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Sanyo CRD-BPDV2 Owner's Manual

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  • Page 3: Revision History

    Page 2 Document No. Document Name Revision History (1/1) 1. Revision History Revision No. Manager Change Description Check Approval Newly issued First Edition SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 4 Names and Functions of Each Part 1/3 ~ 3/3 Terminal Description Environmental Conditions 1/3 ~ 3/3 Reliability Lot No. Reliability Description Safety Standards 1/3 ~ 3/3 Electrical Characteristics 1/3 ~ 3/3 Function Description Handling Manual 1/5 ~ 5/5 Notes for Handling SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 5: General Description

    General Description (1/3) General Description (1) Model Name: CRD-BPDV2 DVD-R/RW: drive with MAX ×12 speed reading, ×4 speed writing, ×2 speed rewriting. DVD+R/RW: drive with MAX ×12 speed reading, ×4 speed writing, ×2.4speed rewriting. CD-R drive with MAX ×40 speed reading, ×24 speed writing, and ×12 rewriting) The DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW feature will be selectable by the firmware.
  • Page 6 Therefore, this Drive and IDE-HDD function with PIO-Mode. (Note 3) We intend to add the proper media one by one in the near future. (Note 4) Please refer to the latest information on the web: SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 7 Page 6 Document No. Document Name General Description (3/3) (7) Scope This specification is applied to the CD-R/RW/DVD-R/RW,DVD+R/RW drive “CRD-BPDV2” which is designed by SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (8) Contents 1) Model No. CRD-BPDV2 2) Performance Write function onto CD-R/RW/DVD-R/RW/DVD+R/RW disc in...
  • Page 8 : If the disc is not ejected when the key is pressed, because of power failure or run 6. Emergency away of the software, this pinhole is used to take out the disc. eject pinhole : The disc is placed on this tray. 7. Disc tray SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 9: Analog Audio

    : UDMA mode is enabled by covering the jumper block on the 2 pins of the UDMA jumper terminals. Default is ON. (Note 1) In case of using some personal computes, UDMA mode need to be disable. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 10: Terminal Description

    If the personal computer is supporting CSEL (Cable Select) signal, cover the jumper block on the 2 pins of the CS jumper terminals and remain Slave and Master open. An exclusive interface cable is necessary. Jumper Jumper block block Master Use CSEL Slave SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 11: Signal Name

    PIN NO. SIGNAL NAME PIN NO. SIGNAL NAME Ground RESET- DD10 DD11 DD12 DD13 DD14 DD15 (keypin) Ground Ground DMARQ Ground DIOW-:STOP Ground DIOR-:HDMARDY- :HSTROBE CSEL IORDY:DDMARDY- :DSTROBE Ground DMACK- reserved INTRQ PDIAG- CS1- CS0- Ground DASP- SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 12 Page 11 Document No. Document Name Terminal Description (3/3) 4. DC Connector Terminals (DC INPUT) The DC power supply cable is connected through these terminals. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 13: Environmental Conditions

    800 cpm (13.3 Hz), 3 mm (1.06 G), Up/Down 20 min. Drop Impact: 490 m/s (50 G), 3 directions, 6 ms Impact (Note 1) POH : Power On Hour (live current time) DUTY : Actual operation time SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 14 However, the temperature in this test shall be specified to the surrounding temperature of the drive unit, rather than the surrounding temperature of the set unit where this product is built-in. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 15 When the product is built in the set unit, the level of electromagnetic wave which is 9. Jamming emitted from the unit shall conform to the local radio wave standards. (When any problems occurs, the negotiation is required to support the counter measures). SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 16 Before Test Remarks Values after Test × 1/3 stroke mean access 12 CAV 0.27 s or less 0.35 s or less Mean value measured after time reciprocating operation for (0 speed to 20) min. (one way value) SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 17 A B C D D D D D A. Factory: Korea Tokyo Electronics: 6, Sanyo Media Tech: 3, SSHQ: 8 B. Year of manufactured: (1996: 6, 1997: 7, 1998: 8, 1999: 9, 2000: 0, 2001: 1, 2002: 2, 2003: 3, 2004: 4, 2005: 5) C.
  • Page 18: Safety Standards

    Page 17 Document No. Document Name Safety Standards (1/1) Safety Standards (1) UL (UL1950 / FDA1040) (2) CUL (UL1950) (3) Label SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 19: Electrical Characteristics

    0.6 V (typical) 0.8 V (typical) < 10 (soft read error) –9 Error rate < 10 –12 (hard read error) Power Consumption Item Specifications DC 5 V 2.0 A (Peak) Power Consumption DC 12 V 2.0 A (Peak) SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 20 Usable Media of DVD Media name Capacity Reading Writing 4.7GB DVD-ROM single 8.7GB DVD-ROM dual 2.6GB × × DVD-RAM V1.0 4.7GB × × DVD-RAM V2.0 4.7GB DVD-R V2.0 for General 4.7GB DVD-RW V1.1 4.7GB DVD+R V1.0 4.7GB DVD+RW SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 21 Track pitch Interface Items Specifications ATAPI Interface U-DMA 33 MB/s Transfer Rate Connector Item Specifications Power connector (+5 V, +12 V 4 P) I/O terminal (rear panel) ATAPI terminal (40 P) Audio out (4 P), (2 P) SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 22: Function Description

    MODE 2 / Form 2 CD-DA ISRC Media catalogue No. Sub-codeQ R-W (3) Audio playback TNO playback (MSF search) PAUSE function (Note 1-1) Audio playback becomes possible by using the host application. (as per ATAPI command specifications) SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 23 (Note 2-2) Host computer makes and transfers the RAW data which includes pre-gap in the case of the disc-at-once writing. At this time, the track management information needs to provide instructions to transfer the start and end address of the actual audio data portion. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 24 (3) Device type Device type is 05 (CD-ROM) only. 5. CRD-BPDV2 Interface The host computer interface of the CRD-BPDV2 conforms to the ATAPI. 7. BURN-Proof In some case of disc condition, an error may happen by the failer of BURN-Proof function because it controls previous recorded data and new recording data by the advanced signal management system.
  • Page 25 Insert the end of the paper clip into the emergency eject hole and press it strongly to eject the disc tray. iii. Pull the disc tray toward you and take out the disc. Push back the disc tray. (2) Product ID, Vender ID Product ID: CRD-BPDV2, Vender ID: GENERIC SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 26: Notes For Handling

    Avoid the following places for using this product. (1) Places of high temperature or greate changes in temperature. (2) Places where sunlight can hit the product directly. (3) Places with strong vibrations. (4) Places with uneven surfaces. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 27 13.Recommend to use the JIS standard disc what is described the CD Logo XXX marking on the surface of disc label side. We do not guarantee the play-back function if the out of CD standard disc is inserted. Even if it can be played, the sound qualities are not guaranteed. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 28 The following items should be considered when enclosure chassis for this drive is designed. 1. Over 5 mm space should needed between top of drive and enclosure chassis. 2. Don’t press the production label even if there are any reasons. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 29 Page 28 Document No. Document Name Notes for Handling (4/5) Package SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Page 30 Document No. Document Name Notes for Handling (5/5) Package Configuration GROSS WEIGHT 12 kg 300 unit 1 pallet: 6 box × 5 stack (30 box) Pallets are to be banded and stretch-wrapped. Corner strips are attached. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

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