ThinkPad Pro Docking ThinkPad Ultra Docking Station Station Station 1. Audio connector √ √ √ 2. ac power connector √ √ √ ® 3. DisplayPort connector √ √ √ 4. VGA connector √ √ 5. USB 2.0 connector √...
  • Page 30 3. Turn the system lock key to the unlocked position ( 4. Align the top-left corner of the computer with the guide post of the docking station. Attach your computer to the docking station as shown until you hear a click. Slide the latch in the direction as shown 5.
  • Page 31 6. Turn the system lock key to the locked position ( Attention: When the computer is attached to a docking station, always hold the whole assembly when you need to move your computer. Otherwise, the docking station might drop down. Detach a docking station Note: The ThinkPad Basic Docking Station does not ship with a system lock installed.
  • Page 32 2. Slide the latch in the direction as shown to release the computer, and then grasp both sides of the computer to remove it Connect multiple external displays You can connect multiple external displays to a supported docking station. To ensure that the multiple displays work correctly, observe the following guidelines and connect the external displays to the appropriate connectors.
  • Page 33: Chapter 4. Secure Your Computer And Information

    You are responsible for evaluating, selecting, and implementing the locking device and security feature. Lenovo makes no comments, judgments, or warranties about the function, quality, or performance of the locking device and security feature. Cable locks for your product are available from Lenovo at https://www.lenovoquickpick.com/...
  • Page 34: Use Privacy Protection (For Selected Models)

    Log in with your fingerprint Maintain the fingerprint reader To ensure that the fingerprint reader works correctly, do not: • Scratch the surface of the reader with anything hard. • Use or touch the reader with a wet, dirty, wrinkled, or injured finger. Use privacy protection (for selected models) Depending on the model, your computer might support the PrivacyGuard feature which keeps you secure without compromising your viewing experience.
  • Page 35 The system management password can also protect the system information stored in UEFI BIOS like a supervisor password, but it has lower authority by default. The system management password can be set through the UEFI BIOS menu or through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) with the Lenovo client-management interface.
  • Page 36: Set, Change, And Remove A Password

    5. In the Changes have been saved window, press Enter. 6. Press F10 to save changes and exit the UEFI BIOS menu. • If you have not set a supervisor password, contact a Lenovo authorized service provider to have the power-on password removed.
  • Page 37: Use Power Loss Protection Function (For Selected Models)

    6. Press F10 to save changes and exit the UEFI BIOS menu. • If you have not set a supervisor password, contact a Lenovo authorized service provider to have the system management password removed. Use Power Loss Protection function (for selected models) For models shipped with an NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) M.2 solid-state drive, the M.2 solid-state...
  • Page 38 T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 39: Chapter 5. Configure Advanced Settings

    Note: No bootable device is displayed if the computer cannot start from any devices or the operating system cannot be found. 3. Set the startup sequence as desired. 4. Press F10 to save the changes and exit. To change the startup sequence temporarily: © Copyright Lenovo 2020...
  • Page 40: Set The System Date And Time

    Download and install the latest UEFI BIOS update package by one of the following methods: • Use the fwupdmgr or software utility to check LVFS for firmware updates. • Go to https://pcsupport.lenovo.com and select the entry for your computer. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the latest UEFI BIOS update package.
  • Page 41: Chapter 6. Cru Replacement

    If you intend on installing a CRU, Lenovo will ship the CRU to you. CRU information and replacement instructions are shipped with your product and are available from Lenovo at any time upon request. You might be required to return the defective part that is replaced by the CRU.
  • Page 42: Replace A Cru

    Replace a CRU Follow the replacement procedure to replace a CRU. Base cover assembly Prerequisite Before you start, read Generic Safety and Compliance Notices and print the following instructions. Note: There might be a risk of short circuits if you remove the base cover assembly when your computer is connected to ac power.
  • Page 43: Wireless-Wan Card (For Selected Models)

    The following information is only for the computer with user-installable modules. Ensure that you use only a Lenovo-authorized wireless module specifically tested for this computer model. Otherwise, the computer will generate an error-code beep sequence when you turn on the computer.
  • Page 44 5. Remove the wireless WAN card: Note: A Mylar film might cover the wireless WAN card. To access the wireless WAN card, open the Mylar film first. a. Gently disconnect the wireless cable connectors with your fingers . Then, remove the screw that secures the wireless WAN card and the card pivots up.
  • Page 45: M.2 Solid-State Drive

    Attention: If your computer is installed with hybrid solid-state drive (with Intel Optane memory), go to https:// support.lenovo.com/docs/tg_ssd to know the details on how to replace it. The M.2 solid-state drive is sensitive. Inappropriate handling might cause damage and permanent loss of data.
  • Page 46 The long M.2 solid-state 1. Disable the built-in battery. See “Disable the built-in battery” on page 35. 2. Turn off the computer and disconnect the computer from ac power and all connected cables. 3. Close the computer display and turn over the computer. 4.
  • Page 47 7. Reinstall the base cover assembly. 8. Turn over the computer. Connect the ac power adapter and all disconnected cables to the computer. The short M.2 solid-state drive and its bracket 1. Disable the built-in battery. See “Disable the built-in battery” on page 35. 2.
  • Page 48: Keyboard (For Thinkpad X13 Gen 1)

