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Safety Precaution; Before Connecting The Model To The Electricity; Network; Warning - Beko CWB 9503 X User Manual


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Safety Precaution

Take care when the cooker hood is operating si-
multaneously with an open fireplace or burner that
depend on the air in the environment and are sup-
plied by other than electrical energy, as the cooker
hood removes the air from the environment which a
burner or fireplace need for combustion. The nega-
tive pressure in the environment must not exceed
4Pa (4x10-5 bar).
Provide adequate ventilation in the environment for
a safe operation of the cooker hood.Follow the local
laws applicable for external air evacuation.
1.1 Before connecting the model to the
electricity network:
- Control the data plate (positioned inside the appli-
ance) to ascertain that the voltage and power cor-
respond to the network and the socket is suitable. If
in doubt ask a qualified electrician.
- If the power supply cable is damaged, it must be
replaced with another cable or a special assembly,
which may be obtained direct from the manufac-
turer or from the Technical Assistance Centre.
- This device must be connected to the mains sup-
ply through either a plug fused 3A or hardwired to a
2 phase spur protected by 3A fuse.

1.2 Warning!

In certain circumstances electrical appliances may
be a danger hazard.
• Do not check the status of the filters while the
cooker hood is operating.
• Do not touch bulbs or adjacent areas, during or
straight after prolonged use of the lighting instal-
• Flambè cooking is prohibited underneath the
cooker hood.
• Avoid free flame, as it is damaging for the filters
and a fire hazard.
• Constantly check food frying to avoid that the
overheated oil may become a fire hazard.
• Disconnect the electrical plug prior to any main-
• This appliance is not intended for use by young
children or infirm persons without supervision.
Hood / User Manual
• Young children should be supervised to ensure
they do not play with the appliance
• There shall be adequate ventilation of the room
when the rangehood is used at the same time as
appliances burning gas or other fuels.
• There is a risk of fire if cleaning is not carried out
in ac cordance with the instructions.
This appliance conforms to the European Directive
EC/2002/96, Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment (WEEE). By making sure that this appli-
ance is disposed of in a suitable manner, the user is
helping to prevent potential damage to the environ-
ment or to public health.
The symbol on the product or on the accompanying
paperwork indicates that the appliance should not
be treated as domestic waste, but should be deliv-
ered to a suitable electric and electronic appliance
recycling collection point. Follow local guidelines
when disposing of waste.
For more information on the treatment, re-use and
recycling of this product, please contact your local
authority, domestic waste collection service or the
shop where the appliance was purchased.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents