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This settings guarantee
minimum energy
consumption and proper
food preservation
3.5 FROSTMATIC function
If you need to insert a large amount of
warm food into fridge compartment (for
example after doing the grocery
shopping) or rapidly decrease the
temperature in the freezer compartment
to freeze fresh food quickly, we suggest
activating FROSTMATIC function for
proper food storage.
FROSTMATIC function can be activated
by setting the temperature to 2°C.
You can deactivate theFROSTMATIC
function by pressing the temperature
This function stops
automatically after 52 hours.
This function corresponds to
fridge and freezer


4.1 Freezing fresh food
The freezer compartment is suitable for
freezing fresh food and storing frozen
and deep-frozen food for a long time.
To freeze fresh food activate the
FROSTMATIC function at least 24 hours
before placing the food to be frozen in
the freezer compartment.
Place the fresh food to be frozen in the
third compartment.
The maximum amount of food that can
be frozen in 24 hours is specified on the
rating plate, a label located on the
inside of the appliance.
The freezing process lasts 24 hours:
during this period do not add other food
to be frozen.
When the freezing process is completed,
return to the required temperature (see
"FROSTMATIC Function").
3.6 Door open alarm
An alarm is activated if the door is left
open for a few minutes. The door open
alarm conditions are indicated by
flashing the LED indicator of the current
set temperature.
When normal conditions are restored
(door closed), the alarm will stop.
3.7 High temperature alarm
An increase in the temperature in the
freezer compartment (for example due to
an earlier power failure or door is open)
is indicated by flashing the LED indicator
of the current set temperature.
The alarm indicator
continues to flash until the
normal conditions are
In this condition, the
refrigerator compartment
temperature might drop
below 0°C. If this occurs
reset the temperature
regulator to a warmer
4.2 Storage of frozen food
When first starting-up or after a period
out of use, before putting the products
in the compartment let the appliance run
at least 2 hours with the FROSTMATIC
function turned on.
If large quantities of food are to be
stored, remove all drawers from
appliance and place food on glass shelf
to obtain the best performance.



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