    6. Do one of the following to install the M.2 solid-state and its bracket: • Type one: Align the contact edge of the new M.2 solid-state drive with the key in the slot. Then, carefully insert the drive into the slot .
  • Page 49 Replacement procedure Note: You might be instructed to slide the keyboard frame forward or backward in some of the following steps. In this case, ensure that you do not press or hold the keys while sliding the keyboard frame. Otherwise, the keyboard frame cannot be moved. 1.
  • Page 50 5. Insert the tabs into the two dents near the two screw heads as shown. 6. Pivot the tool in the direction as shown to release the keyboard . Push the keyboard in the direction as shown by arrows to release the latches from the keyboard bezel. 7.
  • Page 51 8. Put the keyboard on the palm rest as shown and detach the connectors. Then, remove the keyboard. 9. Attach the connectors and then turn over the keyboard. Chapter 6 CRU replacement...
  • Page 52 10. Insert the keyboard into the keyboard bezel as shown. Ensure that the top edge of the keyboard (the edge that is close to the display) is under the keyboard bezel. 11. Slide the keyboard in the direction as shown. Ensure that the latches are secured under the keyboard frame.
  • Page 53 12. Tighten the screws to secure the keyboard. 13. Take the new TrackPoint buttons out of the new keyboard package. Install the TrackPoint buttons as shown. 14. Connect the ac power adapter and all disconnected cables to the computer. Chapter 6 CRU replacement...
  • Page 54 T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 55: Chapter 7. Help And Support

    2. In the Touchpad section, turn off the Touchpad control. Use the Software application to check for updates. It should notify when new Where can I get the latest device firmware is available on LVFS ( https://fwupd.org/ drivers and UEFI BIOS? © Copyright Lenovo 2020...
  • Page 56: Error Messages

    Error messages If you see a message that is not included in the following table, record the error message first, then shut down the computer and call Lenovo for help. See “Lenovo Customer Support Center” on page 54. Message Solution The computer turned off because the battery power is low.
  • Page 57: Beep Errors

    Beep errors Lenovo SmartBeep technology enables you to decode beep errors with your smartphone when a black screen occurs with beeps from your computer. To decode the beep error with Lenovo SmartBeep technology: 1. Go to or scan the following QR Code.
  • Page 58: Self-Help Resources

    The LLW also is preinstalled on the computer. To access the LLW, go to /opt/Lenovo If you cannot view the LLW either from the Web site or from your computer, contact your local Lenovo office or reseller to obtain a printed version of the LLW.
  • Page 59: Call Lenovo

    General Public License and/or the Lesser General Public License (or any other license requiring us to make a written offer to provide corresponding source code to you) from Lenovo for a period of three years without charge except for the cost of media, shipping, and handling, upon written request to Lenovo. This offer is valid to anyone in receipt of this Device.
  • Page 60: Lenovo Customer Support Center

    Lenovo Customer Support Center During the warranty period, you can call Lenovo Customer Support Center for help. Telephone numbers For a list of the Lenovo Support phone numbers for your country or region, go to https:// pcsupport.lenovo.com/supportphonelist for the latest phone numbers.
  • Page 61: Purchase Additional Services

    • Lenovo hardware repair - If the problem is determined to be caused by Lenovo hardware under warranty, trained service personnel are available to provide the applicable level of service. • Engineering change management - Occasionally, there might be changes that are required after a product has been sold.
  • Page 62 T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 63: Appendix A. Ergonomic Information

    It might not be possible to observe the best ergonomic practices when you are using your computer while on the move or in a casual setting. Regardless of the setting, try to observe as many of the tips as possible. © Copyright Lenovo 2020...
  • Page 64 Many product solutions are available to help you modify and expand your computer to best suit your needs. You can find some of these options at https://www.lenovo.com/accessories Explore your options for docking solutions and external products that provide the adjustability and features that you want.
  • Page 65: Appendix B. Compliance Information

    Compliance ID Machine type(s) 20T0 and 20T1 TP00105C (for Intel models) • ThinkPad T14s Gen 1 • ThinkPad T14s Gen 1 LTE (for mainland China only) TP00106C (for Intel models) 20T2 and 20T3 • ThinkPad X13 Gen 1 • ThinkPad X13 Gen 1 LTE (for...
  • Page 66 • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. • Consult an authorized dealer or service representative for help. Lenovo is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by using other than recommended cables and connectors or by unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment. Unauthorized changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 67 SAR 정보 본 장치는 전파 노출에 대한 가이드라인을 충족합니다. 본 장치는 무선 송수신기 입니다. 본 장치는 국제 가이드라인으로 권장되는 전파 노출에 대한 제한을 초과하지 않도록 설계되었습니다. 장치 액세서리 및 최신 부품을 사용할 경우 SAR 값이 달라질 수 있 습니다. SAR 값은 국가...
  • Page 68 T14s Gen 1 and X13 Gen 1 User Guide...
  • Page 69: Appendix C. Notices And Trademarks

    Lenovo representative for information on the products and services currently available in your area. Any reference to a Lenovo product, program, or service is not intended to state or imply that only that Lenovo product, program, or service may be used. Any functionally equivalent product, program, or service that does not infringe any Lenovo intellectual property right may be used instead.
  • Page 70 Actual results may vary. Users of this document should verify the applicable data for their specific environment. This document is copyrighted by Lenovo and is not covered by any open source license, including any Linux agreement(s) which may accompany software included with this product. Lenovo may update this document at any time without notice.

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