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Use And Maintenance; Replacing Led Lamps (Fig.7) - Beko CWB 9503 X User Manual


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Use and Maintenance

• We recommend that the cooker hood is switched
on before any food is cooked. We also recom-
mend that the appliance is left running for 15
minutes after the food is cooked, in order to thor-
oughly eliminate all contaminated air. The effec-
tive performance of the cooker hood depends on
constant maintenance; the anti-grease filter and
the active carbon filter both require special at-
• The anti-grease filter is responsible retaining the
greasem particles suspended in the air, therefore
it is subject to clogging with variable frequency
according to the use of the appliance.
- To prevent the danger of possible fires, at least
every 2 months one must wash the anti-grease fil-
ters by hand using non-abrasive neutral liquid de-
tergents or in the dishwasher at low temperatures
and on short cycles.
- After a few washes, colour alterations may occur.
This does not give the right to claim their replace-
• The active carbon filters are used to purify the air
that is sent back into the room and its function s
to mitigate the unpleasant odours produced by
- The non-regenerable active carbon filters must
be replaced at least every 4 months. The satura-
tion of the active charcoal depends on the more or
less prolonged use of the appliance, on the type of
kitchen and on the frequency with which antigrease
filter is cleaned.
- Regenerable active charcoal filters must be
washed by hand, with non abrasive neutral deter-
gents, or in the dishwasher at a maximum tempera-
ture of 65°C (the washing cycle must be complete
without dishware). Remove excess water without
damaging the filter, remove the plastic parts, and let
the mat dry in the oven for at least 15 minutes ap-
proximately at a maximum temperature of 100°C.
To keep the regenerable charcoal filter functioning
efficient this operation must be repeated every 2
months. These must be replaced at least every 3
years or when the mat is damaged.
Hood / User Manual
• Before remounting the anti-grease filters and the
regenerable active charcoal filters it is important
that they are completely dry.
• Clean the hood frequently, both internally and ex-
ternally, using a cloth dampened with denatured
alcohol or neutral liquid detergents that are non
• The lighting .system is designed for use during
cooking and not for the prolonged general light-
ing of the room. The prolonged use of the lighting
system significantly decreases the average dura-
tion of the bulbs.
• If the appliance is equipped with courtesy lights it
is possible to use them for general room lighting
for a prolonged amount of time.
• Attention: the non compliance with the hood
cleaning warnings and with the replacement and
cleaning of the filters entails risk of fires. One
therefore recommends keeping to the suggested

4.1 Replacing LED lamps (Fig.7):

If the appliance version is with LED lamps, the in-
tervention of a specialised technician is necessary
to replace them.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents