Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Owner's Manual

Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Owner's Manual

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Important (Serial number)
The serial number is located on the bottom of this unit. For your own security and
convenience, be sure to record this number on the enclosed warranty card.
Important (numéro de série)
Le numéro de série se trouve sous cet appareil. Pour votre sécurité et votre
commodité, pensez à inscrire ce numéro sur la carte de garantie fournie.
Importante (Número de serie)
El número de serie está ubicado en la parte inferior de esta unidad. Para su
seguridad y comodidad, asegúrese de registrar este número en la tarjeta de
garantía incluida.
Owner's Manual
Manuel du propriétaire
Manual de Instrucciones


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS

  • Page 1 AVH-X5800BHS AVH-X4800BS AVH-X3800BHS AVH-X2800BS AVH-X1800S DVD RDS AV RECEIVER RÉCEPTEUR A/V RDS DVD RADIO AV RDS CON DVD Important (Serial number) The serial number is located on the bottom of this unit. For your own security and Owner’s Manual convenience, be sure to record this number on the enclosed warranty card.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Displaying the “Bluetooth” screen ....12 Selecting files from the file name list ....23 Starting procedure .........36 Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Registering your Bluetooth devices ....12 Switching the media file type ......23 Selecting a channel from a list of all...
  • Page 3 Contents ■ Displaying the firmware version .....43 FLAC ..............66 Common operations ..51 Displaying the open source licenses ....43 DivX ...............66 Updating firmware ..........43 AAC ...............66 Setting the time and date .......51 ■ Android ™ ............66 Storing song information to an iPod (iTunes Audio adjustments ..44 Detailed information regarding connected iPod Tagging) ............51...
  • Page 4: Precaution

    Safety of laser products, IEC 60825-1:2007, and contains a Alteration or modifications carried out without  MODEL NO. : AVH-X5800BHS, AVH-X4800BS, AVH- appropriate authorization may invalidate the user’s right class 1M laser module. To ensure continued safety, do not X3800BHS, AVH-X2800BS to operate the equipment.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Information

    (ACC OFF) immediately and consult your dealer or the vehicle is moving. If you attempt to use the functions described nearest authorized Pioneer Service Station. Do not use this Be sure to run the vehicle engine while using this product. Using...
  • Page 6: Handling The Usb Connector

    LCD screen to prevent disruption  of the video in the form of spots, colored stripes, etc. Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass  To protect the LCD screen from damage, be sure to touch the...
  • Page 7: Basic Operation

    Precaution Basic operation just two hours and can lead to death. Checking part names and LCD screen  Keep new or used batteries out of the reach of children. Volume (+/–) button functions If the battery is swallowed or placed inside any part of the On the AV operation screen, press to turn the body, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Page 8: Notes On Using The Lcd Panel

    Basic operation Ejecting a disc Notes on using the LCD panel Volume (+/–) MODE Press to switch between the Application X5800BHS X4800BS screen and the AV operation screen. WARNING 1 Press the button. Press and hold to switch to the camera view ...
  • Page 9 Basic operation p From the second time on, the screen shown will differ depending on the previous conditions. 2 Touch the language. 3 Touch The “Speaker Mode Settings” screen appears. 4 Touch the speaker modes.  Standard Mode 4-speaker system with front and rear speakers, or a 6-speaker system with front and rear speakers and subwoofers.
  • Page 10: How To Use The Screens

    Basic operation How to use the screens Application menu screen Time and date setting screen 2016 Setting menu screen Abcdefg Abcdefg Abcdefg Abcdefg Abcdefg System Month/Date d / m / y m / d / y y / m / d Time Format 12hour 24hour...
  • Page 11: Supported Av Source

    You can operate this product by touching the keys on the screen  Radio (AVH-X4800BS)(AVH-X2800BS)(AVH-X1800S) directly with your fingers.  HD Radio (HD Radio™ tuner) (AVH-X5800BHS) p To protect the LCD screen from damage, be sure to touch the (AVH-X3800BHS) screen only with your finger gently. ...
  • Page 12: Registration And

    Basic operation Registration and connection of Bluetooth device ® Operating list screens p If you try to connect an unconnected cellular phone while X5800BHS X4800BS X3800BHS X2800BS two cellular phones are already connected, the first one of the two connected cellular phones will be disconnected and Songs Displaying the “Bluetooth”...
  • Page 13: Switching Visibility

    Registration and connection of Bluetooth device ® 3 Touch [Connection]. 2 Touch [Bluetooth Version Information]. CAUTION The version of this product’s Bluetooth module appears. 4 Touch the name of the device. Never turn this product off while the Bluetooth memory is p To disconnect the device, touch the name of the connected being cleared.
  • Page 14: Hands-Free Phoning

