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Prime Security Prime AMX 38 Owner's Manual

Dei clifford prime amx 38 car alarms: owners manual.
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AMX38 Owner's Manual Rev. A - 0499


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    AMX38 Owner's Manual Rev. A - 0499...

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    AMX38 Owner's Manual Rev. A - 0499...

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    Standard Features of AMX38 System þ 5- Year War ranty — Prime Security guarantees the operation of the control unit and remote controls for five full years from the date of purchase (see the enclosed warranty card for details). þ Two Avi Glo 4- Button/9- Channel Re mote Con trols easy fingertip control, these 4-button remotes allow you to operate your car’s power door locks as well as optional accessories from up to 100 feet away.

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    þ In stant Re mote Con trol Code De le tion stolen remote so it can no longer control your system. (See "Programming Table for Remote Controls" on page 9.) þ Elec tronic Scan Pre ven tion (ESP) "scanners" that rapidly transmit one remote control code after another until they hit the one code that activates the unlock function of a keyless entry system.

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    þ Pro tected Valet Mode —If you have the Passive Lock and Passive Starter Disable features turned on, Valet Mode temporarily overrides these feature so you can have your car washed, serviced or valet parked without giving up your remote control. You can put the system in Valet Mode via a flick of a hidden switch.

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    Op er at ing Your AMX38 System Remote Controls Included with your system are two AviGlo™ 4-button/9-channel remote controls. Once exposed to light, the AviGlo remote control buttons will glow, making the buttons visible in the dark. Your remote control (remote) is a miniature transmitter powered by a small +12 volt battery.

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    User-Programmable Passive Starter Disable If the optional starter disable relay was added, your system can be programmed to automatically disable the starter 30 seconds after the ignition key is turned "OFF." (See "Programming Table for System Features" on page 8.) 1.

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    User Programmable Illuminated Exit The system can be programmed to turn on the interior lights for 30 seconds after the ignition key has been turned "OFF." Turning the ignition key "ON" or remotely locking the doors will turn off the interior lights. (See "Programming Table for System Features"...

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    To Turn OFF Pro tected Valet Mode 1. Turn your ignition key to the "ON" position or start the engine. 2. Flick the valet switch to the "OFF" position. 3. The LED will turn off to indicate the system is no longer in Protected Valet Mode.

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    User-Programmable Features All system and remote control programmable features are accomplished by turning the ignition key "ON" (or starting the engine) and flicking the valet switch on and off a preset number of times. The system also allows you to add new remote controls in one step, delete lost or stolen remote controls or rearrange the factory preset remote control functions.

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    Pro gram ming Ta ble for Re mote Con trols Fac tory Feature Set ting LOCK Door Lock Button UNLOCK Door Unlock Button TRUNK Trunk Release Output Button OPTION Accessory Output Button LOCK Accessory Output UNLOCK One-Step Code Learning Instant Code Deletion AMX38 Owner's Manual Rev.

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    © 1999 Prime Security Part Number: 32-5013 Rev. A AMX38 Owner's Manual Rev. A - 0499...

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