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Daily Use - AEG SCT71800S1 User Manual

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This function stops automatically after 52
To switch off the function before its
automatic end repeat the procedure
until the FROSTMATIC indicator turns
The function switches off by
selecting a different set
3.12 Door open alarm
An acoustic alarm will sound if the door
is left open for a few minutes. The door
open alarm conditions are indicated by:
• a flashing Alarm indicator;
• an acoustic buzzer.
When normal conditions are restored
(door closed), the alarm will stop. The
buzzer can also be switched off by
pressing any button.
3.13 ChildLock function
Activate the ChildLock function to lock
the buttons from unintentional
1. Press Mode until the corresponding
icon appears.
The ChildLock indicator flashes.
2. Press OK to confirm.
The ChildLock indicator is shown.
To deactivate the ChildLock function,
repeat the procedure until the ChildLock
indicator goes off.
3.14 MinuteMinder function
The MinuteMinder function is to be used
to set an acoustic alarm at the preferred
time, useful for example when a recipe
requires to cool down food products for
a certain period of time.
It is also useful when a reminder is
needed in order not to forget the bottles
placed in the freezer for fast cooling.


Refer to Safety chapters.
1. Press Mode until the corresponding
icon appears.
The MinuteMinder indicator flashes.
The Timer shows the set value (30
minutes) for a few seconds.
2. Press the Timer regulator to change
the Timer set value from 1 to 90
3. Press OK to confirm.
TheMinuteMinder indicator is shown.
The Timer start to flash (min).
At the end of the countdown the
MinuteMinder indicator flashes and an
audible alarm sounds. Press OK to switch
off the sound and terminate the function.
To switch off the function repeat the
procedure until the MinuteMinder goes
It is possible to change the
time at any time during the
countdown and at the end
by pressing the Temperature
colder button and the
Temperature warmer button.
3.15 DYNAMICAIR function
1. Press Mode until the corresponding
icon appears.
The DYNAMICAIR indicator flashes.
2. Press the OK to confirm.
The DYNAMICAIR indicator appears.
To switch off the function, repeat the
procedure until the DYNAMICAIR
indicator goes off.
The activation of the
increases energy
If the function is activated
automatically the
DYNAMICAIR indicator is
not shown (refer to "Daily
4.1 Cleaning the interior
Before using the appliance for the first
time, the interior and all internal
accessories should be washed with


Table of Contents

Table of Contents