    Hands-free phoning Calling a number in the phone book Switches to the voice recognition function (for X5800BHS X4800BS X3800BHS X2800BS iPhone). p The contacts on your phone will be automatically transferred  Refer to Using the voice recognition function (for Synchronizes the contacts on this to this product.
  • Page 15: Receiving A Phone Call

    Hands-free phoning 1 Display the “Bluetooth” screen. Using the voice recognition 3 Touch  Refer to Displaying the “Bluetooth” screen on page 12 Dialing from the preset dial list function (for iPhone) 2 Touch [Auto Answer] to switch “On” or “Off”. 1 Display the “Phone menu”...
  • Page 16: Setup For Ipod / Iphone Or Smartphone

    Hands-free Setup for iPod / iPhone or smartphone phoning When using an iPod / iPhone or a smartphone with this product, iPod compatibility configure the settings of this product according to the device to be connected. This product supports only the following iPod models and iPod ...
  • Page 17: Information On The Connections And Functions For Each Device

    The settings and cables required for connecting each device, and the available sources are as follows. iPod / iPhone with a 30-pin connector Device connection method When connecting via Bluetooth When connecting via CD-IU201V (sold When connecting via CD-IU51 (sold (AVH-X5800BHS) (AVH-X4800BS) (AVH- separately) separately) X3800BHS) (AVH-X2800BS) iPhone / iPod iPhone / iPod...
  • Page 18 Setup for iPod / iPhone or smartphone Android device Available sources Pandora  — Spotify  — AppRadioOne —  When “Application” of “Smartphone Setup” is set to “AppRadioOne”.
  • Page 19: Radio

    Radio 2 Touch [AV Source Settings]. p By pressing and hold and release, you can X4800BS X2800BS X1800S also perform seek tuning. 3 Touch [Radio settings]. p By keeping touching and holding , you can perform Displays the preset channel list. 4 Touch [Local].
  • Page 20: Hd Radio

    HD Radio ™ HD Radio indicator and AM band X5800BHS X3800BHS Signal type indicator Analog AM Switches the text display between HD Radio the main channel and sub channels. 6/10 Analog AM Digital AM Displays the preset channel list. Select an item on the list ("1" to "6") Abcdefghi FM band to switch to the preset channel.
  • Page 21: Starting Procedure

    HD Radio Disc ™ 3 Touch [Radio settings]. Track number indicator The radio settings screen appears. Audio source screen 1 Tuning into strong frequencies Visual information related to content being played on your HD 6/10 Radio receiver, such as Album Art, historical photographs, still Local seek tuning allows you to only tune into those radio sta- art from live broadcasts, among other related content.
  • Page 22 Disc Video source screen 2 Video source screen 2 Hides the touch panel keys. To display again the keys, 6/10 6/10 touch anywhere on the screen. Performs frame-by-frame playback. Performs slow-motion playback. Stop Stop HOLD Each time you touch it changes the speed in four steps in the following order: 1/16 →1/8 →...
  • Page 23: Starting Procedure

    Disc Switches the media file type to CD (audio data (CD-DA)). 3 Touch Switches the subtitle/audio language.  Refer to Switching the subtitle/audio language on p The way to display the menu differs depending on the disc. Searching for the part you page 23 ...
  • Page 24: Compressed Files

    Compressed files Audio source screen 1 (Example: USB) Hides the touch panel keys. Plays files in random order. To display again the keys, 6/10 : Does not play files in random order. touch anywhere on the screen. : Plays all files within the repeat Abcdefghi Video source screen (Example: Disc) range in random order.
  • Page 25 Compressed files Video source screen (Example: Disc) Still image screen Hides the touch panel keys. To display again the keys, 6/10 6/10 touch anywhere on the screen. Rotates the displayed picture 90° clockwise. Stop Selects the previous Abcdefghi Abcdefghi Abcdefghi Abcdefghi or next folder.
  • Page 26: Starting Procedure (For Disc)

    Compressed files p Play back is performed in order of folder numbers. Folders 4 Touch the item. Switches the subtitle/audio language. are skipped if they contain no playable files. Refine the item until the desired song title or file name is dis- This function is available only for compressed video played on the list.
  • Page 27: Ipod

    Compressed files iPod p If you save the new image, the current wallpaper is Audio source screen 1 Changes the audiobook speed. overwritten. iPod 6/10 : Normal playback Setting the slideshow interval : Fast playback Abcdefghi JPEG files can be viewed as a slideshow on this product. In this setting, the interval between each image can be set.
  • Page 28: Connecting Your Ipod

