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Zanussi ZDF26001WA User Manual page 17

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There are stains and dry water
drops on glasses and dishes.
The dishes are wet.
The interior of the appliance is
Unusual foam during washing.
Traces of rust on cutlery.
There are residues of detergent
in the dispenser at the end of the
Odours inside the appliance.
Limescale deposits on the table-
ware, on the tub and on the in-
side of the door.
Dull, discoloured or chipped ta-
Possible cause and solution
The released quantity of rinse aid is not sufficient. Adjust the
rinse aid level to a higher level.
The quality of the rinse aid can be the cause.
For the best drying performance activate the option XtraDry.
The programme does not have a drying phase or has a drying
phase with low temperature.
The rinse aid dispenser is empty.
The quality of the rinse aid can be the cause.
The quality of the multi-tablets can be the cause. Try a differ-
ent brand or activate the rinse aid dispenser and use rinse
aid and multi-tablets together.
Keep the dishwasher door ajar for some time before remov-
ing tableware.
This is not a defect of the appliance. it is caused by the hu-
midity in the air that condenses on the walls.
Use the detergent for dishwashers only.
There is a leak in the rinse aid dispenser. Contact an Author-
ised Service Centre.
There is too much salt in the water used for washing. Refer to
"The water softener".
Silver and stainless steel cutlery were placed together. Avoid
to put silver and stainless steel items close together.
The detergent tablet got stuck in the dispenser and therefore
was not completely washed away by water.
Water cannot wash away the detergent from the dispenser.
Make sure that the spray arm is not blocked or clogged.
Make sure that items in the baskets do not impede the lid of
the detergent dispenser from opening.
Refer to "Internal cleaning".
The level of salt is low, check the refill indicator.
The cap of the salt container is loose.
Your tap water is hard. Refer to "The water softener".
Even using multi-functional tabs use salt and set regeneration
of the water softener. Refer to "The water softener".
If lime scale deposits still remain, clean the appliance with
appliance cleaners which are particularly suitable for this pur-
Try different detergent.
Contact the detergent manufacturer.
Make sure that only dishwasher-safe items are washed in the
Load and unload the basket carefully. Refer to basket loading
Place delicate items in the upper basket.


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