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Siemens ER74357HK Installation And Operation Instruction Manual

Siemens ER74357HK Installation And Operation Instruction Manual


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Summary of Contents for Siemens ER74357HK

  • Page 3 Preface Dear customer, Congratulations on your choice and thank you for purchasing one of our appliances. This practical, modern and functional appliance is manufactured using materials of the highest quality which are subject to strict Quality Control checks throughout the entire manufacturing process. The appliance is meticulously tested to ensure that it meets your demands and produces perfect cooking results.
  • Page 4 Table of Contents Safety Precautions Packaging of the new hob Disposal of the old hob Safety precautions Your new appliance Installation Placement location Countertop tapping Connect to gas pipeline Gas leak detection Plug into the socket Pan supports, caps and burner The gas burner operation Getting familiar with your new hob Before first use...
  • Page 5 Safety precautions Packaging of the new hob All the packaging material are environmental friendly and recyclable. When you are disposing of these packaging materials, please do so in such a way that protects the environment and minimizes waste. Do not allow children to play with the thin film or packaging case to avoid suffocation or accidents.
  • Page 6 Safety precautions The panel of this built-in hob (on selected model) is made of tempered glass which is safer than normal glass for this application. However, the following safety precautions for using built-in hob with glass top panel should also be noted in order to prevent the glass top panel from breaking: 1.
  • Page 7 Safety precautions This appliance has been designed for home use only, not for commercial or professional use. This appliance cannot be installed on yachts or in caravans. The warranty will only be valid if the appliance is used for the purpose for which it was designed.
  • Page 8 Safety precautions In the event of a malfunction, turn off the appliance’s gas and electricity supply. For repairs, call our Technical Assistance Service. If one of the controls will not turn, do not force it. Call the Technical Assistance Service immediately, so that they can repair or replace it.
  • Page 9 Safety precautions Warning: Gas Poisoning When using the hob, make sure to open the windows or turner on the exhaust fan of the range hood so as to keep good ventilation around the gas hob. The gas hob may cause carbon monoxide poisoning if you are using the gas hob in a closed kitchen with no ventilation for an extended time.
  • Page 10 Safety precautions If fire is caused by overheated oil, immediately use an iron pot lid or other large metal object to cover the fire, in order to cut off the air needed for burning, and then turn off the indoor gas valve.
  • Page 11 Your new appliance Production specification ER74357HK ER74253HK ER74333HK ER74232HK Product features Safety design Each burner of this gas hob is equipped with a safety device for the quick cut-off of the gas. Personal-friendly design This product inherits and carries forward the precise processing and manufacturing techniques of Germany, as well as a human-oriented design concept.
  • Page 12 (heat resistant glue); otherwise, deformation or scaling of the surface-layers will likely result, ER74357HK especially on the sides of the cupboard. The gas hob should be installed on a solid, flat worktop. The minimum thickness of the worktop should be 16mm and the depth should be more than 550mm.
  • Page 13 Installation According to the Gas Safety Regulations of Hong Kong, any gas installation works including the installation of appliances Gas hob and connection tubing, must be undertaken by registered gas installers who are registered for that appropriate classes and be employed by registered gas contractors. Shutter Before installation, please carefully check the nameplate on your gas hob.
  • Page 14 Installation Countertop tapping Please perform the tapping on the countertop according to the tapping template (keeping to the installation size of all the fi ve types of products). To ensure the proper connection of the gas hose, a space of at least 100mm height should be kept available below the gas hob.
  • Page 15 Installation Connect to gas pipeline According to the Gas Safety Regulations of Hong Kong, any gas installation works including the installation of appliances and connection tubing, must be undertaken by registered gas installers who are registered for that appropriate classes and be employed by registered gas contractors.
  • Page 16 Installation Gas leak detection Leak detection Attention ! After the gas pipeline connection has been completed, the leak detection test must be performed by registered gas installer who employed by registered gas contractor. Smear the suds on each connection part with a soft brush, and then open the gas valve to check carefully if bubbles appear, please close the gas valve immediately, and adjust the air inlet connection until no bubbles appear.
  • Page 17 Installation Pan supports, As shown in the below picture, please make sure that the caps and burners knobs, burner heads, caps and supports have been installed correctly. Incorrect installation will seriously affect the normal use of the product and shorten its life-span. When installing the supports and burners, the user should pay attention that the protruding objects on the bottom of the supports and burners are aligned with the stretching slot on...
  • Page 18 Installation ER74357HK ER74253HK ER74333HK ER74232HK...
  • Page 19 Gas burner operation Getting familiar with your new hob Small Pan support cap base Double-ring cap Top view of product Wok trivet Outer burner cap ER74357HK Pan support Inner burner cap Knob burner cap Faceplate Wok trivet Outer burner cap...
  • Page 20 Gas burner operation These instructions apply to several appliance models. It is possible that individual features are described which do not apply to your appliance. It is essential to ensure that all the burner parts and the pan supports are correctly installed for the appliance to work correctly.
  • Page 21 Gas burner operation Operation method To ignite the burner, when the knob is turned to OFF (0 degree), press it down and turn it to the ignition position (30-40 degrees counterclockwise). The flame of the internal ring should ignite; while the flame of the external ring is not yet ignited. Press the knob down, turn it and hold it down for 3-5 seconds before releasing.
  • Page 22 Cleaning and maintenance Once the appliance is cool, use a sponge to clean it with soap and water. When cleaning, do not dismantle the safety please make sure that device or sealed parts of the hob. burner heads and caps have been installed Do not use a granular cleanser or steel wool to clean the correctly.
  • Page 23 Cleaning and maintenance Unsuitable products Never slide pans across the glass surface, as you may scratch it. In addition, try not to drop heavy or sharp objects on the glass. Never strike any part of the hob. Do not use steam cleaners. This could damage the hob. Never use abrasive products, steel scourers, sharp implements, knives, etc.
  • Page 24 Faults Sometimes certain faults detected can be easily resolved. Before calling the Technical Assistance Service, bear in mind the following advice: Symptom Cause Solution The source not installed, Contact our Customer Care Electrical source poor contact Hotlines Ignition electrode does not Burner Not installed properly Re-install correctly...
  • Page 26 Technical Data Model ER74357HK ER74253HK ER74333HK ER74232HK Specification Gas type Town Gas Inlet pressure 1.5 kPa Rated heat input Left / Right 6.3kW Middle 2.6kW 2.6kW Dimension (W×D×H) 760X450X150 785X450X150 Cut-out Dimensions (W×D) (700±2)X(400±2)mm 4XR20 Net Weight 16kg 14kg 17kg...
  • Page 28 Material Number : 9000834944 Version : 03 Production License Code : XK21-007-00819...

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