    Bluetooth. p If you touch the artwork, the list of songs in the album is (AVH-X5800BHS) (AVH-X4800BS) (AVH-X3800BHS) displayed. (AVH-X2800BS) You can search for the song or video you want to play from the 1 Touch song information to open the list of ...
  • Page 29: Appradioone

    Abcdefg compatible application is already running, the application  Pioneer is not liable for any issues that may arise from operation screen will appear on this product. incorrect or flawed app-based content. p Touch the desired application icon after the AppRadio app is ...
  • Page 30: Pandora

    Creates a new station.  Refer to Adding a station on page 31 Switches among the Bluetooth devices when the devices are connected to this product via Bluetooth. (AVH-X5800BHS) (AVH-X4800BS) (AVH-X3800BHS) (AVH-X2800BS)  Refer to Switching the connected Bluetooth device on page 13 p By pressing the button, you can skip songs forward.
  • Page 31: Pandora Operations

    If you use a smartphone, connect via Bluetooth. Important (AVH-X5800BHS) (AVH-X4800BS) (AVH-X3800BHS)  Requirements to access Pandora using Pioneer car audio/ (AVH-X2800BS) video  Refer to iPhone with 30-pin connector on page 55  Refer to Setup for iPod / iPhone or smartphone on page ...
  • Page 32: Spotify

    Spotify ® Playback screen 1 (Track) Playback screen 1 (Radio mode) Plays tracks in random order. Spotify Spotify 6/10 6/10 Spotify Spotify Playback screen 2 (Track) Abcdefghi Abcdefghi Spotify 6/10 Spotify Spotify Abcdefghi Abcdefghi Abcdefghi PLAYING FROM PLAYLIST RADIO BASED ON 9999 Abcdefghi 9999’99”...
  • Page 33: Using Spotify With Your Pioneer Car Audio/Video

     Browse: Selects a track from the category list.  Spotify is a music service not affiliated with Pioneer. More  Radio: Selects a station from the station list. p By pressing the button, you can also skip information is available at songs forward or backward.
  • Page 34: Bluetooth Audio Player

    Bluetooth audio player Selects a file from the list. X5800BHS X4800BS X3800BHS X2800BS  Refer to Selecting files from the file name list on page 34 Playback screen 1 Switches among the Bluetooth devices when the Bluetooth 6/10 devices are connected to this product via Bluetooth. 6 Touch [Bluetooth Audio] on the AV source ...
  • Page 35: Siriusxm Radio

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio ® and skip files forward or backward on the play time indicator Switches between live broadcast Recalls the preset channel screen. mode and Replay™ mode. stored to a key from memory. p By pressing and holding the button, you can Stores the current broadcast also move channels up or down on the current channel...
  • Page 36: Starting Procedure

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio ® The activation process usually takes 10 to 15 minutes but may Setting TuneStart Using category scan ™ take longer. Do not turn off this product while the activation message is displayed. Automatically start songs from the beginning when you tune You can scan each channel in the selected category.
  • Page 37: Activating The Traffic & Weather Now

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio ® The default passcode is “0000”. Activating the Traffic & Listening to the channel Setting the passcode Weather Now When a big play happens during a game with one of your favorite sports teams, SportsFlash detects it and displays the pop-up 1 Display the “SiriusXM settings”...
  • Page 38: Restoring The "Siriusxm Settings" To The Default

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio AUX source ®  Refer to Displaying the “SiriusXM settings” screen on page p The source is turned off and the Bluetooth connection is 6/10 disconnected before the process starts. 2 Touch [Featured Favorites] to switch “On” or “Off”.
  • Page 39: Setting The Video Signal

    AUX source AV input You can display the video image output by the device connected Setting the video signal to this product.  Refer to External video component and the display on page When you connect this product to an AUX equipment, select the suitable video signal setting.
  • Page 40: Mixtrax

    MIXTRAX  Refer to Displaying the “MIXTRAX Settings” screen on page Displaying the “MIXTRAX Activates the MIXTRAX mode. Settings” screen 2 Touch [Effect Setting]. (Example: iPod) 3 Touch the item. iPod 1 Press 6/10 The following items are available: 2 Touch , and then [AV Source Settings].
  • Page 41: System Settings

     Refer to Displaying the “System” setting screen on page 1 Display the “System” setting screen. Pioneer recommends the use of a camera which outputs mirror reversed images, otherwise the screen image may  Refer to Displaying the “System” setting screen on page 2 Touch [AV Source Settings].
  • Page 42: Setting The Demo Mode

