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Care And Cleaning - AEG S53620CTWF User Manual


In the event of accidental
defrosting, for example due
to a power failure, if the
power has been off for
longer that the value shown
in the technical data chart
under "Rising time", the
defrosted food must be
consumed quickly or cooked
immediately and then re-
frozen (after cooling).
The DYNAMICAIR function lets the food
cool quickly and keeps a more uniform


Refer to Safety chapters.
5.1 Cleaning the interior
Before using the appliance for the first
time, the interior and all internal
accessories should be washed with
lukewarm water and some neutral soap
to remove the typical smell of a brand-
new product, then dried thoroughly.
Do not use detergents or
abrasive powders, as these
will damage the finish.
5.2 Periodic cleaning
Do not pull, move or
damage any pipes and/or
cables inside the cabinet.
Take care of not to damage
the cooling system.
When moving the cabinet,
lift it by the front edge to
avoid scratching the floor.
The equipment has to be cleaned
temperature in the compartment. It is
recommended to switch on the
DYNAMICAIR function when the ambient
temperature exceeds 25°C.
To activate DYNAMICAIR device press
the button on it.
The green light comes up.
When you switch off the
appliance remember to turn
off the fan by pressing
button again.
The green light comes off.
1. Clean the inside and accessories with
lukewarm water and some neutral
2. Regularly check the door seals and
wipe clean to ensure they are clean
and free from debris.
3. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
4. If accessible, clean the condenser
and the compressor at the back of
the appliance with a brush.
This operation will improve the
performance of the appliance and
save electricity consumption.
5.3 Defrosting
Your appliance is frost free. This means
that there is no build up of frost when it
is in operation, neither on the internal
walls nor on the foods. The absence of
frost is due to the continuous circulation
of cold air inside the compartment,
driven by an automatically controlled fan.
The defrost water drains out through a
trough into a special container at the
back of the appliance, over the motor
compressor, where it evaporates.
It is important to periodically clean the
defrost water drain hole in the middle of
the refrigerator compartment channel to
prevent the water overflowing and
dripping onto the food inside.



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