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D-Link DSM-120 Install Manual

D-link dsm-120: install guide
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Summary of Contents for D-Link DSM-120

  • Page 2 (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.  This unit is to be used with a power supply, P/N UWP01521120U or equivalent. DSM-120 Install Guide D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Page 3 DSM-120 Install Guide Power Button Navigation To navigate through the menu press the arrow buttons. ENTER Press ENTER to make selections. D-Link Systems, Inc. Built-in display Volume Control Press to adjust the volume output on the DSM-120. Hardware Overview...
  • Page 4 Hardware Overview Antenna Optional 2.5” HDD Enclosure Power Reset Ethernet Composite Audio Optical Digital Audio DSM-120 Install Guide USB Host For Windows ® or local music playback from your USB Media device. Head Phone/Speaker D-Link Systems, Inc. Connect Now, USB Client...
  • Page 5 Install the D-Link Media Server Software on each PC that contains ® music, video, or photo files you wish to use with the DSM-120. Follow the steps in this section to install the software. Insert the DSM-120 CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive and the following screen will appear.
  • Page 6 The D-Link license agreement screen appears. Click Next Choose a destination location or accept the default location. This is where the D-Link Media Server software will be copied to on your system. Click Next Choose a start menu folder or accept the default location.
  • Page 7 DSM-120 Install Guide Select the icons you want created. Select Create a desktop icon to access the program from your desktop. Select Create a Quick Launch icon to access the program from your taskbar. Select Create a startup icon so the program launches on startup.
  • Page 8 Configuring the D-Link If you checked the Launch D-Link following screens will be displayed. The FileTypes tab is where you select the types of audio files that you want to share. Note:Your DSM-120 Wireless Music Player supports MP3, WAV and WMA files.
  • Page 9 DSM-120 Install Guide Configuring the D-Link Select the folder containing the files you wish to share. Click OK Repeat the steps until all of the folders containing audio you want to share have been added. D-Link Systems, Inc. Media Server...
  • Page 10 Configuring the D-Link The Media Files tab will show all your audio files. Click Close Media Server DSM-120 Install Guide ® D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Page 11: Audio Connections

    DSM-120 Install Guide All audio and networking connections are located on the rear panel of the DSM-120. Audio Connections Select one of three ways to connect audio to your DSM-120: • Composite Audio Plug the supplied red and white connectors into the...
  • Page 12 Connecting the DSM-120 • Head Phone Plug a standard mini-plug head phone jack into the HEAD PHONE connector on the DSM-120. Yo u c a n a l s o c o n n e c t standard PC speakers to the head phone jack.
  • Page 13: Network Connection

    DSM-120 Install Guide Network Connection • Wireless Connection If you are connecting wireless using the built-in antenna, then you do not need to connect the supplied Ethernet cable. For an optimal wireless c o n n e c t i o n , p l a c e t h e...
  • Page 14 10. FF 11. Repeat 12. Shuffle On the following pages (DSM-120 Setup Wizard), you may be required to enter alphanumeric characters. To edit information on a screen, press the Enter button. To enter letters and/or numbers, use the navigation buttons (see below): Toggle Up &...
  • Page 15 DSM-120 Install Guide Upon initial startup, the DSM-120 displays the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard will guide you through the necessary steps for configuring the DSM-120.You can also use Windows (WCN) to simplify the wireless setup, skip to page 21.
  • Page 16: Wireless Connection

    DSM-120 Setup Wizard Wireless Connection Select Site Survey or Manually Enter SSID. For the wireless network connection, please select the SSID of the network. Select your Wireless M o d e . Yo u r o p t i o n s are either Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure.
  • Page 17 DSM-120 Install Guide Select your encryption setting. Your options are Disable, 64BitHEX, 128BitHEX, 64BitASCII, and 128BitASCII. Select your Index Key. You can select numbers between 1 and 4. Provide a WEP key. The key you enter here must match the key of the wireless network exactly.
  • Page 18: Connection Mode

    DSM-120 Setup Wizard Connection Mode If selecting DHCP, skip to page 20 Provide an IP Address if you selected Static IP. Provide a Subnet Mask if you selected Static IP. DSM-120 Install Guide D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Page 19 DSM-120 Install Guide DSM-120 Setup Wizard Provide a Gateway if you selected Static IP. Provide a DNS if you selected Static IP. D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Page 20 file types, please refer to the User Manual that is located on the MediaLounge™ CD-ROM. Yo u r M e d i a L o u n g e ™ DSM-120 is now ready to stream music to your home entertainment center.
  • Page 21 If you already have wireless settings configured on your PC, instead of using the setup wizard, you can use Windows to configure the wireless settings on your DSM-120. Note: WCN is only available on PCs running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed.
  • Page 22 Select the option to add new computers or devices to your existing wireless network. Click Next to continue Select the option Use a USB flash drive, to save your wireless network settings. Click Next to continue DSM-120 Install Guide D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Page 23 DSM-120 Install Guide Configure Wireless Settings with WCN Plug your flash drive into a USB port on this computer. Click Next to continue This screen will appear when the wireless settings have been saved to the USB flash drive. D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Page 24 Drive from your PC and insert it into the USB port on the DSM-120, which is located on top of the unit. The DSM-120 will then detect your USB and scan it. The following screen will appear on the DSM-120 after...
  • Page 25 DSM-120 Install Guide Next, remove the USB Flash Drive from the DSM-120 and insert it back into the USB port on your PC. Click Next to continue Click Finish You have Completed Configuring your Wireless Settings using WCN! D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Page 26 Notes DSM-120 Install Guide D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Page 27 DSM-120 Install Guide Notes D-Link Systems, Inc.