    System settings 2 Touch [Camera settings]. Setting the keyboard language  When you press , the previous adjustment posi- tion returns. 3 Touch [Back Camera Input] to switch “On” or with the application for iPhone “Off”.  When you press and hold , the adjustment is You can use the keyboard in AppRadioOne by setting the canceled.
  • Page 43: Adjusting The Picture

    System settings 4 Touch the item to select the function to be Setting the dimmer duration Displaying the open source adjusted. optional licenses  Brightness: Adjusts the black intensity. (–24 to +24) You can adjust the time that the dimmer is turned on or off. ...
  • Page 44: Audio Adjustments

    Audio adjustments p This function is not available while you make or receive a call Displaying the “Audio” setting Adjusting source levels using the hands-free function. screen SLA (source level adjustment) lets you adjust the volume level of 1 Display the “Audio” setting screen. each source to prevent radical changes in volume when switch- ...
  • Page 45: Switching The Rear Speaker Output

    Audio adjustments p This function is not available when adjusting the High Off, Front-L, Front-R, Front, All. Adjusting the speaker output speaker. p The default setting is “Off”. levels finely p “All” is not available when “Network Mode” is selected as the speaker mode.
  • Page 46: Using The Equalizer

    Audio adjustments remove them in advance. Surrounding sounds may prevent Using the equalizer Setting the auto-adjusted equalizer correct measurement of the vehicle’s acoustics.  Be sure to use the microphone for acoustical measurement You can set the auto-adjusted equalizer to suit the vehicle’s (sold separately).
  • Page 47: Saving The Sound Settings

    Audio adjustments Theme menu 2 Fix the microphone for acoustical measurement Saving the sound settings Selecting the background (sold separately) in the center of the headrest display of the driver’s seat, facing forward. You can save to recall the following current sound settings: bass boost, slope, subwoofer phase, speaker level, Graphic EQ, The Auto EQ may differ depending on where you place the micro- The background display can be selected from 9 different preset...
  • Page 48: Selecting The Theme Color

    Theme menu Setting up the video player 3 Touch the color you want. Selecting the theme color  Colored keys: Selects the desired preset color.  (custom): Displays the screen to customize the illumina- A theme color can be selected from 5 different colors. Setting the top-priority tion color.
  • Page 49: Setting The Aspect Ratio

    Setting up the video player p The TV aspect ratio cannot be changed for some discs. For p We recommend to keep a record of your code number in details, refer to the disc’s instructions. case you forget it. p The parental lock level is recorded on the disc. You can con- firm it by looking at the disc package, the included literature Setting parental lock or the disc itself.
  • Page 50: Automatic Playback Of Dvds

    Setting up the video player Favorite menu Registering your favorite menu items in shortcuts allows you to quickly jump to the registered menu screen by a simple touch on the “Favorites” screen. p Up to 12 menu items can be registered in the favorite menu. Creating a shortcut 2 Touch [DVD/DivX Setup].
  • Page 51: Common Operations

    “Normal”.  Refer to Radio on page 19 Full p JPEG can be set to either “Normal” or “Trimming” in wide  HD Radio (AVH-X5800BHS)(AVH-X3800BHS) screen mode.  Refer to HD Radio on page 20 ™ 1 Touch the screen display mode key.
  • Page 52: Other Functions

    Do not turn off the engine while restoring the settings. Important safeguards 1 Display the “System” setting screen. WARNING Pioneer does not recommend that you install this product yourself. This product is designed for professional installation only. We recommend that only authorized Pioneer service personnel, who have special 2 Touch [Restore Settings].
  • Page 53: Before Installing This Product

     Never feed power to other electronic products by 1 Pioneer navigation system cutting the insulation of the power supply lead of Please contact your dealer to inquire about the connectable this product and tapping into the lead. The current navigation unit.
  • Page 54: Power Cord

    Connection 9 Blue/white Power cord Connect to system control terminal of the power amp (max. 300 mA 12 V DC). a Light green Used to detect the ON/OFF status of the parking brake. This lead must be connected to the power supply side of the parking brake switch.
  • Page 55: Iphone And Smartphone

    Connection iPhone and smartphone iPhone with 30-pin connector  For details on how to connect an external device using a Connecting via the AUX input separately sold cable, refer to the manual for the cable.  For details concerning the connection, operations and compatibility of iPhone, refer to Setup for iPod / iPhone or smartphone on page 16.
  • Page 56: Android Device

     Refer to Power cord on page 54 automatically switched from the video by moving the shift lever 9 Yellow (F.C IN) to REVERSE (R). Camera View mode also allows you to check (AVH-X5800BHS) (AVH-X3800BHS) what is behind you while driving. a RCA cable (sold separately) WARNING b View camera (sold separately) Connect only the rear view camera to R.C IN.
  • Page 57: Installation

    Connection Installation Improper installation of the unit with the surface tilted more Precautions before installation The appropriate setting is required to use the external video than these tolerances increases the potential for errors in component. the vehicle’s location display, and might otherwise cause ...
  • Page 58: Installing The Microphone

    Installation 1 Microphone lead 1 Tab 2 Groove 2 Microphone base 2 Attach the microphone clip to the sun visor. 2 Mount the microphone on the steering column. 1 Factory radio-mounting bracket 2 If the pawl interferes with installation, you may bend it down out of the way.
  • Page 59: Appendix

    DVD-Video. horizontal stripes or other imperfections when a disc with Pioneer service facility.  The system is paused or performing, fast reverse or forward that kind of protection signal is viewed on some displays.
  • Page 60: Error Messages

    Check USB — Stop the vehicle in a safe place and check the screen on your dealer or an authorized Pioneer Service Station for  The USB connector or USB cable has short-circuited. the smartphone.
  • Page 61 Appendix Channel Not Subscribed. Call SiriusXM to Subscribe. Unplayable Disc Unplayable File  The channel that you have requested is not included in your  This type of disc cannot be played on this product.  This type of file cannot be played on this product. SiriusXM subscription package.
  • Page 62: Handling And Care Of Discs

    If the error message is still displayed after performing the above action, please contact your dealer or an authorized iPod DVD-Video Pioneer Service Station. Error-02-6X/-9X/-DX  iPod failure. — Disconnect the cable from the iPod. Once the iPod’s main Handling and care of discs menu is displayed, reconnect the iPod and reset it.
  • Page 63: Detailed Information For Playable Media

    Appendix  Titles and other text information recorded on a CD-R/CD-RW AVCHD recorded discs Detailed information for play- disc may not be displayed by this product (in the case of able media audio data (CD-DA)). This unit is not compatible with discs recorded in AVCHD ...
  • Page 64 Appendix Common notes about DivX files Sampling frequency: 8 kHz to 48 kHz Media compatibility chart ID3 tag: ID3 tag Ver. 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 Notes specific to DivX files WMA compatibility General  Only DivX files downloaded from DivX partner sites are guar- anteed for proper operation.
  • Page 65: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Compatible audio codec: MP3, Dolby Digital Compatible video codec: MPEG-4 (Simple Profile)/H.264 (Base PIONEER CORPORATION is under license. Other trademarks Bit rate (MP3): 8 kbps to 320 kbps (CBR), VBR Line Profile) and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 66: Siriusxm ® Satellite Radio

    SHALL THE FOUNDATION OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY,  Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data lost from an OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT iPod, even if that data is lost while using this product.
  • Page 67: Using App-Based Connected Content

     Optional Pioneer adapter cable connecting your iPhone to rights as protected by the Copyright Law.  If the LCD screen is near the vent of an air conditioner, make this product.
  • Page 68: Specifications

    Signal-to-noise ratio ..91 dB (1 kHz ) (IHF-A network) (RCA level) be visible. In that case, please consult your dealer or the Gain ..............±12 dB (2 dB /step) Output level: nearest authorized Pioneer Service Station. <Standard Mode> Video ............. 1.0 V p-p/75Ω (±0.2 V ) HPF: Number of channels ............2 (stereo)
  • Page 69 Appendix Bluetooth (AVH-X5800BHS/AVH-X4800BS/AVH-X3800BHS/AVH-X2800BS) Version ............Bluetooth 3.0 certified Output power.............. +4 dB m Max. (Power class 2) Frequency band ........2 400 MHz to 2 483.5 MHz FM tuner Frequency range ......... 87.9 MHz to 107.9 MHz Usable sensitivity .....11 dB f (0.8 µV/75Ω , mono, S/N: 30 dB ) Signal-to-noise ratio ...
  • Page 70 Tel: 52-55-9178-4270, Fax: 52-55-5202-3714 先鋒股份有限公司 台北市內湖區瑞光路407號8樓 電話 : 886-(0)2-2657-3588 先鋒電子(香港)有限公司 香港九龍長沙灣道909號5樓 電話 : 852-2848-6488 © 2015-2016 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved. © 2015-2016 PIONEER CORPORATION. Tous droits de reproduction et de traduction réservés. < CRD4924-B > UC < KOKZ16E >...

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